Sans Manuel for 6 weeks, “all options open” for Bills

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While the news on Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel was good in the sense that it wasn’t season-ending, it is of sufficient time that they’re looking around.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Manuel’s absence is expected to be around six weeks, which has them looking for another quarterback.

As to the most interesting name on the market, former Bucs starter Josh Freeman, Rapoport declares the Bills to be in the “all options open” mode.

That’s as close as Freeman’s gotten to a “call me” since being released, though other teams including the Packers and Raiders have assistants who are happy to vouch for him.

The Bills would be an interesting spot for Freeman, who now have a full-time temporary gig available, since Jeff Tuel is the only other quarterback on the 53-man roster. Whether coach Doug Marrone thinks Freeman can be a fit is unclear, but he does have a job to fill for a month or so.

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  1. There’s only one Superhuman and his name is Robert Griffin the 3rd. Every other mobile QB in the league are RGIIIWannabes and it’s the flat out truth. RGIII is the complete QB and no one compares. The league will suffer this weekend ratings wise because the Redskins have the bye. #LookslikeIllbewatchingSoccerthisSunday

  2. I’m sorry… EJ Manuel has been extraordinarily ordinary. Put the hype aside. The data doesn’t lie. According to Advanced NFL Stats, EJ ranks at or near the bottom of the league in EPA, WPA and Success Rate. He’s worse than Fitzpatrick was last year. Potential? Absolutely. But production so far? Not even average. He’s a rookie. So what would you expect? But as a Bills fan, the disappointing part about his injury is the lost experience. He’s not getting better riding the pine. But in terms of the here and now, they won’t miss him. His production is easily replaced. The real damage is long-term because you can’t ever get that time back. And time is what he needs. But I’m not at all concerned about Jeff Tuel matching EJ’s production to this point. It’s not a very high hurdle.

    The thumbs down button is at the bottom. Go ahead and press it because no one is going to like this comment. But that’s the current reality. He’s currently a below average NFL starter. Hopefully, after he gets back, he improves. But his impact on the field so far is easily replaceable.

  3. The Bills had the ball with the chance to win minus EJ, their top CB and safety. They need to make a push to bring in Josh Freeman, because they would have won last night if an experienced QB was on the field. Tuel is not the answer.

  4. If you think Freeman is the answer…then what is the question? After 4 games he was 33rd ranked QB in the league…..that means Gabbert, Ponder, Prior, and somebody’s back up were all out performing him. Enjoy 12 for 33 120 yards and 2 picks a game…..

  5. Let’s not forget staring down recievers, one hopping screen passes, throwing behind his receivers, throwing picks off his back foot, inability to get plays off before the clock, and who can forget his deer in headlights look followed by a maddening smile as he walks off the field after throwing a pick.

  6. Perhaps this will result in Buffalo’s inept coaching staff creating productive ways to use their most impressive offensive weapon, CJ Spiller … which will in turn free up ways to use their second most impressive offensive weapon, Robert Woods.

    I’m already tired of new coaching staffs getting hired and biding their time until they’re fired and retreat back to to college.

    Feed the ball to your stars and let them do what makes them awesome!

  7. donterrelli | Oct 4, 2013, 6:51 PM CDT
    What happened to Kevin Kolb?

    The question is, does Kevin Kolb even remember what happened? (Hopefully yes.)

  8. You know what else?

    Thursday night football is the worst idea. Short weeks encourage terrible football, which we WILL watch … (good point all you point-makers) … because it’s football.

    And Thursday night football encourages injuries! Primarily because it encourages bad football.

    Two broken plays last night = two broken QBs.

    Both teams will probably struggle because of it for the rest of the season. And “football” is worse off for it.

    Maybe somebody with a blog can start lobbying for less short-week football instead of nickname changing.

  9. Tuel played well in preseason when he got to practice with the starters. It’s Tuel Time now. No need for Freeman.

  10. I think the Bills should aggressively pursue every option for replacing their injured starting QB , because , as we all know , they’re a consensus pick by just about everyone to playing in the Super Bowl at season’s end.

  11. This would be a good pickup for them. Freeman is at least functional for the most part and that isn’t easy to find this time in the season. And I’m sure Freeman would love a chance to start half a dozen games.

  12. From what I saw last night, at the game, Manuel wasn’t doing anything special. He was constantly getting hit by Cleveland’s defenders, and maybe completed half of his passes. I honestly doubt B’lo would’ve won with Manuel in there. That’s the same as saying Cleveland should’ve won by much more, but didn’t because Hoyer went out. Weeden just went back on the active roster the day before, and played without practicing.

  13. Am I the only one that noticed that the hit that injured Manuel was a knee-targeted hit as he was stepping out of bounds?

  14. 2 Options here, either you get Freeman for 6 week stop gap, or you eat crow and give VY a call. He’d probably play well if the front officed grovels a lil bit!!!Haha

  15. logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 4, 2013 7:29 PM
    There’s only one Superhuman and his name is Robert Griffin the 3rd. Every other mobile QB in the league are RGIIIWannabes and it’s the flat out truth. RGIII is the complete QB and no one compares. The league will suffer this weekend ratings wise because the Redskins have the bye. #LookslikeIllbewatchingSoccerthisSunday

    You mean RG1-3?

  16. Dear Joshua Freeman,

    Please pick your team carefully. You want it to be your last stop. Please make certain that your next team has Tampa on their schedule. Then, go hand Greg Schiano his azz. That guy is clearly the worst coach in the NFL. He is incapable of coaching at this level. You will find that in helping his demise, you will be a hero in Buc Nation.


    A long-time Bucs fan

  17. No to Freeman. Need a QB that run a hurry up offense. Tuel did a nice job in the preseason. Since the Cleveland game was a short practice week, I seriously doubt Tuel had ample time to prepare. However, they do need a backup, a smart guy who can manage a game.

    EJ Manuel has been improving each week, but he has not consistently lit it up. The team is 2-3 and in every ball game with a banged up secondary that gets torched. What success that the Bills might be having is not attributed to Manuel, except for a few drives.

    The team has a bigger problem at LG and sometimes RT.

  18. Shame of Bills front office for putting them in this position. If you are going to start a rookie QB, you shoulda had something more than an undrafted rookie to back him up.

  19. Is there enough time for Troy Smith to be able to crawl to Buffalo by Sunday?

    What’s Charlie Batch up to these days?

  20. I like what I am seeing in EJ but he so far has proven to be injury prone.

    Beyond this season, if a Manziel type of QB is available in next year’s draft, they should jump all over it.

  21. Tuel is incapable of winning an NFL game. For any delusional Bills fans out there, all qbs look good in preseason. Weeden did for goodness sakes. Preseason is not real football.

    This guy was a loser in college and watching him play Thursday he couldn’t hit simple five yard outs and he had no idea how to read a defense. He is just going to be chucking it.

    Incompetent backup qbs have ruined many a team’s season. Tat will happen again and if I’m wrong I’ll gladly eat crow.

  22. wryly, they weren’t planning on Tuel they actually brought in Kolb for that role. Which is dumber because Kolb was proven to be terrible. With a rookie there’s always a chance he’ll be something.

  23. The available QB with NFL starting experience…. who never gets mentioned: Jimmy Clausen. Never got a fair chance in Carolina before he was tossed aside for Cam Newton. Just sayin’…………..

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