Chip Kelly says his approach to keeping players healthy is working


Chip Kelly’s innovative approach to coaching football goes beyond his offensive system. It also includes a focus on rest, recovery, proper nutrition and hiring a sports science coordinator. And Kelly says his approach is working.

The Eagles listed just three players on this week’s injury report, the fewest in the NFL, and Kelly says the Eagles are healthier than other teams in part because they’re doing things other teams aren’t doing.

“It’s a combination of a lot of things,” Kelly said, via, “but I think part of what our sports science aspect of things is, is to make sure that time lost is the biggest thing you’re trying to prevent. Just the little things: are we getting enough sleep, eating the right way, doing the other things. That contributes to it.”

Kelly knows that some injuries can’t be prevented, but he believes a lot of injuries can be prevented by the right approach.

“We don’t do that just for the sake of doing it,” Kelly said. “We do that because we think there’s a benefit to it. Obviously, the big issues you look at are the soft tissue injures, because those are preventable. If someone breaks a leg, someone breaks a leg. There’s not much from a sports science standpoint or preparation standpoint that goes into the prevention of breaking a bone.”

It’s possible that the Eagles have simply been lucky with injuries this season, just as they were unlucky when multiple players tore their ACLs early in training camp. But it’s also possible that Kelly’s sports science staff is making a difference. If so, expect a lot of other teams to follow Kelly’s lead.

31 responses to “Chip Kelly says his approach to keeping players healthy is working

  1. All sports injury is malnutrition in the form of mineral, amino acid, and essential fatty acid deficiencies. the minerals needed for optimal bone health are some of the most unlikely nutritional supplements you could ever think up. I’m talking minerals like thalliam, Terbium , gallium, and about 60 others. Google DEAD ATHLETES DONT LIE if you doubt it. Sad thing is, most people will thumb this TRUTH down or it won’t even be approved by admins (as usual)

  2. If he is using it himself then it must work. He hasn’t been injured by coaching. His conditioning and strength program, on the other hand, is somewhat less then his players’.

  3. Ah yeah, if that’s the case how do you explain Jeremy Maclin (who they miss dearly right now)?

  4. Andy Reid will take his Chiefs to the Super Bowl before Chip Kelly even wins a Playoff game in Philly! That defense in KC may be the best defense Andy Reid has ever had in his entire career!

  5. Hey mouth breathers, the guy was asked a question and he answered it!… There is this type of science called analytics, don’t worry you won’t understand it because it involves logic and education which you don’t have. Anyway, the analytics of sports medicine tell Chip that the methods he uses help his players play at their peak. If he doesn’t have great players yet, or players that don’t follow the routine, then his team isn’t ready to excel. This does not mean that his methods are incorrect. The man is ahead of his time in this concept and for people that have no clue, education, or done any research in to the topic to say he is wrong, shows us the ignorance and lack of thought those people have. As a side note, to use 4 games as yur independent sample size with an inaccurate control is beyond stupid… Chip is not only leading the way for his team in Philky, but for all of football and player safety and recovery

  6. Worked in a college athletic department in the Midwest for six years. Excellent athletic trainers, highly recognized athletic training academic program. Proper nutrition, % body fat, etc., is important. That being said, trying to attribute all soft (non-bone) injuries to improper nutrition, shortages of specified minerals, etc., is incorrect.

  7. But what about prayer? Surely asking protecting from an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent being can prevent all of them better than that silly science.

  8. This Eagles team CANNOT continue with this current roster of players. I would say the entire team needs to be slowly dismantled! Invest in players like Lesean Mccoy and maybe a few others but that is really about it! Too many primadonnas on this team and not enough guys who are willing to put in the time and effort to be successful! This Eagles team and organization is slowly turning into the Browns of the last decade and that should be enough to SCARE any Eagles fan!

    Get out while you still can CHIP! Philly is a sinking ship and it will do nothing but stain your entire coaching career!

  9. Sounds like “sport science” mostly means getting enough rest and having proper nutrition. I’m sure that does help the body recover. It might reduce the risk of muscle strains/tears by helping the body repair itself faster (pure guess). It might do nothing but taking extra care of your body can’t hurt. Sounds more like common sense than anything groundbreaking though

  10. Chip is not only leading the way for his team in Philky, but for all of football and player safety and recovery

    Sorry, But Brady mentions proper nutrition in every other interview for years now.

  11. eagles still have a shot. they have a critical 5 gm stretech of winnnable gms — at nyg, at tb, dall, nyg, at oak. that will take us thru wk 9. let’s take stock then. vick has to win engineer wins during this time. but to be fair, the receivers and safeties are bad, which isn’t vick’s fault. on offense, his receivers don’t get a lot of separation and have too mnay drops. but if eagles don’t win during this 5 gm stretch, we will see foles (and we may even see josh freeman join the eagles, but that is a separate story).

    eagles 3 big deficiencies are bad receivers, bad secondary and bad special teams play. a good running gm can offset bad receivers, and an improved pass rush can aid the secondary.

  12. But based on that pic, his approach to keep himself healthy by pushing away from the dinner table is not working.

  13. Charles has to hang his golf cap on something. it took the NFL one half to figure him out McCoy is a great runner in any system, no innovation there. Unfortunately for him, you need all three phases in the NFL to win consistently Can’t score 50 a week and not worry about anything else. How come it took this guy until 49 to get to the NFL ? Was the genius hidden under a bushel basket ?

  14. ” That being said, trying to attribute all soft (non-bone) injuries to improper nutrition, shortages of specified minerals, etc., is incorrect.”

    I agree to a point, but you are incorrect in claiming that things like muscle strains don’t arise out of improper nutrition. you might not put it together how this can be but I assure you it is all due to improper nutrition. there is some room for freak occurances that can take place but even things like muscle strains, pulls, tears, etc arise out of improper nutrition. you don’t have to believe it since even the 32 NFL teams do not yet know this, but it is correct. I suggest you follow up and do the research. DEAD ATHLETES DONT LIE is a correct premise and everything that is said about sports injuries being connected to malnutrition is absolutely correct.

  15. Improper nutrition can lead to non-bone injuries; but not all non-bone injuries are caused by improper injuries. If “improper nutrition” was the root cause of non-bone injuries, the NFL teams would require players to take specified minerals etc. Hyper- extension of a limb or joint, whether caused by an awkward landing, tackle or slipping on a gym floor, can result in torn ligaments and tendons even if the athlete is getting proper nutrition.

  16. Andy Reid’s teams used to do okay on three cheese double meat pizzas and Chunky soup.

    I’m sure no other staff has even heard of nutrition and rest. Kelly sounds like a late night infomercial doctor.

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