Jags move Justin Blackmon to the active roster


As expected, the Jacksonville Jaguars have officially added receiver Justin Blackmon to the active roster, a day before the team visits the St. Louis Rams.

Blackmon, the fifth overall pick in 2012, recently returned to practice after a four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance-abuse program.  The Jaguars had been using a short-term roster exemption; by moving Blackmon to the 53-man roster, the Jags had to clear a spot.  The short straw (or, given the team’s current situation, the long straw) went to guard Jacques McClendon.

Some have speculated that Blackmon could be traded, given the Jaguars’ recent trade of tackle Eugene Monroe and desire to get more ammunition for draft day.

“When you make a commitment to build it through the draft, to have as many picks as possible is the key,” Caldwell recently told reporters.

Blackmon presents a predicament for both the Jags and any trade partner.  He’s one failed test, missed test, diluted test, and/or non-human urine specimen away from a one-year banishment.  That makes it harder to value him and, in turn, harder to move him.

Still, the Jags should try to empty the roster of any pre-Caldwell/Bradley players and flip them for draft picks.  Though Caldwell painted himself into a two-tone corner by specifically saying running back Maurice Jones-Drew and linebacker Paul Posluszny won’t be traded, we (or at least I) interpreted his message to be aimed at avoid a perception of desperation, which can be created in ways other than, you know, calling every team and asking if they want to do a deal.

Could Blackmon be in play?  If he plays well, if someone else needs him badly enough to take on the risk, and if the price is right, the Jags should be willing to move him off the roster even more quickly than they put him back on it after his suspension.

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  1. Jags….keep Blackmon please, and MJD too. The Giants need that #1 pick….don’t screw it up for us.

  2. Keep the kid. Everybody is going to low-ball offer for him because he’s a high-risk personality, won’t get much for him. Your team isn’t going to be contending anytime soon, but if you bring in a young QB next year, you could do a lot worse than letting him throw around to Shorts and Blackmon while he develops.

    MJD on the other hand…I don’t think you could get much for him, but he’s played on terrible teams before and still nearly busted 2000 yards from scrimmage. Still a good player but he doesn’t have that premiere talent anymore it seems.

  3. We are going to keep Blackmon. Too much upside at this point. No one is going to trade for an aging RB or a TE that is injured and had one good season in almost a decade in the league. Poz is a good run stopping LB but can’t cover an old lady. He is wildly overpaid to boot. Only Blackmon will be with the team next year.

  4. There’s no reason to trade Blackmon. He was an early pick just one year ago and did show a bit of promise in his rookie season.

    Let’s face it, keeping Blackmon on the team isn’t going to jeopardize their chances at the first overall pick. Blaine Gabbert is in a league of bad all by himself; you could give him Jimmy Graham, Demaryius Thomas, and Julio Jones and I’m not sure their offense would necessarily improve enough to make them “a threat” to score at any given time.

    You might as well keep some pieces for the next guy as well, otherwise you run into problems like “Would Christian Ponder be a good quarterback if he just had better pieces around him?” that take three years to figure out.

  5. Hey jags fans just curious….if you guys do get the top pick you think youre going clowney or QB (or trading out)?

  6. Realistically, what’s Blackmon worth, A 3rd?
    Browns could do that and put him opposite Gordon and reunite him with Weeden.

  7. Bengals should grab this dude… Blackmon and AJ Green? It’s over…. if only Dalton could throw a nice ball more than 5 yards. Still, Bengals have taken on a bunch of reclamation projects….

  8. Dear Jacksonville – Pick up Josh Freeman today. Freeman has big upside if coached properly. It won’t matter what happens with Blackmon if you don’t have an NFL caliber quarterback to get him the ball.

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