Jerry Jones: I didn’t consider signing Peyton, we already have Romo


When the Denver Broncos come to town on Sunday, Dallas fans will get to see the best quarterback in the NFL in Peyton Manning. But Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says signing Manning in free agency last year wouldn’t have been the right move for the Cowboys.

Jones said on KRLD-FM in Dallas that after the Colts cut Manning last year, the Cowboys weren’t interested in signing him. In Jones’s opinion, the Cowboys already have the franchise quarterback they need with Tony Romo.

I was so committed to Romo, so committed to his future,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “Of course, Peyton has been a friend for a long time and someone we respect a lot. There were a lot of moving parts during that particular time. The real reason it didn’t work out is because we are as committed as we are to Tony.”

Romo is playing well this season, and perhaps when it’s all said and done Romo will justify Jones’s faith in him. Still, it’s hard to deny that if Jones had been able to convince Manning to sign with the Cowboys, it would have been the best move he ever made as a general manager.

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  1. As a Cowboys fan, I’m not dis-satisfied with Romo as the Cowboys QB (Cowboys can do alot worse), but Manning would have been awesome. Oops.


  2. I hope Jerry lives another 30 years and manages the Cowboys for that long, it’s so great knowing they will never win an SB with him being the GM…

  3. I didn’t consider hiring a clown for my nephew’s birthday party — we already had video of Jerry Jones.

  4. God I hope jones lives forever!!! Dallas is the new cardinals of the NFC east. If the did not gave jimmy Johnson he would have never had a ring

  5. that is an outright lie!..Jerry wants Romo to be more like Peyton..he stated that before the preseason.
    if there was anyway he could have pulled it off he would have. just to make Peyton a mentor for Romo

  6. fat chance. Peyton explicitly said he has no plans to go to the NFC… he didn’t want to be in the same conference as Eli, so I doubt being in the same division was an option… he didn’t want to scrub him too often now

  7. The reality is Peyton would never have joined any NFC team. Too much competition and too many pass rushers to contend with. Which is why he joined a team in the softest division in the NFL.

  8. ” it would have been the best move he ever made as a general manager.”……………. a rather rhetorical statement as jerrah has yet to make a good move as GM.

  9. It’s amazing that even with something like this he could not be honest. Either one of two things, either he really believes that he has a better chance with Romo and if thats the case every Cowboys fan better be worried. Or he realized how much money he has wasted on Romo and now he is trying to back it up. Synder 2.0 he is, in fact probably worse.

  10. Jerry Jones is the worst NFL owner now that Al Davis is gone. This clown thinks he out smarts the rest of the league by signing second tier players for stud player money. Romo instead of Manning?? Goes with his drafting a center in the first round this year that he could’ve gotten in the 4th round. And I don’t even like Peyton..

  11. LOL!!!! Yes bcuz they are both pretty much the same exact player??? HAHAHAHAHA………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..NOT!!!!!!

  12. Hey hey hey! Show some respect! Matt Millian was the architect of the grestest piece of crap team in NFL history. They ran the table, 0-16. And that was with Millen calling Brett Favre for tips to beat GB. Don’t you dare try to bring Matt Millen up to Jerry Jones’ level.

  13. @logicalvoice, you have a HUGE problem on that list. RG3, 1 good year, do it more than once. Cutler, Dalton???? I’m a Lions fan and Stafford don’t belong in top 5, top 10 maybe. Dalton??? How about Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Aaron Rogers and Drew Brees. All better then the other 4 you have listed. Hell you could swap Eli for Ryan just because of titles if you choose.

  14. If JJ would have gotten P. Manning last year he would be out of football this year un able to walk. Dallas has the worst o-line and JJ really has done nothing to improve the o-line the whole time Romo has been in Dallas. JJ needs a GM one who knows football and ne needs to let JG go and get a real coach.

  15. It wouldn’t be an insult to Romo, or any other QB, to admit Peyton is better. But heaven forbid we say something that would possibly damage our fragile QB’s psyche and confidence!

  16. @firerogergoddellnow

    “Romo and Manning have one thing in common-Playoff chokers”

    You must not watch football because Peyton Manning has a Super Bowl ring with the Colts, while Romo only has 1 playoff appearance. 1 game against the Ravens doesnt make Manning a “playoff choker”.

    This is probably the dumbest comment on here
    “Top 5 and in professional football – griffin III , Rodgers, stafford, cutler and dalton. In that order”

    Peyton Manning #1
    Aaron Rodgers #2
    Tom Brady #3
    Drew Brees #4
    Matt Ryan #5

    Dalton, Cutler, RG3 dont make my top 10. Please try again

  17. logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 5, 2013 11:51 AM
    Top 5 and in professional football – griffin III , Rodgers, stafford, cutler and dalton. In that order.
    RGIII? Is that the same gimpy QB that was hobbling around the Colisuem, and struggling mightily last week?

    Lucky we didn’t have TP.

  18. I’ve said it before…..and I’ll probably say it again:

  19. The problem with the Dallas Cowboys is not that Romo is a bad QB, he is not, it is that Jerry Jones is a bad owner.

  20. Totally bypassing on a Manning is a move that would be TOO absurd, if you didn’t know who did it. Because this is so predictable from someone who doesn’t know what the hell he is doing as a football GM and is too arrogant to give the position to someone with clearly more football knowledge than him.
    Because to Jones and ONLY to Jones, is Romo a “franchise QB”, as Jones’ carries just a ridiculous infatuation with Romo and his play. Because ONLY Jones would have committed to signing Romo to such a ridiculous contract in the off season, considering how pathetic he has been in the most important games of their season. As Jones successfully competed against HIMSELF and practically begged Romo to resign with the team. Romo didn’t even NEED his agent, Jones wanted him so badly. Jones’ ridiculous infatuation with Romo and his play is so complete that he has never, I repeat NEVER, even saw fit to even draft or make an acquisition for ANY QB to come in to even pretend that Romo has to compete for his job since he’s been their starter.
    But, year after year after year, (ever since he dropped that the field goal attempt in the 2006 playoff game in Seattle) he’s been the most notorious choke artist in the game when the games mean the most and the lights are the brightest, who puts up the most meaningless regular season stats in the game. If you want to see Romo’s TRUE worth, bypass the early part of the regular season and just tune in to December’s games (usually, with a “win-and-you’re-in game for Dallas with playoff implications) and watch him fold like a cheap suit again. It’s been a crystal clear and established pattern.

  21. mnomalley: are you referring to the NFC that has been getting its collective ass kicked by the so called weak AFC. Oh Jerry and the cowgirls please keep poking the bear I never tire of watching the so called Americas team getting their butt handed to them.

  22. How can Matt Ryan be a top 5 qb when he’s Basically the NFC south version of romo? And he’s only thrown for 4k yards twice and has an identical playoff record as Romo FOH

  23. People need to stop responding to LogicalVoices, he isn’t a Skins fan. Skins fans don’t talk like that.

  24. Translation-I tried to call him every 5 minutes for 2 days like a crazed ex gf, but he was screening calls. When someone did answer, all they said was, “Papa Johns, may I take your order?”

  25. JJ is such a effen retard!,,,,that’s like saying “we dont want Jesus on our team…we have Judas”!….what an imbecile,,,he only has to open his mouth to reveal what a loser he is!!!

  26. @chrishickey Manning has choked in several playoff games and the biggest CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE was superbowl against saints he threw a pick six to Porter

  27. @logicalvoice RG3 is not even in the top 5 let alone the top ten where do u come up with this stuff. Do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself with these crazy posts. GO COWBOYS!!!

  28. There you have it. Jerry’s own words confirm why the Cowboys always have potential each season and never any results. When you become blind and so married to a player that you cannot see when an obvious upgrade comes along, you are doomed to keep losing the last game you play in the season.

    Jones has lost sight that this is a business and no one, including Romo, should be exempt from having his position be evaluated each year and upgrades be considered and evaluated. By simply declaring undying eternal devotion to Romo and rejecting any consideration of Manning, Jones shortchanges the Cowboys team, the brand, and the millions of Cowboy fans out there.

  29. I got a huge kick from logicalvoicesays when he says RG3 is best QB dude he sucks and Washington isn’t going to win any SB anytime soon with the QB. He is so over rated. Been better off with Luck. RG3 has his head too far up his butt and believes half of what people say about him. play golf RG you might be able to do something. Look at what he did last year and now this year he sucks lmao.

  30. I am a cowboy fan and i will say Romo is a 100 million dollar joke and another failed job by owner jerry jones.
    we will never with with Romo and with jones wanting to think he is a coach. Garrett sucks and was nothing more that 3rd string QB under Troy. Another let down for Cowboy fans jerry. Great business guy but knows nothing about how to run the team. He let the only coach that won 2 super bowls go because he didnt want to let him have more control of things. Dummy where are you now. Jimmy Johnson was the man and you blew it letting him leave.
    Another fool move by the billionaire that doesn’t know football.
    so get rid of Romo Garrett and jones we might have a chance.

  31. JJ is an embarassment to pro owners everywhere, Manning or any elite player would never sign a contract that puts him in the comical mismanaged franchise that IS the Dallas Cowboys. Some day someone will figure out how to get the respect that the Cowboys deserve for their storied team but, not while this clown insists on playing with it!

  32. LOL just another stupid comment from the loser of GMs. I love my cowboys but everytime Jerry opens his mouth its an embarrassment. We will never again have a winning team in Dallas til Jerry backs off and lets someone who knows how do it.

  33. I do agree with Jerry Jones that at the time Manning was available, it was better for the Cowboys to stand pat with Romo.

    In hindsight, signing Manning would’ve been a no-brainer, but at the time there was no indication how he would take hits. So, I agree with the decision.

    But, with all of that said, JJ needs to keep his mouth shut. Every thing the man says is covered in the news, and a lot of times it can sound like he’s arrogant, stupid, wrong or just plain delusional.

    Just shut your mouth JJ! Make this comment after Romo wins a superbowl. Then, you’ll at least have some credibility.

  34. Just stop talking Jerry, you make yourself and the organization look bad…. Just go hide in a corner

  35. It doesn’t matter. The team is playing like crap, luckily the division is down again this year. Too bad bronco fans are setting themselves up for heartache. Peyton won’t have Rex Grossman starting on the other team to giftwrap him a ring, and he will be remembered as the greatest regular season qb in history, but not clutch in the postseason. Because he isn’t.

  36. It wouldn’t have mattered if they did sign Peyton. Peyton Manning is a BRILLIANT quarterback, arguably the best to ever play the game….BUT he needs an O-line that can protect him, especially now that he’s had such serious surgery. He would have been eaten alive playing behind Dallas’ O-line.

    Believe it or not, the Cowboys are better off with Romo. NOT because Romo is better (he’s definitely not), but because Romo is better for the personnel the team continues to run (read: they refuse to upgrade their offensive line appropriately).

  37. Peyton is hurt to find out that he wasn’t wanted by the Cowboys………….NOT. Truth is, no one really believes this line by JJ.

  38. “Dallas fans will get to see the best quarterback in the NFL in Peyton Manning.”

    I think he meant Aaron Rodgers.

  39. tony romo is the danny white of his time. which means the cowgirls will NEVER win anything at all. You can print that.!!!!!!!!

  40. Cant wait to hear Shay from Irving next sound bite on this topic come Mondays Dan Patrick Show.

    “Danny Boy, somebody needs to take the botox and whiskey away from Jerry pronto!”

  41. “Jerry Jones: I didn’t consider signing Peyton, we already have Romo”

    And that Cowboy fans is exactly why your team will not win another Super Bowl anytime soon!!

  42. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

    –Mark Twain

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