Jon Beason says he can contribute to Giants immediately


How soon can linebacker Jon Beason make a difference on the Giants’ defense? According to him, it will start on Sunday.

Beason said after his trade from the Panthers became official that he’ll be ready to go if the coaches ask him to play on Sunday against the Eagles, and he thinks he knows enough about playing the middle linebacker position that he’ll be caught up by then.

“I know I’ll come in tomorrow early and meet the coaches and I’ll get my linebacker coach [Jim Herrmann] and we’re going to cram,” Beason said. “If they ask me to, I’ll dress [Sunday] and I’ll give everything I have. . . . It’s just going to be terminology. I’m a smart player. I learn fast. Being a mike linebacker, a lot is on your plate. I think I actually thrive in that position. I’m going to get with coach as long as it takes and as fast as I can get it as soon as I want to play.”

It’s not clear yet whether the Giants plan to make Beason active against the Eagles on Sunday. But if he is, he thinks he’ll make a difference on the Giants’ defense. Considering how bad the Giants’ defense has been this year, it wouldn’t take much for Beason to make an improvement.

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  1. Jon you are a great person. But as far as football goes you are done. The bills unknown fullback was beating you like a drum 3 weeks ago. Who on. The eagles will he guard effectively? Brent celek is faster. Beason is a great leader, but he’s played in 6 games in 3 seasons

  2. Beason, you will be missed by Panthers’ fans for sure. Thanks for giving it up every game of your career in Carolina. I am glad you played for my team… you were (and probably still are) awesome. Good luck.

  3. They had the last 3 off seasons to address the linebacker position… They ignored it! Now, desperation moves!!! I like Beason but, C’MON MAN!

  4. Beason is an incredibly smart, passionate, instinctive player and a great leader. He will be missed in Carolina. His injury is incredibly unfortunate, because he was one of the best in the game and he really hasn’t been playing well since it. I’m hoping he can recover and I’m still a fan of his. We’re praying for you Beast! (except in the future when you play the Panthers)

  5. all you losers who say Beason sucks, or Beason has been awful this year, clearly just don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    Because of Beason’s achilles tear 2 years ago, the Panthers had to take Luke Kuechly in the first round. That guy is pretty freaking good.

    So when Beason returned, his MIKE position was filled. Jon Beason is a MIKE, not an outside linebacker.

    Jon Beason is not going to NY to play Weak or Strong, he is playing his natural position of Middle.

  6. Anyone who knows football knows that Beason is a quality individual and a formerly great linebacker. He will never be what he once was, but as a Giants fan I’m still happy to have him. Not only is he STILL (even in his condition) an upgrade at the MIKE for the Giants, but his leadership skills and knowledge of the game will only help the Giants.

  7. Pilot2011:
    Jon Beason is a MIKE, not an outside linebacker.

    Jon Beason is not going to NY to play Weak or Strong, he is playing his natural position of Middle.

    That is actually intelligent analysis. Why are you commenting on this site?

  8. I remember Antonio Pierce was done when he came to the Giants too. I believe I remember him having a HUGE part in winning a ring with the Giants.

    Not saying it’s going to happen. You just never know.

    But I’ll say this…if the Giants don’t win this game, I can see them realistically losing out. MAYBE they squeak one out in Oakland (if Matt Flynn plays). Other than that, I wouldn’t give them a chance anywhere. They don’t have a team on the schedule that is playing worse than them.

  9. chicagogiantsfan

    Totally agree with your last comment. This team CAN lose out….its not beyond the realm of possibility anymore. A decent team would have probably beaten Dallas, Carolina, and KC. we lost all 3….2 of which were in extremely disgusting fashion. im seeing a 2 or 3 win season max right now.

    And I’ll say this too: If this team is going to start winning games, then they better win a LOT of them; nothing worse than a 6 or 7 win team that just misses out on the true 1st round studs at the top of the draft.

  10. TWO Super-Bowl wins in 2007 and again in 2011.
    Can you say that about your team?
    yeah, lots of issues now, but will be back soon, that is a given, remember that.

  11. Napoleon dynamites uncle Rico said he could throw a football over them mountains. Doesn’t mean he could. giving guys Gatorade and towels. keeping their seat warm on the bench while they are playing. I guess all of that could be contributing lol.

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