Mark Davis eyeballs potential stadium location in Concord, California


A city of 124,000 could be the next home for the Oakland Raiders.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, owner Mark Davis recently toured the Concord Naval Weapons Station on Friday as the potential location for a new stadium.

“He made no commitments, but my feeling, he liked the looks of the property,” Concord Mayor Dan Helix said.

The 5,000-acre facility has been decommissioned and is being cleaned up.

The proximity of the site to the Concord BART line caught the owner’s attention, since 30 percent of the team’s fans use the local subway system to get to the team’s games.

Davis has said he wants to build a new stadium that would hold roughly 58,000.  Oakland is believed to be the first choice, but not much progress has been made.  The Raiders also are believed to be a candidate to return to Los Angeles.