No land rush for Josh Freeman, yet

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Nearly 48 hours ago, the Buccaneers made quarterback Josh Freeman a free agent.  In a league where every team either has a franchise quarterback or is searching desperately for a franchise quarterback (and the first category is a lot smaller than the second), the fact that Freeman has yet to be scooped up by a team that thinks he could become a franchise quarterback comes as a bit of a surprise.

No specific teams have been linked to Freeman, yet.  While that doesn’t mean the teams aren’t talking to Freeman’s agents about a possible deal, the fact that no news has leaked in an age of more leaks than Joe Theismann without his supply of Super Beta Prostate makes us wonder whether much genuine interest is there.

It could be that some teams have insisted on secrecy.  Franchises like, say, the Vikings, Bengals, or Texans can’t publicly flirt with Freeman.  They have to either sign him and welcome the distraction that goes with having him hover over the current starter, or they have to act like they never wanted him, lest they get the distraction without the player.

Still, it’s somewhat surprising that, short of the Bills reportedly leaving all options open, there has been no direct or indirect report that Freeman will or could or might land with one or more specific teams.

We tried on Thursday night to cast a broad net in identifying possibilities.  The net could get even broader based on the remaining Week Five games, especially if starters continue to fail to get out of bounds or slide in a timely fashion.

It doesn’t means there’s currently no interest.  Potential franchise quarterbacks rarely pop onto the market at all.  It’s even more unusual that they show up a month after the regular season has begun.  For teams interested in taking a swing at getting Freeman, swinging and missing in October creates a lot more potential problems than doing so in March.

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  1. Because nobody is signing the 33rd best QB in the league (per the stats) to be anything other than a backup, something it appears Freeman doesn’t want to be. Only Cleveland and Jacksonville offer him a very good chance to start the rest of the year, and they’ll both be drafting QBs next year too. He’s in no mans land right now.

  2. No surprise to me really as so much was made of the feud between him and his coach maybe……just maybe he is a below average QB with poor work ethic and a bad attitude.

    Maybe Greg Schiano is not the bad guy the media would have you think he is.

  3. With everything that’s gone on lately, any team interested in him would be doing their due diligence………….if not, they would be crazy.

  4. Wow, you’re right. A petulant QB that is whiny with a childish attitude and leaves his team high and dry should be in VERY high demand. I guess entitlement doesn’t really work in the real world.

  5. Freemans better than 1/3 or 1/2 of the starting QBs currently. I’d take freeman over old man weeden anyday.

  6. Trust me. The man has no work ethic. He has great and explosive talent-he doesnt want to do the extra work it takes to be the best QB. Since mid 2011 his work has significantly dropped. As a 10 year season ticket holder of the Bucs I have suffered through the pain of his non-production. Give me Glennon any day of the week, at least I know he is trying to hit the receivers. Everyone knows this. But with Raheem in Washington and Olsen in Oakland thats probably the two most logical places. But he would just be a place holder. Now, if he gets his personal life turned around, he can probably win a starting job back but thats a big if.

  7. Josh Freeman was the 16th highest fantasy scorer in 2012 in standard scoring leagues. I had an argument with my brother until I was blue in the face about how standard scoring is flawed, and Freeman is not the 16th best player in football. 0 wins later, and released from the Bucs. I would say I won that argument. 😀

  8. Potential franchise QB-bit of a surprise there might not be interest in him as a franchise QB?
    His record as a starting QB in this league screams backup. Sure, Buffalo, Cle and other teams could use his services due to injury. But outside of Freeman and his mother no one with any NFL sense at all should be surprised that he is not being considered as the future on anyone’s roster.

  9. This Josh Freeman guy people raving about sounds like a great quarterback that I’d want on my team. I hope the Eagles sign him and not that other Josh Freeman guy that played for the Buccaneers.

  10. Schiano is conspiring with all 31 other teams in the league. Poor Freeman. Such a victim. It can’t possibly be that nobody wants him because he isnt very good. Lol… No surprise here.

  11. Freemans better than 1/3 or 1/2 of the starting QBs currently. I’d take freeman over old man weeden anyday.


    At least until he has his first multi-turnover game (which come in bunches with Freeman). Then you’d be begging for Weeden back.

  12. It’s amazing to me that we lose 2 out of our 3 losses because we didn’t have a QB to close out, and win close games for us. We have his former OC – a man that probably knows Freeman than anyone…and don’t have a viable QB on the roster…and we’re not even kicking the tires on Freeman.


  13. Raiders are close to signing him according Charlie Campbell @draftcampbell of Walter Football.

  14. the Raiders shouldn’t go near Josh Freeman.They need OL help before another retread QB.Besides TP is doing fine he just needs to learn to stay in the pocket

  15. Never mind a QB coming onto the market during the regular season; the fact that he comes on the market on a Thursday afternoon means even teams remotely interested aren’t going to make a move before their game on Sunday and potentially disrupt the preperation, let alone the media circus that would result.

  16. He’s not a potential franchise qb. Tampa has been steadily adding offensive talent for the past few years and he has steadily gotten worse. He had flashes but they were a while ago now and he is disinterested in putting in the time it takes to lead a franchise. His talent will get him a job, but his lack of desire is the reason nobody wants him as a starter right now.

  17. The Browns surprise me the most. As much as everyone seems to pile on about Freeman not having the necessary skills he did have a couple good years. During those years he also had a good QB coach. Apparently Norv Turner OC of said Brown’s is a QB guru. And still no dice. Invest your $6+ million Josh.

  18. The best fit for him in my opinion is either Arizona or Cincinnati.

    Arizona because Arians runs a system conducive to his freelancing, big play ability as Freeman clearly digressed when asked to be more structured, much like Roethlisberger has digressed away from that type of system, all be it not as stark as Freeman. I think his game is a lot like Ben’s.

    Cincinnati because they have the kind of stacked roster on both offense and defense that could hide his deficiencies while benefiting from the physical ability that he has but Dalton does not, which is holding that team back from getting to the next level.

  19. Change of scenery could help. His coach is well known around the league for being a dbag. And there were murmurs of some of the locker room taking Freeman’s side right?

  20. I think Josh Freeman is at best an OK option at QB based on his performance as a starter, but so are about half a dozen current “starting” QB’s.

    He is not being given a shot because of the leaked “medical” issue.

    The big part of this story is who leaked his confidential medical information? This is, first of all, a violation of the law concerning medical records. More importantly, it is against NFL rules. Those who violated the rules, if it can be proven, should be held to account.

    A complete and thorough investigation needs to take place based on facts, yes facts, something Goodell is not familiar with.

  21. Freeman has gotten more media coverage from you in the last 2 weeks than he has in the past 5 years due to his play on the field, that should have been your first hint

  22. Only Cleveland and Jacksonville offer him a very good chance to start the rest of the year



    Little math for ya-

    Weeden > Freeman + No head case issues!

  23. “Why are the Bengals mentioned? They are not dumping Dalton for Freeman”

    Why would they have to dump him? He’s not getting the job done, the same as Big Ben isn’t getting the job done. Maybe the Steelers could use him, they could sure use a win.

  24. If I was a team with the Bucs on the schedule, I would target Freeman. Can you imagine how badly he would want to give up all the Bucs secrets. Plus if the starting quarterback goes down, you know that he will give you everything against his former team. In a league where wins are so valuable, Freeman would be worth a roster space simply for that.

  25. “We tried on Thursday night to cast a broad net in identifying possibilities. The net could get even broader based on the remaining Week Five games, especially if starters continue to fail to get out of bounds or slide in a timely fashion.”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    . . . . . . . . . or throw yet ANOTHER pick six!!!!

  26. I know Manuel is only going to be out for a few weeks, but Jeff Tuel may be one of the worst QBs I’ve ever seen. He’s so bad the TEBOW would be a better short term solution. Freeman certainly would be.

    It’s not like you would have to pay him much. He would seize the opportunity to try and put up 6 weeks or so of decent tape to try and salvage some value as a free agent next year.

  27. Why in the world are you calling him a potential franchise quarterback mike? I’m sorry but I have never seen anything out of mr freeman to suggest that title. At best with a solid team around him he’s a qb that will lose you more games than he wins. At worst he’s never gonna get you to the big dance and a terrible locker room guy. With next years draft class looking pretty good for quarterbacks why bring him in. If you need a qb that bad pick up tebow he will lose to but at least he will sell some tickets and he’s a great locker room guy

  28. It’s hard especially for a QB to join a team while the season is in progress and be productive because you have to learn the playbook and get in tune with receivers and etc..

    I’ts not easy.

  29. Don’t do it Bengals! I’ll take Charlie Batch over him. Or maybe even jamarcus Russel. Freeman doesn’t look like he cares enough to get better. Atleast jamarcus is tryin to get back in the league. Maybe he’s learned his lesson by now.

  30. freeman will be alpha in Oakland, the guy is uber talented , our coaching is pathetic in Tampa…… that’s what happens when you have Rutgers coaches in the NFL…..Free will do great

  31. I’m sorry… but did you mention “Franchise Quarterback” and Josh Freeman in the same article????? As much as I think he got railroaded out of Tampa, I by no means confused him with a Franchise QB… Not this year.

  32. How is Freeman a franchise QB? He had only one above average year, his rookie year. Since then, he has steadily deteriorated in his production. Since then, he has exposed himself as having a drug issue. No team wants to hitch their future to a QB with a substance abuse problem so why do the uninformed think Freeman is a highly sought QB and will be snapped up sooner than later or if at all?

    OK, hands up in the air – how many NFL teams want a QB who cannot be counted on to show up for the team picture, who cannot be a team guy and team leader, and who can deal with adversity without resorting to little kiddie stuff like pouting in public and trying to deny his drug issues?

    And some ‘experts’ think this guy is going to be snapped up soon? I can’t wait to see who will be such a desperate team and a coach and GM who wants to tie their future to such a childish and unproductive player?

  33. People forget what his actual team mates said about him, thy had his back. Before Schiano got there, by all accounts he was a leader. Organised camps during the lockout, nominated a captain as a 22 year old… He’s been inconsistant, but the tools are there.

    Now…. He has had issues, everyone knows it. But he has flashed talent, just not in Schiano’s rigid system. If he’s allowed to play free and not as a pure drop back QB he may solve the issue for some team. He’s not a sure thing, but a 25 year old with a rocket right arm and Pro Bowl talent at age 22 surely is worth a look? Perhaps not as a starter right away, but if you’re someone like the Steelers, with a QB with similar playing style (who surely cant too much longer without an injury or rape charge) would you not take a look. He can sit, regroup and get better,.

    He’s broken, but he can (hopefully) be fixed.

  34. It’s interesting how people can make assessments about his character when they only know what they have been told by the media. He clearly has regressed under his current coach for some reason, he showed a lot of upside prior. Not saying whose fault it is, but this FACT!! It’s not really a story that he hasn’t signed with a team yet. He was released Thursday, and a team probably would not make that kind of move that late in the week, as they are more focused on preparation for the upcoming Sunday. He will be signed with someone by Tuesday…GUARANTEED!!!

  35. “every team either has a franchise quarterback or is searching desperately for a franchise quarterback (and the first category is a lot smaller than the second)”

    Not true. Easily half of the league (and probably closer to 18-20 teams) feel they have their legitimate franchise QBs in place. There’s a reason Freeman isn’t getting a ton of interest as a potential starter / franchise guy. Only part of it is his issues with the Bucs. Demand is relatively low, too.

  36. If the Reedskins need a qb find somebody better like Trent Edwards, QB, Eagles. Age: 29.
    Charlie Batch, QB, Steelers
    Rex Grossman, QB, Redskins
    JaMarcus Russell,
    Tim Tebow, Chad Henne , Jay Cutler, Drew Stanton.

  37. Let’s see:

    Blaine Gabbert: 4176 career passing yards in three seasons

    Josh Freeman: 4065 passing yards in 2012 ALONE!!!

    Blaine Gabbert: 19 fumbles, 22 interceptions

    Josh Freeman: 39 fumbles, 66 interceptions

    Blaine Gabbert: 22 TD’s

    Josh Freeman: 84 TD’s

    OK, Freeman turns the ball over at an ALARMING rate, but he does move the ball and score!

    I’ll take Freeman! Or the next draft pick bust…..

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