Obama: If I were Snyder, I’d think about changing Redskins’ name

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President Obama thinks Redskins owner Dan Snyder should consider changing the team’s name.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Obama was asked what he makes of the controversy surrounding the Redskins nickname. Although Obama said he doesn’t believe the Redskins or their fans are trying to offend anyone, he did say he believes that enough Native Americans are offended by it that it’s something the team needs to weigh.

“If I were the owner of the team and I knew that the name of my team, even if they’ve had a storied history, that was offending a sizable group of people, I’d think about changing it,” Obama said.

Obama did not say he believes the Redskins need to change their name, and he did not suggest that the government should take any action to compel the Redskins to change their name. But the mere fact of the President of the United States suggesting that changing the name might be a good idea shows just how hot a topic this has become.

Snyder can say all he wants that he’ll never change the Redskins’ name. But the pressure on him to re-think that position is mounting.

UPDATE 1:23 p.m. ET: Lanny Davis, an attorney and spokesman for the Redskins, told NBC’s Kristen Welker: “As a supporter of President Obama, I am sure the president is not aware that in the highly respected Annenberg Institute poll (taken 2004) with a national sample of Native Americans, 9 out of 10 Native Americans said they were not bothered by the name the ‘Washington Redskins.’ The president made these comments to the Associated Press, but he was apparently unaware that an April 2013 AP poll showed that eight out of ten of all Americans in a national sample don’t think the Washington Redskins name should be changed.

“We at the Redskins respect everyone. But like devoted fans of the Atlanta Braves, the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Blackhawks (from President Obama’s home town), we love our team and its name and, like those fans, we do not intend to disparage or disrespect a racial or ethnic group. The name ‘Washington Redskins’ is 80 years old – it’s our history and legacy and tradition. We Redskins fans sing ‘hail to the Redskins’ every Sunday as a word of honor not disparagement.”

329 responses to “Obama: If I were Snyder, I’d think about changing Redskins’ name

  1. Isn’t there a government shutdown and a debt ceiling increase that Obama should be focusing his attention on more than what a NFL team owner wants to do with his team name?

  2. Obama needs to focus on fixing the economy which he hasn’t been able to figure out how to do in 5 years. He needs to think about why he is requiring people in their 50’s to pay for maternity insurance instead of being able to use that money to save for their retirement. NBC should ponder these issues also instead of covering up for Obama’s ignorance.

  3. He’d ‘think about changing the name’. Way to be decisive Obama. This man can’t assume a leadership role in even a completely meaningless sports hypothetical.

  4. Obama should be doing his job not worrying about the Redskins name. He should follow his own quote “If I were the owner of the team and I knew that the name of my team, even if they’ve had a storied history, that was offending a sizable group of people, I’d think about changing it,” Obama said.
    and resign from office since he offends a sizable group of people.

  5. logicalvoicesays says “If I were Osama, I MEAN Obama, I would consider changing MY name!”

  6. Has there been a more disappointing, weaker President in recent memory than this guy? Lots of talk and apparent confidence but not a lot of substance. He’s like the Rex Ryan of politics.

  7. If they ask him the question while they are asking him about the shutdown whats he supposed to do?.. Not answer it?… If he doesn’t clowns like you will come on here and comment on how insensitive he is or how he is awful for not taking a side… This goes for Dem or GOP presidents, if they answer bad, if they don’t answer worse… Just face it Washington Professional Football team fans, your name is going to have to change because even though I’m not 100% in agreement, the name is pretty messed up. So just start dealing with it, have a contest to rename the team, and your A hole owner can make millions on new merchandise

  8. Srsly Obama ? I support ya Bro, but like there are so many other things for you to be concerned about…. Smh . And I am part Choctaw …

  9. Sigh..he is not “focusing” on an NFL team name. He was asked a question and responded. Should he have punched the reporter in the face and stormed off back to the Oval Office to crunch some numbers?

  10. How about the Cleveland Indians? Atlanta Braves? Florida State Seminoles? While we are at it might as well change the Notre Dame Irish as well. Surely we don’t want to offend the Irish!

  11. Hey Obama… There are enough AMERICANS offended by the Federal Government mess. Worry about that instead. Who are we going to ask next about this Redskins nonsense? Maybe Dr. Oz, the Long Island Medium, and Lebanon Levi have an opinion.

  12. Best way to make people who DON’T want to change the name dig in is for a an extremely divisive political figure to weigh in on the subject.

  13. I just can’t get past how so many of us are looking for someone to be offended by. If it is clear that there is no insult intended, then why try to wrest an insult out of it?
    Actively being offended is lot harder than letting things go and dealing with real life problems.

  14. Thanks Obama, I’m glad to hear opinion. It’s good to know you’re not caught up in all this government lockdown stuff. You need to pay attention to more football to distract you from tax payers wallets.

  15. “Obama: If I were Snyder, I’d think about changing Redskins’ name”

    Well, your not.

    Geez, SMH.

  16. OK. change your hometown Chicago Blackhawks logo. And while your at it. Change the grinning Cleveland Indian

  17. This is ridiculous already.

    Seriously, they have been the Redskins since what, like 1933..

    Leave it alone, people are two damn sensitive these days. People are two damn coddled these days.

    Whats next, PETA coming out against all teams whose mascot is based off an animal?

  18. Change it to the Washington Scnandels and then he won’t want anyone talking about their name ever again.

  19. Politics need to stay out of sports. And fyi,,,
    It’s a symbol of a proud Indian chief. The true founders of this country. The name,the symbol, Are an honorary idea. Political correctness is what needs to change

  20. What do you expect him to say? “Screw the natives. Roll with the name Danny boy!” No he’s gonna be PC about it and from the way he stated it, it sounds like he doesn’t give a damn!

  21. If I was Obama I’d think about changing a lot of things that are more important than a freaking team’s mascot. Get over it.

  22. Whenever someone says they should consider it people make a big deal out of it when the truth is that Snyder has already considered it and decided that he’s not doing it.

  23. I never wanted it changed and now that I know his majesty thinks it should be done then there is no way it should be.

  24. There is history of name changes for various reasons. Baltimore (Colts, Ravens), Houston (Oilers, Texans), Rams (LA, St Louis), Cardinals (St Louis, Arizona), etc. If I was an owner of a team, I’d welcome a name change. Think of all the merchandise you’d sell! The entire fan base would have to rebuy everything!! It’s a huge windfall opportunity! Their fans have dressed up as hogs for years, even wearing fake pig noses. They could easily be renamed the Hogs or Boars or whatever.

  25. Yeah, I’m listening who makes promises he doesn’t keep, is more interested in picking college basketball and commenting on the affairs of football while the government is shutdown. I have an idea, do your job!!! I think the Indian symbol is an amazing way to remember a part of American history that is being forgotten. Who is offended the Indians I know aren’t, but some politicians are. We know how useful politicians are.

  26. All he did was answer a question. It’s not like he went out of his way to hold a press conference on the issue. It was an interview, the question was asked, he answered it. You expect him to refuse to answer? If anything, be annoyed by the reporter who asked the question.

  27. seatownballers says:
    Oct 5, 2013 12:18 PM
    Politics need to stay out of sports. And fyi,,,
    It’s a symbol of a proud Indian chief. The true founders of this country. The name,the symbol, Are an honorary idea. Political correctness is what needs to change
    Did you really just make that up?

  28. What about the Braves? What about the Chiefs? What about the Indians? What about the Fighting Irish, nothing offensive about an angry little Irishman looking for a fight, right?

  29. agree chap30!! And during this shutdown politicians are still collecting a paycheck!! I said it when all this crap about team names came up, let’s check every team name for example the Fighting Irish of ND. I’m part Irish but do I care not one bit actually proud, this country needs to get a little tougher!! Seems like people get offended too easy. Certain people should worry about their own job mr. president and fix our country or resign your position.

  30. billsboy88 says:
    Oct 5, 2013 12:08 PM
    For god’s sake, he was asked a question in an interview and he answered it. He didn’t call a press conference just to talk about it

    That ‘s right. And he should have said “I think that as President of the United States, we should be more concerned about our bigger issues. The government shutdown, our skyrocketing debt, our troops overseas and the wars they are involved in, and our lack of leadership from the Oval Office. A team mascot is the least of our concerns.”

  31. chiadam says: Oct 5, 2013 12:06 PM

    Sigh..he is not “focusing” on an NFL team name. He was asked a question and responded. Should he have punched the reporter in the face and stormed off back to the Oval Office to crunch some numbers?


    He’s supposed to say “That’s not something I’m focused on right now. I’ve got bigger fish to fry than football mascots. Next question.”

  32. Good for football (specifically PFT) fans for calling this elitist clown out. Leave it to fans of our sport to have more common sense than most of America does.

    Hey BO…..worry about doing what you’re told by those who control you….leave football to us real real citizens.

  33. illogicalvoice—-

    No. You are incorrect. Snyder will acquiesce. He will acquiesce because too much public support is mounting. When a President voices an opinion on a matter it means it comes with the weight of the White House which, irrespective of the current administration or party affiliation, is significant.

    You are on the wrong side of history. You are on the wrong side of life going forward.

  34. “…the best owner in sports” has produced how many winning seasons? How many playoff appearances? How many championships? It appears that the only thing this ownership has produced is a cognitively impaired PFT follower.

    Side note: To dodge the controversy, the team should just change its logo to a picture of small, round potatoes and keep the name.

  35. Change things around if one must, but what about the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, and the Kansas City Chiefs? Yes, the “Redskins” sounds worse but all of these names are offensive in some way. Why does one Franchise get the attention with this?

  36. dracko19 says: Oct 5, 2013 12:29 PM

    There is history of name changes for various reasons. Baltimore (Colts, Ravens), Houston (Oilers, Texans), Rams (LA, St Louis), Cardinals (St Louis, Arizona), etc. …
    Not one of these is an example of a team that changed it’s name while staying in the same location. I could only find one example. In 1933, the Boston Braves became the Boston Redskins – they moved to Washington four years later.

  37. To Dan Snyder: Do NOT change the name of the Redskins NFL football team! Many of us do not want to see the name changed. Please don’t give in to the wimpy PC crowd, POTUS included.

  38. What about all that chanting last night in Atlanta at the Braves game?
    Or the guys dressed up as Chief Wahoo coming for the Indians games?

    BO got an opinion on those, much more blatant (if we’re counting) disrespectful actions of a team names after native peoples?

  39. Why is Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama worried about name changes? I wonder who would vote for an American president that changed his name to that of a Muslim.

  40. America’s greatest game is the:


    America’s current President is the:


    The NFL figured out there differences last year now you do the same Mr President!

  41. If I were Obama, I might think about shutting the hell up and taking some bowling lessons.

  42. Obama should be much more worried about the enormous group of U.S. citizens that are more disgruntled with the government, rather than those who are disgruntled with the redskins name

  43. Another hot issue Obama weighs in on. Good thing he’s on top of the issues concerning the country he supposedly leads. The economy sucks but maybe I can come to him for fantasy football advice…

  44. Everyone is correct in saying Obama should have responded by telling the reporter there are more important issues to address than a pro football team’s name.

    All Obama wants to do is to continue to get the attention off of him and onto the Republicans. He’ll just keep blaming others. There’s a reason why he’s not in Bill Clinton’s class.

  45. I’m so tired of the majority bowing to the minority. It’s time for it to stop.

    Of all the reasons to feel bad for indians, the washington redskins is not one; unless they are a fan. lol

    I had a friend who was indian. He used to say that if you feel bad for my people give me your house and move back to the country of your ancestors. He said that he never found any takers.

  46. I hate this guy so much. I am literally all for Southern Secession.

    The dude is trying to kill my grandparents and will soon have direct availability to mine and your bank accounts for his “health care”

    Canada has the longest waiting times in the world for cancer treatment. His health care is even more radical than theirs!

    Are yall seriously for every doctor being paid the same?

    Can my grandfather seriously not get his B12 shot anymore?

    GTFO of my country.

    You are not my President.

    Come on down here to Winston Salem and put me in jail you spineless weasel.

  47. Coolmoe14
    “I’m offended by those who are easily offended. No one gives a sh*t about that. Keep the name. Not a skins fan btw”

    Political correctness BS is all about offending the majority so that the minority is not offended.

  48. He was asked; gave an answer not as the President, but if he were an owner……….I don’t agree with much he has to say and I don’t here, as well. I do, however, defend his right to say it………


  49. RBC says: Oct 5, 2013 11:57 AM

    Isn’t there a government shutdown and a debt ceiling increase that Obama should be focusing his attention on more than what a NFL team owner wants to do with his team name?


    Yes, but 80 Tea Pansy members are blocking all negotiations!

  50. Hey Tyrant, you screw up everything you touch, and the majority of the United States of America feels you are not on our side…

    Stay out of our Sports, stay out of our healthcare, stay out of our personal lives….

    You useless Tyrant!

  51. iBreezeit.com says: Oct 5, 2013 1:17 PM

    Next we will be hearing about a gay rights group calling for the Packers to change their name
    LMAO man you made me lose it.

  52. America is a country where a small vocal minority gets more say and preferential treatment over the majority.

    I would be very afraid of that 1 out of 10 Native Americans’ feelings. That is usually more than enough to get the Government’s support if they start making more of a fuss.

  53. Once again the president shows contempt for the First Amendment of the US Constitution – which he swore to defend – which contains freedom of speech to give your team any name you want.

  54. OK My great post was removed. This is a site for racist not football fans. Coward moderator!!!!!

    Control the narrative so only narrow minded racist comments are allowed. No dissent or opposition or support of the POTUS allowed.

  55. Glad all the right wing whackjobs were able to demonstrate their ignorance and bitterness on this thread. The racist comments probably got deleted. Makes me glad their representitives, besides the idiots in the house shutting down the gov’t, are no longer in power.

  56. well, he’s not Daniel Snyder, so **** what he would do. maybe he should be worried about bigger issues…..or lowering his handicap in golf.

  57. I was leaning more towards changing the name just to shut everyone up.. But, now that Obama wants them too, I’m against them changing it.. hail to the redskins!

  58. That statement could just as easily say this, right?

    As a supporter of the Washington Redskins, I am sure Lanny Davis is not aware that in the highly respected Annenberg Institute poll (taken 2004) with a national sample of Native Americans, 1 out of 10 Native Americans (~290 thousand) said they were bothered by the name the ‘Washington Redskins.’ Lanny Davis made these comments to NBC, but he was apparently unaware that an April 2013 AP poll showed that two out of ten of all Americans (~63.2 million) in a national sample think the Washington Redskins name should be changed.

  59. Snyder should Go Ahead and change it already…

    Wonder if Goodell would approve one of the following:

    The Washington Entitlements
    Washington Lobbyists
    Washington Debt Ceiling

    Obama you got enough to worry about without sticking your nose into a pro sports team. If you want to lead by example why not get the Chicago Blackhawks to change their name first. Oops forgot, they contributed to your campaign…..can’t have that can we?

  60. clemenza58 says:
    Oct 5, 2013 12:00 PM
    Shouldn’t he be more focused on the immediate issues facing our country right now?

    To all you obama Haters, this is football, not redneck political opinions. If he did not take a moment to answer the question, you would complain about that.
    Now, to the issue at hand.
    Perhaps Atlanta should change it’s name. Very disrespectful to the wiped out race of citizens that lived in the lost city of Atlantis.

    In fact, the word on the streets is that homeless all over the world are outraged about New Jersey and it’s Hobogen.

    Don’t even get me started on the Catholic’s stance on the Trojens.

  61. Black president + observation of racist Washingotn team name = wingnut heads exploding across the country.

    Pass the popcorn.

  62. Obama should focus on getting the republicans and the democrats to agree and fix the issues of our country. Redskins name is a much smaller issue than the debt ceiling.

  63. What is with all these posts about golf? I forgot, you little swayback b¡tch Regressives prefer a fake ass cowboy POTUS who “clears brush” for the bulk of his (Ronnie and George II) of his two terms.

    That electoral college landslide is still eating at you folks, huh?

  64. Never knew that the United States presidents are luciferians to create a new world order. I love my redskins but the minute I see an illuminati logo on a redskins uniform like they displayed in 2012 Olympics for the basketball team. I’m done with it. Nothing is good about Satan aka lucifer! Now back to football lol

  65. What ” sizable group of people” are we talking about? Is there anything else he can screw up before he runs the country into the ground? We need another revolution, now where is my musket?

  66. As a black man I voted for Obama and I regret it! I just wish more African Americans would take the time and listen and learn what is the agenda here. Global government people! Obama better watch it we are more loyal to our football team than our president.

  67. For everyone suggesting that he is wasting his time and should be focused on the government… come on, really?

    He didn’t set up a press conference about it, he didn’t run for the presidency on the “change the name of the Washington Redskins” ticket, and he isn’t using it as leverage to make in deals in Washington. He was just simply giving a short answer to a random question he was asked.

    So quick to judge.

  68. “Obama did not say he believes the Redskins need to change their name, and he did not suggest that the government should take any action to compel the Redskins to change their name. But the mere fact of the President of the United States suggesting that changing the name might be a good idea shows just how hot a topic this has become.”

    This is NOT true. If he decided to hold a press conference or bring up the subject himself, that statement would be true. But when he has a mic put in his face and asked it, he is just answering his opinion on the question.

    That would be like asking him if he likes Bert or Ernie better, then making a big deal about how the puppets are so compelling the President of the United States is even weighing in on the hot topic debate.

  69. Obama didn’t run this country into the ground, he’s just finishing the job. They all work together! Take the time out and listen to Alex jones radio. He makes a lot of good points.

  70. To all of the Haters, can you atleast show a little respect? Or are you just mad because you can’t win a national election?!

  71. Just looking at this thread, its apparent that people cannot stand this one world government, anti-American ingrate who calls himself Obama. It makes me wonder how in the heck he ever got elected for a 2nd time.

  72. Fallacious Reasoning from their attorney.

    “We at the Redskins respect everyone. But like devoted fans of the Atlanta Braves, the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Blackhawks (from President Obama’s home town), ”
    Fallacy-Appeal to common practice.
    Just because others do it does not make it okay.

    “we love our team and its name and, like those fans, we do not intend to disparage or disrespect a racial or ethnic group. The name ‘Washington Redskins’ is 80 years old – it’s our history and legacy and tradition.”
    Fallacy-Appeal to tradition.
    Just because it has been done for a long time does not make it okay.

    We should also keep in mind that the term redskin is derogatory.

  73. If I were Obama and sucked at my job as bad as he has/does I would worry about far more significant issues than the name of a professional sports team.

  74. If I were President Obama I would consider changing my middle name because some people find it offensive.

    Really, Mr. President? Who cares what you think about this subject? Or Travon Martin, or Fantasy Football, or……

  75. No one, and I mean NO ONE, cares what Obama or Bono or Barbara Streisand thinks about the Redskins name. He is NOT the owner, and it is NONE of his business. To even suggest that Obama didn’t feel the government should compel a name change is idiotic…the government DOES NOT have that power or authority. We haven’t gone over the brink, yet, where government can dictate that we don’t offend people.

  76. If I were the President I would worry more about the Government shutdown, economy, unemployment, rather than that an NFL team changes a name that offends NO ONE, except for people who want to be offended by anything. I always wondered why the group that is offended by the Redskins name isn’t in the headline stating they are offended by all of the homeless people in our country or a host of other, real issues. Give me a break, and Obama, get back to work on getting our Government back to work!

  77. That was a polite way of telling the president how much of an idiot he is. Well done Redskins. Do you research mr socialism before you bash something.

  78. The name just doesn’t make any difference. This team is a bunch of losers led by an egotistical QB who just understand the concept of a team. It is no wonder they are struggling as a team at 1-3 and heading for a losing season. Does it really matter what they are called?

  79. Obama needs to learn to keep his opinion to himself. He is way too influential, and people who can’t think for themselves listen to what he says and takes it as the gospel. The whole Trayvon thing was made way bigger than it needed to be because Obama had to chime in. It’s so in right now to be offended on the behalf of other people. 40+ years and no one gave a damn about the name. One person in gov’t plants a thought, and now everyone thinks it offensive. Guess what? The world is not fair, and everyone is gonna be offended by something. Get over it!

  80. Obama should have been an actor he acts like a celebrity instead of a president.I hate to say it but I kinda miss GW Bush.

  81. If I were Obama, I would worry more about poor situation this country is in. But then this is why he has not accomplished any thing he has promised.

  82. From The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)

    [Grandma Sarah notices that Lone Watie has painted his face]
    Grandma Sarah: What’s all that paint about?
    Lone Watie: It’s my death face.
    Grandma Sarah: You know, we’re sure gonna show them redskins somethin’ tomorrow. No offense meant.
    Lone Watie: None taken.

  83. LOL! Just like Christians were told to remove ten commandments off court yard, stop praying at school, remove “God” from dollar bill and pledge of allegiance, stop displaying native scene, and cancel praying at football game/graduations because this “offending a sizable group of people” which are atheists. Obama is a joke, appeasing to small minorities (spells troublemakers) to make changes to long standing traditions or religions that did not see problems before 1970.

  84. wolfmanpatriot says:
    Oct 5, 2013 2:17 PM
    clemenza58 says:
    Oct 5, 2013 12:00 PM
    Shouldn’t he be more focused on the immediate issues facing our country right now?

    To all you obama Haters, this is football, not redneck political opinions. If he did not take a moment to answer the question, you would complain about that.

    wolfmanpatriot: I’m struggling to find where the “redneck political opinion” is in what I said. If John Boehner made these comments, I would have posted the same thing. Obviously, your commentary speaks to how you think. Maybe it’s that kind of rhetoric that’s making this country more divided than ever.

  85. I think it is inappropriate and an abuse of power and authority (again!) for him to share his POV on this matter. I am truly offended by his middle name “Hussein” and he makes money from the use of his name as an author and speaker. Should he then change his name because a sizeable portion of the population is offended by his name?

  86. I have to admit I am actually surprised it took the “race-bater in chief” this long to comment on this. Love how stupid Laney Davis made Obama look. U would think after his idiotic “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon” comment or the “police acted stupidly” comment, Obama would consider facts first, but not this president. what a disgrace.

  87. I think the President of the United States has (should have) more important things to comment on than the name of a private entity. Just saying!

  88. As a Native American, this certainly does not offend me. Whether it is the Redskins, (Cleveland) Indians, or (Golden State) Warriors connotes a strength and in my mind is a positive attribute. This issue has come up from time to time in my tribe and has always been welcomed. We’re proud of who we are, and the fact that sports teams choose to name their teams with a Native American influence should be welcomed, not disparaged.

    I am surprised that President Obama would even weigh in on this. I’m sure he has more pressing items to spend his time on these days.

  89. Hey ditto heads –

    Someone asked him a question, he spent 10 seconds giving a diplomatic answer.
    Obama was reelected in a landslide, and he is showing resolve in not negotiating with Tparty terrorists.

    The ACA is law, Texas will be a blue state soon and there will likely never be a Republican president again.

    You lost, deal with it.

  90. President Obama was asked the question by an interviewer. He responded sensitively. Since the interviewer brought it up, it was quite appropriate for him to answer.

    Besides, after all these years, it’s time Americans recognize Columbus did not discover America and that we took this land away from Native Americans who were here long before us. Surely we can at least respect Native Americans’ wishes now.

    Of course, we did the same with the people of Mexico–take their land away from them- land many white folks don’t want them to live in even today. Oh, I forgot, many of us do not want to think about America’s sordid deeds of the past. Sorry to have brought the subject up! Let’s get back to football.

  91. I can’t say I’m surprised by the ignorance and unpatriotic vitriol of the commentors of this site. I am surprised how willing they are to display their inability to do more than one thing at a time.

    April 29 – President Obama gives go-ahead for raid. Leaves White House with family to visit victims of Alabama storms, meet with Gabrielle Giffords and deliver commencement address at Miami collge
    April 30 – Attends White House Correspondents; Association Dinner and makes jokes at Donald Trump’s expense.
    May 1 – Plays nine holes at Andrews Air Force Base, before making early return to White House. After the raid on bin Laden’s compound at 1:15am Pakistani time, President Obama announces the successful raid.

    Now I know a majority of readers on this site view themselves as uber-patriots by hating the president for fixing the exonomy, lowering debt, providing legislation for equal pay for women, anti-discrimination for gays and health-care for the uninsured or as you call it “tyranny”.

    Just remember that your votes for republicans are a matter of public record. You can’t complain about the government shut-down when the people you voted for are responsible for it.

    Obama can’t make the tea party or republicans in general do what’s best for America. They have safe districts with people like you voting.
    Now back to your regularly scheduled unpatriotic ignorance……..

  92. Snyder should invite Obama and Boehner to sit in the owners box next game. Maybe a government will break out.

  93. Does the 8/10 thing surprise you? We live in a country where there was slavery, jim crow laws, women’s rights just happened this century, gay rights are just happening now. There is so much racial, religious and ethic hatred in America. Just turn on Fox news.

  94. The multi-billion dollar NFL thinks it’s above public opinion and that they will live forever.

    I love football… but… the NFL needs to wake up to the fact that every smart decisions now will slow the impending decline of American football caused by brain injuries, drug abuse, and the Browning of America (growth of soccer).

  95. wolfiereasonedlife says:
    Oct 5, 2013 3:43 PM
    I can’t say I’m surprised by the ignorance and unpatriotic vitriol of the commentors of this site. I am surprised how willing they are to display their inability to do more than one thing at a time.


    Your ignorance is astounding, simply astounding.

  96. kidsamoa260 says: Oct 5, 2013 12:09 PM

    A sizable group of people? Chris Rock said it best – “when’s the last time you met 2 Indians, or seen a Indian family chillin at Red Lobster?”


    You missed the point of his joke. Its about the Native American getting wiped out by the United States. So if you commit genocide of a people, its fair to have a derogatory name of that race as one of your biggest sports franchises because there aren’t many of them left. Thumbs down as much as you like, PFT comment section is loaded with bigots.

  97. Now that’s leadership. The most clueless person in America and he’s supposed to be running the country? Too bad he’s running it into the ground. In other news, Dan Snyder is being investigated bt the IRS.

  98. Obama posing as our leader offends me….I think that ought to be changed. Seriously, we have a crisis in Washington and he wants to weigh in on the Redskins name?? Tool.

  99. The name will change eventually… We all know it. I believe the name was originally coined to honor the Native American culture but, times change and phrases and topics gain and lose sensitivity and/or offensiveness. It’s not the end of the world and they can now choose a kick ass new logo and name in the same vein as the original.

    FSU pulls it off. The Chiefs pull it off. Today’s Redskins can too. Have Nike go wild on it and come back some straight Native American warrior type feel, that doesn’t mention skin color…

    Team merchandise sales would go through the roof for the existing stock as well as the new. Get a chance to own the first run of a new era. Plus, just think how awesome throwback games will be.

    I bet a lot of fans whish their team would do an overhaul. Lots of outdated branding out there. Just think if the Bucs were still rocking that terrible sherbet deal with the flamboyant pirate with whatever that was in his mouth. Change isn’t all bad. Actually not a bad situation to be in…

  100. Read the Rick Reilly article on ESPN for an insight of what Native Americans really feel about the name Redskin. SPOILER ALERT– They don’t care. KC Chiefs are much more offensive to them. Seeing slack-jawed white guys in paint and wearing feathered headdresses is much more politically incorrect. Each feather in a headdress is earned by an Indian for various reasons. They are like medals. So to see some knucklehead in KC or DC wearing one at a football game is insulting. Please Obama, worry about the mess that you and the degenerate politicians in DC have gotten this fine country into. Stop trying to change the subject.

  101. BlackHawk was a Sauk American Tribe leader…not offensive. Also Braves, Chiefs, Indians aren’t derogatory names for native Americans. Redskins however is the equivalent of the N word and is most definitely offensive and racist. Daniel Snyder is one of the worst owners/biggest jokes in the NFL. What an idiot…thats why the skins franchise will never win consistently. Sorry Skins fans….Keep dreamin.

  102. Republicans want to change Washington Redskins to the Washington Anti-Science Creationists.

  103. Does anybody even care what Obama thinks? I sure don’t. He’s running this country into the ground, surely don’t care what his football thoughts are.

  104. Its sad (but predictable) that virtually all PFT readers are so ignorant as to how the American government works, and that they don’t realize President Obama didn’t “shut down” the government, it was the House of Representatives. More specifically, a small contingent of Teahadists, who may claim to be representing their constituents, but clearly not the best interests of the country.

    Obama ran on his healthcare reform in the 2012 election, and won. If the citizenry didn’t want it, they shouldn’t have re-elected him.

    The ACA was enacted into law by congress. They passed it into law, then a small minority of the congress decide not to fund it? That’s not how it works. Repeal it (if you can) but this ill-conceived power play is just steering more moderates to the left.

  105. Republicans want to the Washington Redskins name to the Washington Anti-American Obstructionists.

  106. Republicans want to change the Washington Redskins name to the Washington Global Warming Deniers.

  107. Republicans want to change the Washington Redskins name to the Minneapolis Airport Bathroom Enthusiasts.

  108. If this wasn’t so contrived and predictable, it would only be a sad commentary about the popularity of liberal guilt in our society.

    Hows that workin out in Europe again? Oh yeah….

  109. To those folks ripping the President for commenting on this: He did NOT book national TV time for an Oval Office speech on the topic. He was asked by a reporter for his opinion and being a sports fan, politely answered the question. And until the House passes a budget that can also pass the Senate, there is not a whole lot Mr Obama can do to solve that mess.

  110. evilglazers666 says: Oct 5, 2013 3:47 PM

    Does the 8/10 thing surprise you? We live in a country where there was slavery, jim crow laws, women’s rights just happened this century, gay rights are just happening now. There is so much racial, religious and ethic hatred in America. Just turn on Fox news.
    What kind of person chooses to live in such a country? I think you should move.

  111. Somebody please show me all the Native American groups that are so offended by the name Redskins. Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Cantor, and Cruz are much more offensive names.

  112. sac said…. “What kind of person chooses to live in such a country? I think you should move”.


    That is how I feel about all the crying republicans.

    Just move!!!

  113. playing devil’s advocate for a minute…..lets get rid of the indian names,redskins,braves,indians,chiefs,seminoles,etc…..then in another generation indian history will be even more forgotten!!…….NO!! …… i say by keeping indian names around WE HONOR THEM ,keep them in our minds, know who they are,and remember their very great history past and present!!!…..and as a KC Chiefs fan if they ever get rid of the Chiefs name,then adios NFL !!…..keep the indian names!!….Honor the Native americans!!!…lest we not forget!!!….

  114. Oh, and this just in: Our Multi-tasker In Chief also commanded our Special Forces today to carry out a raid in Somalia and they successfully captured a terrorist leader. Sorry haters, but it’s evidently yet another accomplishment by our twice-elected President.

  115. I agree that the Redskins name needs to go. Henceforth, they should be known as the Washington Dirty-Indian-Givers. LOL Actually the Indians lost and no one wants to root for a loser. So how about the Washington Europeans? Or maybe the Honkeys? the Whities? I’m sure that would be a great hit with all the black players on the team. 😉

  116. At a time when the country is in crisis the Chief Executive of the Nation should be concentrating his thoughts more on moving the country forward and not what some football team is named. But then, it merely continues a very long and distinguished career of NON LEADERSHIP.

  117. Nobody wants to root for a loser.

    republicans were DESTROYED in 2008 and 2012.

    2016 will make a THREE-PEAT ! ! !

  118. Cut out the crap about the land being “taken away” – Native American tribes/nations did the same thing to other Native American tribes/nations. The Europeans were no worse in that respect than the Native Americans themselves. Read up on the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas.

    Just like the black Africans, and Arabic Africans, were extremely involved in capturing and selling other black Africans into slavery – more so than the white Europeans. So please stop pretending that it was just the white Europeans who did these things.

  119. swagger said: “He would never say that about an Ohio football team”


    Ohio teams are respectful enough to change Redskins to Redhawks.

  120. Change it to “The Rainbows” to include everyone and everything and …. not offend anyone but those little ponies who have the market on those colorful things.

    C’mon Mr. President, you should NOT go there. let’s just get back to work on getting our country back on track.

  121. Ooops..Obama didn’t mean to say that. The teleprompters were shut down because of the Govt Shutdown. Somebody complained about shutting down NASA. One of his handlers told him to “put the blame on the jetsons.” Ahh..Ahhh…Ahhh. got it a little wrong.

  122. Now that Obamacare is going down in flames, Obama has to create new legacy for himself. Obama will always be remembered as the ahh…ahh….ah…the guy that got the Redskins to change their name.

  123. There has never, ever been a more divisive president in our nations history.

    I bet he is filling out his NCAA bracket already…nothing else going on. Heck, let’s go to war with Syria! Remember Syria And how close we just came to war until the Russians stepped in and said, knock it off Obama?

    This guy talks about not offending any group of people but yet in every speech he has ever given, he has blamed republicans, the tea party, the NRA, etc for any problem that exists.

    Hours after sandy hook he went up there and blamed anybody who believes in the second amendment for what happened. Such a strong leader, he is!

  124. all he does is point fingers, lay blame and divide. Every time he opens his mouth I lose more respect for him. I’m more concerned about jobs, debt and deficits…..

  125. I would prefer a President who lies about weapons of mass destruction, outs CIA agents, and puts THOUSANDS of brave American troops at risk in wars that will never benefit them or their families.

  126. One more thing about this President. He has stood side by side on the same platform with Jesse Jackson, who once called NY City “Hymietown” and Rev. Al Sharpton, who is about as racist a person as there is.
    Sharpton is the ultimate ambulance chaser. When the Packers hired their former defensive coordinator (Ray Rhodes) as HC and after one season it was painfully obvious the only thing he knew how to do on game day was chew gum, they fired him. Sharpton immediately went on the attack and organized a bus trip to GB to protest. What a joke. I loved Rhodes as a DC, but hated him as a HC. He just couldn’t cut it. Race had no part in it, but Sharpton couldn’t wait to make it a race issue.

  127. Republicans want to change the Washington Redskins name to the Washington Old Lying Racist White Guys.

  128. Maybe they can rename the team “The laid out in the sun too longs” or “The forgot the sun blockers” or best yet,”The Embarrassments”. How about “The Blushers”? Please add to this thread.

  129. Gotta love the blind Obama sheep who say: “But he was asked the question!”


    And we all know that Obama, like all presidents, answers EVERY question reporters ask.


  130. You don’t think Jackson, Sharpton and Obama are the same black guy, do you? The first two have never been elected or appointed to any public. The third guy has been elected to the most powerful public office on the planet… twice! The second time by an electoral landslide.

  131. Those end of an,error t shirts are going to sell like crazy in the last year of tbis putz,in office..

  132. Republicans want to change the Redskins name to the Washington Mouth Breathing Impotent Losers.

  133. An absolute monster. He makes Warren G.Harding look like a mensa member. Who are the 44 percent of people who support this weirdo. Well, I think we know the answer to that question. Good God

  134. Question – are native americans actually offended by the use of the name Redskins, or is it just those who like to be offended and whine about everything? There are several tribal schools and high schools that have a student body with a high majority of native american students and you know what many of them have chosen as a high school name? You guessed it Redskins. They wear it with pride.

  135. Lol did someone really post on here that President Obama lowered the national debt? Try again.

    And for those who are claiming President Obama is such a great president because he got re-elected in a landside…

    Obama got re-elected because most of our population is full of uniformed, uneducated people who like to get free stuff.

    I feel bad for people living below the poverty line. But people who are struggling to get by should not have cable and cell phones paid for by the taxpayers.

    Get the federal government out of our lives. Everything they do is in efficient, illogical and puts us further and further into debt.

  136. The comments here pretty much confirm that most posters and readers of PFT are total morons. Carry on ladies…

  137. Obama’s TELEPROMPTER:

    The Cowboys disagree with everything I try to do just because it is me. The Cowboys don’t want to change the name of the Redskins because they want to keep killing them.

  138. The more education a person has, the more likely he votes Democrat. Not an opinion, a fact. Watching Fox News and listening to Rush doesn’t make you informed, it makes you a kool-aid drinker.

    Obama didn’t lower the nat’l debt, he reduced the deficit.

  139. @ philrat who said “Obama needs to focus on fixing the economy which he hasn’t been able to figure out how to do in 5 years…”

    Maybe you didn’t get the memo, but Clinton left Bush with a booming economy, while Bush presided over a near-catastrophic financial crisis and spent trillions on an illegal war and then left Obama with a bag of excrement for an economy.

  140. You would think Obama would. Have better things , like not negotiating with the republicans , so he can stop punishing Americans . Get to work and leave the nfl to people who know how to run a business .

  141. If you were really Native American…. you would have known to capitalize Native.

    Go away, liar.

  142. The White House? Are you kidding me? The country is not just WHITE people anymore!!! Lets change the name of THAT place…..like the RAINBOW HOUSE…..or the Yellow Red and Black and White House!!!! Then talk about changing sports teams names!!!

  143. If Obama became NFL commissioner, he would create an extra tax on every team for him, and give everyone free concussions. And definitely, the website would not work.

  144. 5 Reasons Obama should quit talking about football (Drum roll please):

    -The Redskins have already been shutdown enough.

    -“Dictator left on 2” went out with Lombardi.

    -It might bring Brett Favre out of retirement.

    -Sometimes, you need to run to the right side to win the game.

    -The first lady loves Adrian’s Peterson.

  145. Do you idiots realize that he was ASKED this question during an interview?

    It’s not as if he gave a State of the Union address regarding the name or is preparing some new legislature about it.

    Funny to see a lot of you saying “he should focus on the shutdown…he needs to concentrate on the country not a football team…etc..”.
    What was he supposed to do? Not answer the question?

  146. If Obama became NFL commisioner the Republicans would defund the league and shut it down. After all, revenue sharing is Socialism and the salary cap is anti-free market. No one could get treated for concussions, they couldn’t get insurance because of pre-existing conditions.

  147. Amazing. The President was asked about the name by an AP reporter. He gave his opinion. No more, no less. Yet the President’s vile haters use his responding to an AP question with his opinion as a reason to express their hate and to flaunt their ignorance. They are Exhibit A of what is wrong with this great nation.

  148. Maybe the president should start thinking about stopping our endless state of war with the rest of the world instead of football. We spend over half of our tax dollars on killing people in other countries; our nation is responsible for one million dead in Iraq and half a million in Afghanistan, the majority of which were civilians.

  149. He ought to be more concerned about how he’s violating everyone’s constitutional rights on a continual basis. I bet Obama and GWB get together and go bowling.

  150. Sometimes you read the comments on a story like this and wonder if these ignorant, fox-news-watching, inbred mouthbreathers actually represent a majority in this country. But then an election happens and you realize they are just a very vocal minority.

  151. I, too would like to add my advice to the President. Your comments are so offensive. It is not because of the issue, it’s because you are focused on everything but getting this country back on track. A leader helps to bring people together and you are refusing even to negotiate with the Republicans in a way that could get us through the mess we’re in. Saying you won’t agree unless you get everything you want isn’t negotiating. You are just as intransigent as the republicans. Changing the Redskins name will not help one person, but getting to work on our nation’s stalemate will help many. Please president obama, mind your own business and mind it well.

  152. Stop thinking republicans or democrats, our government sold this country to bankers to create a new world order! People better start reading your bibles! What’s taking place in Washington is all about religion. New world order is coming, I dare you to do some research. Every president has been calling for it. Obama is just the bringing it in. Henry Kissinger confirmed it. New world order is Satans plan. Occults running America depressing

  153. I’ve read several comments from those of you who said he was asked a question and you then say, “what was he supposed to do?” What a great opportunity to say, “you know, I need to be focused on the problems our nation is facing, not on what a private enterprise does, next question please.”

  154. Frankly, I don’t care what Obama thinks about the “Redskins” name. I also don’t care what blacks, whites or Asians think about it either. We are a democracy, so if the majority of Native Americans are offended by the name, then change it.

    I was just in Santa Fe at the Indian Market. Two of the full-blooded Indian sellers were wearing Redskins paraphernalia. Neither were at all offended by the name and in fact, were die-hard Redskins fans.

  155. Obama chimes in on a lot of things he shouldn’t: whether or not Trayvon Martin looks like his son, the Redskins, all kinds of crap… I know people from Eurpose and they say he looks like an idiot getting involved in legal and sports stuff

  156. “52lightsxout52 says:Oct 5, 2013 1:03
    PMROFL!!! With his shady past Barry/Barack Soetoro/Obama ought to know a thing or two about changing names… ”

    Don’t forget his middle name Hussein! Talk about a name being offensive! Stick with the job the liberals hired you to do Mr. Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama.

  157. “Redskins” is also the name of a type of peanut. I suppose President Obama could spend time suggesting changes to the English language as well but wouldn’t it be more productive to just try to run the country. Not run the country into the ground.

  158. Obama is not willing to negotiate on the Redskins name. Besides he is too busy negotiating with the Iranians so that they can eventually throw the bomb.

  159. Most of this invective seems to think the Daniel Snyder’s just slapped a domino on President Obama’s head by using semantics, and that was somehow a smart thing to do.

    Or at least not one of the dumbest things in human history.

    (not factually my friends, cause and effect, game theory, the reasons those Redskins don’t win games)

    These are facts.

    President Obama spoke for himself and said…

    “If I were the OWNER of the team and I knew that the name of my team ….. was offending a SIZABLE GROUP OF PEOPLE, I’d think about changing it,”

    Daniel Snyder — when challenged in public by the President of the United States who is a person of color — reacted by having his lawyer suggest Mr. Obama wouldn’t say something so ignorant if the POTUS knew these facts.

    10 percent of Native Americans were offended when polled by a highly respected study.

    20 percent americans think this name should be changed

    The current black population in America represents 13 percent, fact, I have never once heard anyone suggest that the United States does not have a sizable black population.

    You really want to go semantics and dismiss the President out of hand, and extend it further?

    The white owner of the Washington Redskins just had his lawyer patently dismiss a statement directed STRAIGHT AT HIM, not his team, by our first sitting POTUS of color.

    This is someone very out of touch with the magnitude of the moment.

    Here’s your Domino Daniel,

    but I’d be surprised if you own a team named the Redskins five years from now.

    Why would you risk inflaming this situation with a lawyered up statement to a sitting President (who oh by the way was the Editor of the Havard Law Review — and he enjoys competition).

    Think about that.

    This lawyer and Mr. Obama know better than anyone she went for the rim shot, this isn’t circuit court, he’s not some faceless company suing you…

    the President has spoken to you directly and you think this was a wise course of action?

    Some of you are clearly laughing now.

    But this man has finally written a check, he not only can’t cash. He’s challenged Mr. Obama in public with semantics and misdirection.

    And his lawyer’s twitter level patent denial which explicitly asserts our President was ignorant of her game-changing facts or he wouldn’t have said something that couldn’t possibly hold water.

    Like 10 or 20 percent is sizable.

    Obama’s a baller biaznietches –

    Mr. Snyder is about to find out the full weight and reach of his office, with a man that excretes more intelligence by breakfast than Mr. Snyder accumulates all year.

    I’ll bet my house you are about find out the cost of a disproportionately glib response to a sitting President with a competitive nature.

    This isn’t politics Jr. — he shapes narratives Mr. Snyder.

    As you Hail to your Redskins so respectfully without being the least bit racist while cloaked in the confederate flag of your attorney.

    By doing your bidding as you hid behind statements you are going to regret far more than the decision to risk RGIII’s career….

    Your lawyer has sown, Reap the whirlwind Mr. Snyder.

  160. Healthcare was first. Next he is going to socialize the NFL.

    Step 1: PSL and Season Tickets are too expensive

    Step 2: PSLs are going to be lowered by $2,500 for every family in America

    Step 3: Have all the teams where Pink every week so that as much money as possible goes to Planned Parenthood and Soccer moms

    Step 4: Change the Redskins name, Tax the Cowboys, Tax the Texans, Tax everybody except the Patriots

    Step 5: Tax all Fantasy football teams

    Step 6: Make sure young males are taxed $95 dollars per year because they don’t need PSLs
    but they need to pay for the people who do need PSLs

    Step 7: Every family in America pays $2,500 more per PSL and NFL.com is really slow and keeps crashing and if you want a PSL you have to fill out 8 forms, which they eventually will lose.

    Step 8: Nobody has PSLs except those that paid Obama for favors.

  161. Well, the simplest thing for the Redskins to do is to change their name. Obama would be proud. Let’s offend all Caucasians and call the the Whiteskins! Or the Honkies! Or the Hollies! Or… or………… That’ll teach everybody!

  162. I was afraid not to vote for Obama because I didn’t want to be considered a racist. I also wanted to save $2,500/year on healthcare.

    I have learned, sometimes it pays to be a racist.

  163. Actually, we should get it accurate: The Washington Debtors or The Washington Spenders or The Washington Socialists. I’d say we should call them the Washington Obamas, but I wouldn’t want to insult the president.

  164. So, let’s insult Ravens, Patriots, Colts, Buccaneers, Eagles, ….. etc….. you get the point.

  165. Obama: If I had any boys, they would all look like NFL linebackers.

    Michelle: Don’t worry, honey! I have your “boys” in a jar on my dresser.

    Obama: Maybe I need to change my name again.

  166. OK, it’s been a long day. How about the ultimate of what Obama would love to have the Redskins be renamed to: The Washington Republicans or the Washington Americans. That way Obama and all the libs will feel that their protests have born fruit and they will have insulted their enemies.

  167. While Obama has the Govt on paid leave, he has decided to give us a teaching moment about the NFL.

    Does anybody have to wonder why we don’t want them involved with 1/6th of our economy. They don’t work because they are incompetent. The only thing they can agree is that they should all be paid while not working.

  168. Obama is like a lot of democrats, when he and the entire Government isn’t working, he spends time watching the NFL instead of looking for jobs.

  169. Well I think Obama should change his name!!!!! Job title as well. Something like “Supreme Idiot Ruler”. Screwup of the Century, etc, etc. Why don’t you spend a little time trying to run this country. You really can’t spend the brain cells on other things beside this issue.

  170. If it would have offended a black person it would have been changed years ago. And everybody thought the slave had it bad. Check Native American history, it’s a lot worse.

  171. What the NFL should do in retaliation is bring the Buffalo Bills over to the NFC East and move the Giants to the AFC or another division. The Giants are the only team who’s name doesn’t go with the rest of the NFC East. Cowboys, Reskins, Eagles and Buffalo. Or change the Giants name to Giant Buffalo.

  172. fupduk2 says: Oct 5, 2013 11:26 PM

    If it would have offended a black person it would have been changed years ago. And everybody thought the slave had it bad. Check Native American history, it’s a lot worse.
    Good call Fupduk2. Those whiny slaves didn’t know how good they had it. Racist much?

  173. footballfan80 says: Oct 6, 2013 10:27 PM

    Quickest way to end this non-story is for Dan Snyder to change the name from Redskins to Benghazis. I guarantee you Barry wont talk about the issue again.

    Comment of the year. Thread closed.

  174. yes we have a multi taker president…let’s see….multitasking running the country in the ground, while driving the national debt higher than ever…..putting a health care plan together that no one wants …now they have found out he’s a big liar about the cost… Also tasking on how to not be a leader….then sticking his nose in someone else’s business….and trying to tell him how to run his business….
    always sticking his foot in his mouth….” Red line” and ” if I had a son….” Comments…. Open mouth insert foot….

    what a loser for a leader…Muslim radical….

  175. Yes he was asked a question. Maybe the idiot reporter who asked it needs to be fired for asking the POTUS such a softball question when our government is shut down, have bloated welfare roles, record skyrocketing deficits, and most scandals ever. But that’s what we have; a lapdog adoring press refusing to cover real stories and report actual news stories that might be not good for POTUS. They’re complicit in this, the worst economy most of us have ever seen. They report White House talking points and refuse to investigate any of the myriad scandals that plague this sleaze fest administration.

    I’m done.

    IRS audit soon coming I’m sure….

  176. mp4pack says:
    Oct 5, 2013 7:57 PM
    Sometimes you read the comments on a story like this and wonder if these ignorant, fox-news-watching, inbred mouthbreathers actually represent a majority in this country. But then an election happens and you realize they are just a very vocal minority.


    And then you read comments such as yours and realize there are actually enough stupid people that voted for this idiot. Truly sad. Our country has improved so much under this administration hasn’t it? Oh wait, it sucks. Maybe you should venture away from MSNBC and the Huffington Post once in awhile, moron. Congratulations, you ARE the pot calling the kettle black.

  177. amazingly if Obama would just focus only on things like this, we’d be better off. Every day he is out of the office, which is a lot, he plays a lot of golf, lol, we are better off. SO yes, please focus on stuff like this and leave everything else alone. Fukushima has ruined the entire Pacific ocean fish industry and you are worried about the name of a football team. God help us.

  178. niz10rav55 says:
    Oct 5, 2013 4:12 PM

    Redskins however is the equivalent of the N word and is most definitely offensive and racist.


    You are wrong; if this word was so offensive, how did it survive for so long?

    Let me help you – the tidal wave of PC has pushed this to the forefront…

    – Muscogee Nation Indian Tribe

  179. Wow… It’s not like he stopped in the middle of the interview and said,”Hold that thought, I want to tell you how I feel about derogatory sport team names!”

    A question was asked and the President answered.

  180. Ok Obama takes a break from work and talks about football,then everybody is like Obama needs to focus more on his job then about football.I mean come on people,do you ever take a break from your job and talk a little football ?

  181. If Snyder says tomorrow the team now refers to redskin potatoes, why do they need a matching logo? Packers have a G. 49ers have SF. Giants, Jets, etc.

    Go back to the old R and call it a day. The Indian head, which was given to the Redskins by the former president of the National Congress of Native Americans, can go away forever.

    There is very little Indian-related theatrics (like the tomahawk chop or a dude riding a horse with a flaming spear) that goes on at Redskin games.

    Brave (as in home of the brave) on the warpath, fight for old DC!

    Problem solved. If not, go with Washington Federals and move back to DC;)

  182. If I were Dan Snyder, my response would be something along the lines of: “The President is welcome to his opinion, but he doesn’t own the team, I do. President Obama has more pressing matters right now, most specifically a government shutdown, that demand his focus and attention. I’ll let him tend to those matters while I tend to Washington Redskins”.

  183. If “Redskins” offends people in America, then I think as a decendant of the Cherokee Nation, the “Cowboys” offends me…..for obvious reasons! Down with the Cowboys!

  184. That’s a trade I’d make….Snyder couldn’t possibly do a worse job running the US than Obama.

    Of course, if Obama was in charge of the Redskins, they’d immediately start to hemorrhage money…..

  185. I hate how you guys are acting like Obama held a press conference for this and called the attention on the issue to himself. He was asked a question and he answered it. I am personally against a name change but that doesn’t mean I can’t see someone being offended by it. People get offended over everything. Also I love the shots that are being taken at him about the “Tea Party Shutdown”. The shutdown is nothing close to his fault. It is a few bullies in the House and a weak John Boener

  186. Although I believe the President is a complete idiot. This may say more about how the press drools at his feet. We have huge problems that the American people would like answers on and the question this idiot reporter asks is about changing the name of an NFL team. Kadoushe.

  187. Why is this an issue now? The Redskins have been the Redskins for years so why are we hearing about a possible name change to the team now? It doesn’t make sense like an oderless candle. I also do not think it is a big deal that Obama put his two cents in on this topic but also agree that he should be concentrating on the debt ceiling a little more. With this and the Trayvon comments he sets himself up for the critics to have at him. Redskins should just keep the name they have now and focus on fixing their personnel to make the team better for years to come. @coltsmania96 – I am not for the right or the left because I think both parties are effed up but how is this all on the republicans? Obama implemented the ACA. The republicans were on board until Obama made some changes without congress approval after the fact. He exempted certain individuals for the ACA while others are not. What is good for the goose is good for the gander right? Like i said before, it looks good on paper but who will be stuck paying for something that logistically is not free? Now lets not get suckered into politics on a sports vine please. I just wanted to address that but at the same time I value everyone’s opinions. Thanks

  188. If I were Obama – I’d worry about bigger things like….


    This is what a complete moron this guy is!

  189. I don’t like to mix politics with anything but most of you posters are out of touch with reality.

    #1. The facts are the ACA does nothing but make you buy insurance and in some cases helps you pay for it. Of course it also introduces new taxes to help pay for it. No government involvement besides penalizing you for not having insurance and giving money to those that cannot afford it. All healthcare decisions will be made through the insurance companies so stop the talk about government in your health care and government death panels. Without the ACA healthcare costs for this nation would be 30% of GDP by 2024 (Not 100% sure about the year but this is what I believe to remember).

    #2 Obama is not causing skyrocketing deficits……under the previous administration we went from a surplus to over a trillion dollar a year deficits. The deficit this year will be 700 billion. That means he has been reducing the deficit. (And for those that say we have 16 trillion in debt, please educate yourself on the difference between debt and deficits.) You cant get rid of debt without first getting rid of the deficit.

    #3 Obama cannot end the lockout. He has turned in budgets but they keep getting filibustered so that the republicans can say “Obama hasn’t passed a budget” Anyhow little civics lesson…CONGRESS appropriates money and comes up with budgets. If I were a president I would say hey Congress pass a budget and let me veto it then you can blame me.

    Anyhow there are plenty of things this president hasn’t done like get rid of the patriot act and make sure NSA isn’t over stepping its boundaries or prosecuting or going after whistleblowers instead of embracing them. He is not perfect but most of the BS coming out of posters here is because they repeat BS coming out of news agencies and talk show hosts that shall remain unnamed. So do some real research or just stay stupid America……that is the reason this country is going downhill rapidly.

  190. @kaepknows,
    Please follow your own advice and do some “real research” rather than swallowing the PR lines promoted by (most of) the national media.

    I don’t care for this President or his ideals but he was elected by a majority and right or wrong, smart or dumb ideas will get implemented. What I have a problem with is his administration’s blatant attempts to harm for the sake of political gain. Their own administrative officials have said that certain things were done solely to ensure some things “hurt as much as possible”. Open your eyes a bit and take a good look at what is going on, and more importantly–why? This President is a skillful campaigner but lacks fundamental leadership skills. George Bush had some questionable people working for him but Obama’s key players are some of the worst this nation has ever had to endure. Scandal after scandal is ignored and when the media finally looks into things the administration (most transparent in history was the promise) simply stonewalls, fails to cooperate or outright misrepresents the facts until the storm blow over. It is despicable the way some things have been/are being handled (by both sides)

  191. @FinFan68

    So what is it you are telling me to research? All you did was try and divert the attention to other things instead of tell me that I am wrong on the points I already made. So to deal with your other things read below:

    If the so called scandals are linked to him and show misuse of power I have no doubt that this congress would have already started an impeachment considering how much they hate the guy. Why has that not happened? I mean Clinton was impeached for a far lesser scandal then the scandals you are probably referring to but yet no impeachment.

    Please do your research and you can see that the senate asked the house to go to committee on the budget two months prior to the deadline. So why did the house refuse to want to negotiate until after they shut down the government? Because they were using the government shutdown to try and force the administration to accept their demands. It backfired as the president called their bluff. The Democrats already are compromising by getting less than they wanted in the budget and having money spent in different area’s then they wanted and now on top of that they are being told they must defund legislation that was already held up by the Supreme Court in order to get a budget. Now please tell me what Republicans are giving up to get what they want? Like I said before the Congress appropriates money and passes budgets, the president signs off on them. If they pass something and the president veto’s it then you can blame the president.

  192. I could not care less what the imposter thinks. He needs to give up his healthcare reform so we can get this shutdown over with!

  193. I love the posts that pretentiously ask things like:
    “Doesn’t he have bigger issues to deal with now?”

    Well, duh! But if someone asks the president a quick question, are we really supposed to demand that he always snap back:
    “Shut up!!! Don’t you know there is a debt ceiling crisis? I will answer nothing but that, damn it!!”

    C’mon, man…

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