Rashad Jennings expects a lot of carries with Darren McFadden out


Raiders running back Rashad Jennings expects to get the ball a lot on Sunday night against the Chargers, with Darren McFadden expected to miss the game after suffering a hamstring injury.

“I’m always ready,” Jennings told CSNBayArea.com. “I’m approaching this week the same way I’ve been approaching any other. I’ll be ready for however many carries I get.”

After McFadden got hurt in last week’s game against Washington, Jennings became the primary focus of the Raiders’ offense, both as a runner (14 carries for 45 yards) and a receiver (eight catches for 71 yards).

The good news for the Raiders, however, is that with Terrelle Pryor back from the concussion that sidelined him last week, they won’t need to rely as much on Jennings to be the focal point of the offense. Jennings will get a lot of carries, but unlike Matt Flynn, Pryor won’t need Jennings to do it all himself.

25 responses to “Rashad Jennings expects a lot of carries with Darren McFadden out

  1. Smh… What else is new McFadden hurt next man up that’s the story of the Raiders!!! Ride or die fan but this guy McGoDown haven’t did us any justice since he was drafted new contract deal ..Hmmm.. Not with apart of the RaiderNation I think this is his last and final year as an oakland raider. I understand a injury is an injury but his injuries if u go back and look at the games you be like what happen “LOL” I honestly don’t think his heart is in the game don’t even try and battle threw the injury ohWell decided to leave a comment for the 1st time tired of the same crap every year … #RaiderNation

  2. Fire Mckenzie the idiot is clueless and hire a real GM. He Signs Flynn and ends up on the bottom of the depth chart.The trainwreck continues.Chargers 40 Raiders 10.

  3. LOL…. McWho is gone be a giant in 2014? Man if y’all don’t cut it out this guy haven’t been healthy every since he was drafted honestly I don’t see nothing positive about this dude it’s time to move on from McFadden and invest in a back that’s gonna get us touchdown instead of injuries every year . Yeah I understand we rebuilding but that’s no excuse for the running game look at Peterson yeah I rest my case. I’m happy I never purchased a McFadden jersey …

  4. Did this coaching staff forget how many yards Marcel Reece had when he played RB last year? Although that was In the Zone Blocking scheme. But all he does is make plays..explosive plays at that. More Reece, please.

  5. I’m sorry if you meant he’s gonna be a NewYork Giant ok that’s cool but if you talking about a beast I feel sorry for you. 2014 come it’s gone be the same as this year INJURY LOL SAD

  6. what team has never made a mistake with a trade, draft pick or signing! RM has done an awesome job freeing up money, getting rid of scholarship players and getting what talent he could. DA is a good coach as well as his staff. The best since 2002! What back in the NFL makes it all mini camp, pre-season and 16 games without getting hurt every year??? DMAc will be back in a duel set next year with a contract. We still have Jennings, Murray and Stewart. They can’t rely on just him to win games nor can any team.

  7. Time to move Run DMC to WR .The Redskins did that when they traded for Bobby Mitchell back in the 1960’s. McFadden can catch the football .Both him and T Pryor should be switched to WR . I would hire Jerry Rice as the Raiders WR Coach. Sign Josh Freeman to play QB ASAP ! The Raiders can win with him at QB once they build a top notch offensive line. You can’t blame McKenzie because the Raiders have 50 million in dead cap money to get off the books. Once they over come that then they can build a real football team that can win consistently.

  8. Jennings is going to have a big game against the Chargers! With Pryor back under center, this opens a better chance for play action and run option, just too many things for the Chargers to try and defend.

  9. McFadden is averaging about 50 YPG; he is blind when it comes to seeing holes and has NO ability to move laterally. I’m sure they will manage.

  10. If Jennings does well he very well could be the starting RB for the Raiders in 2014. I like DMC but no way do you pay an injury prone back big money. RB is an overrated position anyway.

  11. kamaloy says: Oct 5, 2013 12:23 PM

    Jennings is going to have a big game against the Chargers! With Pryor back under center, this opens a better chance for play action and run option, just too many things for the Chargers to try and defend.

    – – –

    Unfortunately, I think the facts would dictate otherwise. Obviously, the Raiders’ offense is simply no match for that of the Chargers. Further, from a defensive standpoint, the weakest link in the SD defensive chain, is the secondary. However, that only comes into play if the QB is capable of making good downfield throws. That’s not something Pryor is capable of yet. Further, with McFragile out of the game, SD knows they can ease up a little at the line, and focus on containing Pryor in the pocket. If he can’t scramble and make yards with his feet, it’s going to be a long day, er, night for Oakland fans.

  12. As a Raider fan, I think McFadden is done in Oakland.
    He’s turned out to be a “Potential” guy.

    You know he can tear it up potentially. We just never see him actually do it. The stars just never seem to be aligned just right.

  13. Loved what Jennings brought in the last game, made more tacklers miss than McDisability has all season. Guarantee we have the best rushing stats of the season with ever injured one on the sidelines.

  14. Wrote a blurb on silver & black pride about Dmac. Bottom line is he’s not an every down back and perhaps he never was. I’d offer him a reasonable contract to stay but as 3rd down back only. We need a RB who’s not going to get nicked up every other game and Dmac has proven time and time again – he’s not that guy.

    The Giants?? They’re playing even worse than the Raiders and it won’t be any different with them if he goes there. He cannot and hasn’t been able to take the hits. He’s not a 3 down back anymore.

    I hope he understands his limitations and stays – he could be a formidable weapon in the passing game but if he wants the ball three downs, let some other team overpay for his 12 teams average.

    NFLfolly – You have no idea what you’re talking about. RM signed Flynn to a one year deal – meaning he costs us nothing next season, it was a worthwhile gamble as idiot talking heads were calling Pryor Te_blow Part 2 and believed it to be so. No one knew just how much Pryor would grow as a passer and NFL QB this season. You’re acting like we just traded for Palmer again. And you’re on crack if you think the 30 ranked D of SD is only going to give up 10 points to us. Pryor is going rush for at least 60 yards on those clowns.

  15. McFadden could still be useful, just not as an everydown back like many have said already. And also not without a substantial paycut.

  16. I like the effort Jennings gave last week. The rest of the team could take a cue from this guy. He has talent and he plays hard, give me that combination any time.

  17. That’s what we all thought in Jacksonville when MJD went down with his foot injury. Then Jennings’ knee blew up like a beach ball after one half… Great kid, not durable enough to be a starter.

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