Seahawks activate Bruce Irvin, waive Stephen Williams


Bruce Irvin returned to practice this week for the Seattle Seahawks after serving a four-game suspension for a violation of the league’s performance-enhancing drugs policy. However, Seattle still needed to add him to their 53-man roster in order for him to play Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

The Seahawks took that step Saturday and activated Irvin to their roster. To make room, the team released receiver Stephen Williams.

The league had granted Seattle a one-week roster exemption for Irvin to allow them to carry 54 players this week. The team could have elected to leave Irvin on the exempt list through the weekend if they felt he wasn’t ready to play on just a week’s worth of practice after being away from the team for a month.

Seattle didn’t feel that was necessary and head coach Pete Carroll said Friday they are looking forward to seeing Irvin get on the field this week in his new role as a linebacker.

“He’s done really well,” Carroll said. “There’s just a little rough around the edges on some stuff but he’s in great shape and he’s ready to go and he’s really charged up and he’s done a lot of studying over the time that he was out of here and has come back ready to take advantage of this. He doesn’t want to wait another game or something to get going. We’d like to play him this week.”

Irvin led all rookies last season with eight sacks as a rotational defensive end. Seattle elected to move him to linebacker this offseason.

Williams had been among the standouts in training camp for Seattle but had not managed to catch a pass in the team’s first four games of the season.

28 responses to “Seahawks activate Bruce Irvin, waive Stephen Williams

  1. First, more speed for our front seven
    Second, Williams release means harvin is doing well
    Third, niners will sign Williams

  2. The rich get richer. He will play a similar role that aldon Smith played for the 49ers. Lining up next to Red Bryant. On passing situations the seahawks will have at least 4 premier pass rushers on the field. Their is hot one team in the nfl that can claim that. Pete said this off-season we would add pass rushers bc when one went down last season it basically cost us the Falcons game and who knows what else.

    The seahawks are not even leading the nfl for suspensions, nor drug related suspensions. That honor is owned by one team. The redskins, 3 of the ped suspensions were a technicality only. The seahawks and peds has been way overblown and they will be tested the most this year and thus far haven’t had any issues, oh and their 4-0 and according to most that strictly bc if cheating Pete and those peds. Lol Seattle embraces your jealousy, thanks for motivating our players even more but trying to disregard all their hard work. We appreciate that.

  3. Weird move releasing Williams. I love our GM in personnel management, but between dumping Moffitt with our o-line woes now, releasing McGrath and being short at TE, and now dwindling our WEs to 4 (and Kearse has been hurt), it seems like it is getting harder and harder to win.

    I know we’re 4-0 but dammn, it seems like our offense is nowhere near where it needs to be. Plus with all our DEs back, our d-line doesn’t need another player in addition to him, Jordan Hill should have been taken off the 53 man.

    I just hope the plan was all along to keep Williams only as insurance till Percy neared return

  4. ninerswilldominatelikebefore says:
    Oct 5, 2013 4:24 PM
    this is a wanna be Aldon Smith..yeah yeah adderall champ fans he’s in rehab. GO NINERS!!


    Uh, you mean the guy who is in rehab right now? Until who knows when?

    Ummm, yeah, okay bro.

  5. Ninerswilldominatelikebefore –

    I’m sure RICKYSPANISH is real “jelous” of your inability to properly spell basic English words. You may want to think about chowing down some Adderall to help you study up on your grammar. Also, you know what else dominated the 80’s and 90’s? Jorts. Not cool – just like rehashing how dominate your team was 2 decades ago is not cool.

    Stay San Fran

  6. Peytonsneck18 –

    Is your hair bright pink and does it stick straight up like the other trolls the kids play with?

    Shefakes is such a ridiculously bad attempt at an insult. SeaChickens is actually kind of funny, and at least SheHawks makes sense. But Shefakes? Just terrible – doesn’t rhyme, isn’t funny. Embarrassing really.

  7. I like making fun of the seahawks ped suspensions as much as anyone but truthfully who knows what these all these guys take.

    Just so I understand the rule of talking smack according to sea hawk fans.

    Its out of bounds to bring up past success i.e. superbowls n what not. Also out of bounds to bring up that we beat the team that knocked u out of the playoffs because that happened all the way last january? so all we should talk about is the week two loss and the beating last year in seattle but everything else is living on the 80’s success.
    I believe we beat down Houston sunday night all the while knowing you guys got spanked in Indy!

  8. 10 bucks says the 49ers pick up Williams. And it almost makes sense for them. And Seattle did pick up BJ the unneeded QB, so I suspect the tit-for-tat pendulum is leaning San Francisco’s way this week.

    Sadly though Williams only has one route he runs well. The deep post. Anything that requires precision seems to get lost. But he has some talent. Of oucrse he woulda been gone when P3ercy gets back so now it’ll be someone else come week 8.

  9. Adderal –

    Don’t recall anyone talking about rules or something being out of bounds. You can say anything you want, as long as you get it past M Flo. Talk about Superbowls until Aldon Smith gets sober for all anyone cares. My comment simply stated that bragging about the success the 9ers had in the 80’s and 90’s, on a Seahawk’s post that has nothing to do with San Fran, is about as cool as wearing jean shorts.

    Also, you must admit it’s awfully hypocritical for John Harbaugh to spout off about the Seahawk’s PED issue, and then turn around and let Aldon Smith play in that game a few days after what he did. Harbaugh is a fraud, and he has some complexity issues. I actually like most of the 49ers, but he’s a doucheturd sandwich.

    Good luck with Houston. Was not easy beating them. Any secrets on how to handle Indy?

  10. all you seagirls out there

    Irving sucks, your QB hasn’t thrown for 300 once this year and you can’t stop the run, while you might win the NFC west this year, your program will drop back to where it belongs next year and until you ladies win a playoff game stop chirping….

    one more thing cliff avril is softer than your mascot….

  11. Irvin adds to an already very good defense, specifically the pass rush. It will be needed against Indy, for sure.

  12. seahawkgoat- Believe me Harbaugh and Balke get a pass around here because things were bad for years. A couple 6-10 seasons and their secretive somewhat arrogant act will tire.

    I think us with Houston will look different just because its at home vs road and harbough has a great record when more then a week to prepare.

    With Indy I think you gotta run, they can be run on and luck is younger manning who already racking up come from behind victories. Best to keep him off the field. Really i think the colts will be better then Houston and win there div this year

  13. 49ers73 –

    Um…Seattle did win a playoff game last year, with a rookie QB, on the road, where Seattle is supposedly weak.

    Adderal –

    Not to be a mean “seagal”, but I wasn’t seriously asking you how to beat Indy. It was a sarcastic response because SF lost to Indy, and Seattle beat Houston. Get it? But thanks for the game plan, Coach.

  14. @Adderal – Good comments. Nice to see some well thought out, reasonable points from the 49ers fan base.

    As much as I hope you guys lose to Houston this weekend, I think you’ll win. Slow down JJ, get Kap out of the pocket so he has options, and Houston’s defensive is leff effective.

    Defensively…just get a hand in Schaub’s face and he’ll eventually crumble. But don’t be surprised if they go a heavy, heavy dose of Foster and Tate with maybe a play action here and there.

    @49ers73 – You ignorance of your opponent is worse than your ability to come up with silly names for Seahawk fans. But I will say I’m surprised you’ve already conceded the division to Seattle. Doesn’t say much for your confidence in your team. But thankfully you don’t represent the majority of the 49er fan base.

  15. “classy organization”?

    A coach who has conniptions over non-calls, a DE in rehab because he blacked out behind the wheel while drunk, a LB who beat the crap out of a teammate, talking smack about other teams cheating and going out and signing a guy who had been suspended for PEDs, and their annual preseason game with their cross-bay rivals was cancelled because their fans were getting too violent…..”classy”.


  16. seahawkgoat- Haha sorry, sarcasm often escapes me. I look forward to Dec 8 when we get another shot. Hopefully everyones healthy!

    donnymacjack- Appreciate that, For most of the seahawks run in the afc west i was a fan due to my hatred of the raiders. loved Kennady, Warner, Craig and co.

  17. usdcoyotesfan –

    Now that is funny. Love Hasselbeck but my Packer’s friends will never let me live that one down.

  18. What happend to San francisco? They used to be a storied franchise. Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Ronny Lott.
    NOW they have a quarterback that looks like he should be tagging fences instead of running offences. You have have half your defence in rehab the other half should be.
    By the time you figure it out Seattle will be 14 and 2.

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