Cardinals are less bad than Panthers, win 22-6

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Carson Palmer threw three interceptions, and looked dreadful for most of the game.

And still won, because the other team was even more dreadful.

The Cardinals somehow or another managed to beat the Panthers 22-6 Sunday, with Rashard Mendenhall scoring a 1-yard touchdown run in the third quarter to put his team ahead for good to improve to 3-2.

As bad as Palmer was, Cam Newton was worse. He threw three picks, fumbled, and was sacked seven times as the Cardinals disrupted everything they tried to do offensively throughout the second half. And after a first half defined by missed opportunities and field goals, the Panthers didn’t have much margin of error after all the dropped passes and penalties.

The loss drops the Panthers to 1-3, and makes it seem like a hundred years ago when they beat the Giants 38-0 (it was actually two weeks ago, before their bye). And that lone win looks much different the more you watch the 0-5 Giants flail about helplessly.

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  1. Shouldn’t it be more than bad? I’m no english major so I’m probably wrong.

    I watched very little of this game but I saw Cam get a first down, do a little shoulder shake, and signal first down. All I could think was how much I wanted them to lose.

  2. I know Palmer’s played like a dumpster fire, but I feel like your article and the headline understates how well the defense played.

    They completely took over the game, when coming into the game everyone expected Carolina’s defense to dominate.

    This is the third game (including Detroit and Tampa) that the Cardinals defense didn’t give up a point in the second half. (Detroit had a pick six but obviously that isn’t on the Cardinals defense).

    Moral of the story: Palmer and the Cardinals offense may suck, but their defense has played very well this year.

  3. Fire Shula, Rivera, and trade Newton. Bull doze the stadium. I’m tired of watching this excuse of a football team. GIVE THE MONEY BACK!!!! YOU’RE STEALING OUR MONEY!!!!

  4. Well here we go again! As bad as the Cardinals played, Carolina played worse, Steve Smith and Scam, opps….. Cam played worse, I don’t think Ron Rivera will be fired but he needs to go, It’s really the players, but in the end we always look at the coaching!
    Going to be a long season!!!!

  5. I can tell most of you didn’t watch the game. The offensive line and protection schemes were brutal, he wasn’t even given a fair chance.

    And Rivera, when the media tells you they want you to be more aggressive, it does not mean go for it on 4th down at the beginning of the game when you can easily get a field goal in a tough defensive match up.

    My team is ran by idiots.

  6. How about this for a headline…Cards Defense Shines In Win! Only 4 take away and 7 sacks yet this website must always focus on the negative instead of an extreme positive.

  7. I tell you what, I just can’t take it anymore. I renounced my Redskins fandom when Charlotte got a franchise, but at this point, I’m fully prepared to be done with the Panthers. They have 24 hours to fire the HC and OC, and Jerry Richardson needs to address this team personally and light a fire under some asses down there in Charlotte.

    24 hours, Jerry.

  8. I mean seriously, I hate being a fan of this team. I cannot take it. It hurts so bad.

    Fire somebody, Jerry. The season is over as it is. Make a move now. Call Cowher, call Gruden, call Dennis Green for crying out loud. Call Marv Levy. Call Steve Mariucci. Call freakin’ Mike Tice. Call SOMEBODY JERRY.

    It can’t go on this way. I mean, REALLY.

  9. The more I see of him the more I think Cam Newton will never be more than a mediocre NFL QB. He will have his good days but they will be few and far between.
    Seems like we used to hear that Cam was the QB of the future, the new breed of QB, one of the elites already. More like a flash in the pan.

  10. Ron Rivera is the guy who said “It’s my time” while he was still Defensive Coordinator for the Bears. Your time is just about up, Chico.

  11. We need to introduce a popular NFL practice that everyone employs except the Panthers. None of our coaches – Dom Capers, The Senile George Siefort, John Fox, Ron Rivera – have ever employed this practice, and the Cardinals did it in fine fashion on Sunday. What is it?


    19 seasons watching this team and I have never seen a halftme adjustment. No wonder we’ve onlyhad 4 winning seasons…….

  12. I watched that game…the Cardinals defense was dominate. It would not have matter who Carolina’s QB was…the Cardinals D were just over-powering!

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