Chiefs stay perfect with 26-17 win over the Titans

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It wasn’t pretty, but for the fifth time this year, it worked.

The Chiefs stayed perfect with a 26-17 win over the Titans, improving to 5-0.

They did it with defense and special teams, shutting the Titans down in the first half, and hanging on late.

The Chiefs got the game-winning score on a Jamaal Charles 1-yard run in the fourth quarter, but the drive was extended by a questionable penalty.

As Alex Smith was scrambling on a third-and-5 play, Titans linebacker Moise Fouku was flagged for unnecessary roughness for hitting Smith out of bounds. Replays appeared to show that Fouku had left his feet before Smith had crossed the line, which makes it reasonable to wonder what he’d have done differently.

Regardless, the Chiefs are still perfect, and for a team that picked first overall in the draft, the difference is amazing.

29 responses to “Chiefs stay perfect with 26-17 win over the Titans

  1. The hit on Smith would have been flagged 95% of the time. Perhaps Fouku couldn’t have done anything differently, but the flag is still going to come out in today’s NFL.

  2. Good for the Chiefs! They are overlooked but definitely have some talent and a great home field. If Alex Smith can get things going a little bit more they could make a run in the playoffs.

  3. Alex Smith was a ball-carrier..he wasn’t going to run out of bounds…he was headed for the first down marker ahead–plainly in his line of vision..he needed two yards and was running straight ahead when he was hit…if the linebacker slows up or doesn’t hit him, he makes the first down– the linebacker had no choice to make butinstead of 4th and 2, it is first and ten…game winning drive extended…terrible call

  4. Just like in the Dallas game, the only thing that people talk about is the one call that went for the Chiefs. There were about a half dozen questionable ones that went against them including another phantom holding call on Berry that would have stopped a TD drive.

  5. Bad calls happen. Chiefs won by 9, not 7. Could just as easily talk about the phantom PI call on Berry on the Titans TD drive.

  6. I haven’t watched the Titans and Locker at all this season. If Locker had played, and assuming he would have thrown a pick or two, which QB would the Chiefs rather have played?

  7. It is good to see the Chiefs and Andy Reid keep winning after the way the Philadelphia fans and media treated Andy his last year there.

  8. Awful call that ultimately decided the game. Would’ve been a huge win for Tenn.


    Just spitt-balling here but I’m thinking it was the 13 pts we scored off of your 3 turnovers that “ultimately” decided the game. SHUT-UP already about the call. There was bad calls both ways all day. Not just the EB pi call, was 2 other that shouldn’t have been flagged. 1 of the worst NFL crews I’ve ever seen……but didn’t cost you the game.

  9. jjackwagon says: Oct 6, 2013 5:38 PM

    Chiefs would have won by much more if not for the horrible officiating.
    Careful, now. You’re in Raider fan territory with a comment like that.

    A competent coach and quarterback have done wonders for the Chiefs. I miss Romeo and Matthew already.

  10. That call changed the momentum. Titans fell apart after that. Alex Smith wont go far in the playoffs if they even make it there. Game was way closer than the final score and the Chiefs got some lucky breaks.

  11. Kush Berry got called for PI and he didn’t even touch the wr and don’t forget Bowe running down the sideline and the refs blow it dead. Refs were terrible both ways but the turnovers killed ya in the end

  12. its hilarious to read comments like alex smith can’t go far in the playoffs, are you a new fan of the NFL and totally missed his run with the 49ers to the NFL championship game, where he was amazing in the playoffs? ah well, nevermind. yeah, totally can’t get it done come playoff time

  13. @ raiderapologist

    LOL good one!! Now go beat the crap out of the Chargers and let’s get the best rivalry in football back on track!!


    Have the Broncos beaten a team with a winning record yet?

  14. Titans fans on here crack me up acting like one call cost them the game. Child please. Did they even watch this game? Titans got plenty of calls go their way in this one. It was a sloppy game and glad it’s over.

  15. jjackwagon says: Oct 6, 2013 9:58 PM

    @ raiderapologist

    LOL good one!! Now go beat the crap out of the Chargers and let’s get the best rivalry in football back on track!!
    Surprisingly, that happened, but KC’s defense is going to be tough for Oakland’s O-line to handle.

  16. Actually I wasn’t surprised. As soon as I knew Pryor was playing, I picked Oakland to win that game. Phyllis Rivers and company just don’t have the consistency to win in a place like the Black Hole.
    That KC Defense is for real. Raiders better bring their A game this week.
    My big concern for KC is that sooner or later the D is going to have an off day. Then will the offense be able to score enough points to win?

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