Colts come back from 34-28 win over Seahawks


The Seahawks and Colts took turns taking shots at each other.

But if you’re going to have one shot to win the game late, it appears Andrew Luck is the guy you want.

Luck out-dueled second-year classmate Russell Wilson for a 34-28 comeback win, knocking the Seahawks from the ranks of the unbeatens.

Luck finished the game 16-of-29 for 229 yards and two touchdowns, but the Colts made timely plays on defense and special teams throughout a wild game. From a field goal blocked for a touchdown early, to Darius Butler’s interception late, the Colts were good at the right times.

Luck found T.Y. Hilton five times for 140 yards, as Hilton time and again got behind the Seahawks secondary for big plays.

116 responses to “Colts come back from 34-28 win over Seahawks

  1. i told those seahawks fans that they will lose!!!! go colts!!!! u remember me!! i called yal Shefakes

  2. lolll hardly beating caroline and houston on the road? then losing to the Colts? can’t deny that seattle is mediocre away from home.

  3. Hey Carroll, why don’t you point out to your defense that they just got shredded.

    Not pass rush.

    No run stopping.

    And the self proclaimed legion of boom was the legion of womb.

  4. Seattle is 4-1 because of their defense. Plain and simple. Their offense is average at best (Does Russell Wilson’s passing scare anyone? Um no) and their coaching staff has routinely proven they’re not up to big game pressure coughing up time outs, struggling with personnel groups and mismanaging the clock.

    This team will not win big post season games with Wilson @ QB and Pete Carroll coaching.

    Anyone else notice that Carroll looks like Richard Gere at the start of games and Gary Busey after its all over?

  5. Carroll watching the replay of Russell throwing a pick and getting blown up with 4th and 15…Priceless. Sorry Pete, the ref’s couldn’t save this one for you.

  6. browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst browner is the worst DEAR GOD HE’S THE WORST

  7. Another good team, another game the Seahawks got owned, this time the game wasn’t handed to them though. Wilson 0-1 against luck, 0-1 against tannehill, down 14-0 to rg3 before he got hurt. If it wasn’t for being drafted to a good team Wilson would not be relevant.

  8. The seahawks are a really good team … But they just look different on the road without that home croud. They make alotta mistakes you don’t see them make at home … So until they can beat teams with good quarterbacks on the road I’m still not sold on them quite yet … But nonetheless still a good team that will need homefeild advantage to have any shot

  9. Big win for the Colts! Add in slippery Pete & the Seachickens taking the L and its a good day.

  10. ‘Hawk fan here. All credit to the Colts on this one. ‘Hawks actually had their strongest 10 AM start in, well, ever. Dominated the first half at the line, but, a couple of big plays kept the Colts in it. Then, in the second half, Indy played great defense inside the 20 and held Seattle to FGs instead of TDs, while their offense made great adjustments, finished a couple of drives, and assumed control of the game.

    Colts look like a team that could go into a place like Denver in January and come out with a win. One could argue that maybe the Texans have more raw talent, but when it comes to leadership, it’s not even close. Colts are the class of the AFC South, and won a great victory today.

  11. I’m a Hawks fan. Our defense was garbage. Garbage. The legion of boom was humiliated, and tackling was nonexistent. Way too many mental mistakes, those wasted timeouts were awful and the silly penalties have to stop. This is disappointing beyond belief. Good job Indy, I cant deny how well your team played and how you exposed our defense. Luck is great, and the run game was very efficient. Best of Luck(nopunnintendo) to your team and congratulations on your hard fought team win.

    I hope the Seahawks learn from this loss, and get back on track. They should be able to with Tennesse coming to town next week, and then a 3 game stretch at Arizona, St Louis, and then vs Tampa bay. Potentially the Seahawks end up 8-1, and by then we could have Harvin back.

    Stay healthy Seattle, and go Hawks.

  12. Too bad for Seahawk and the refs called a one sided game. You don’t have to be a Seattle fan to have realized that. If you watched the game, and/or aren’t a Colts fan in denial.

  13. Colts just make the plays that they need. My team didn’t deserve the win. But sometimes stuff happens. Both teams faught, just looked the home field advantage with calls for a good portion of the plays, bit that doesn’t mean the Colts were forcing the refs into calls or lack thereof. Luck was clutch and Wilson is a beast as you saw.

    Down three starting OL Two pro bowler’s at that and the RT can only get patched up so long. We faught and lost. Gained something and had success with rookies starting. We will be healthy next week seeing how both Breno and Unger are expected to return. And we’ll win next week.

    Good game Colts hope for a rematch later.

  14. Bwahahahaha!! The Seattle Shehawks are paper tigers. Barely won at Carolina on alate fumble, barely won at Houston on a horrible 15 yard penalty and now huniliated in Indy. Slippery Pete just can’t seem to win outside of the comfy confines of Puget Sound.

  15. Unbelievable game! Doubt there will be another competitor all season that puts up the fight the Seahawks did. Hats off to Seattle. Defense is everything its been touted as being. Manhandled the receivers at the line. Pass rush was crazy. Yall have an amazingly talented team. That said…AWESOME win by the Colts. Good job by the coaches making the adjustments necessary to win after the initial game plan was completely ineffective. Colts defense is for real! Made sum great plays. Couldn’t contain Wilson like we did Kaepernick but without his legs this wouldn’t have been close. Props to the Colts secondary. Nowhere to throw forced wilson into scrambles and had we been able to keep him from sprinting, apparently at will, it could’ve been as dominating as san fran. HERE WE GO COLTS FANS…Paganos vision of Indy having a top defense is coming to reality. On to San Diego. We’re comin for you Rivers…

  16. How many times did the refs bail out the Colts? The FBI needs to get involved.

  17. You guys and the can’t win on the road stuff. You realize they had won 6 of last 7 on road right? Teams aren’t gonna go undefeated nowadays, and that was probably the hawks toughest remaining game. Keep hating though, the hawks will still keep winning 4/5…

  18. wearethesteelers says:

    Oct 6, 2013 4:25 PM
    But but but but, I thought the Seahawks were elite



    Right, because I forgot that the Steelers were elite at 0-4 LOLOLOL

    Great game all around! It was a well fought out W for the Colts. Hats off to Indy for a well-deserved win. It’s one loss, no biggie for the Hawks.

  19. clownsfan says:

    difference is, Trich isnt the best player on our team, he does what we need him to do, run for hard yards and kill the clock,we are happy with him, u guys are going to get a late 1st round pick from it, but we didnt trade our whole draft to get him tho, like yal did, lol

  20. Peyton, glad to see you have the intelligence of a turnip, not only when you post on other team’s sites but also your own. Way to stay consistent.

  21. Seahawks fans are here paininPayton’s neck.

    How nice this must be for you. To see how many times you called us out must mean you have a pretty sad existence. Sorry for that. You act a lot like the owner. If it wasn’t for a free ability to pat here no one would pay attention. Again just sad. Enjoy this win it was earned an apparently the best thing in your life.

    Andrew luck is the real deal. Kid caught Seattle in a lot of its mistakes.

    Seahawks coaching staffed went conservative way too early. Why pull if the pass rush? Why not push downfield more? Coaching cost us this game.

  22. I blame this one on Pete Carroll. His team wasn’t ready and it showed.

    Maybe Pete the Cheat is thinking about his return to USC, they don’t drug his team like they do at the NFL level.

  23. Seahawks fans are here petonsneck18. We just show a lot more class than you do.

    We got beat by a good team. This was the 1 I was most concerned with early in the season. Colts played a great game and beat us fair and square. Say what you want but the blocked FG was the difference in the game. Without that excellent Colts special team play, the game would have gone the other way.

    Go Seahawks! Still elite at 4-1!

  24. peytonsneck18 says: Oct 6, 2013 4:56 PM

    wheres the Shehawks fans at now, lol go colts!!!

    You mean you besides the six who have already shown up and gave the Colts props?

    Sure, there are some trolls who didn’t show up…but every fanbase has those who talk really big before games then don’t show up if things don’t go their way.]

    But I’m sure a class act who names himself after an injury wouldn’t know anything about those types, right?

  25. But, But, But you only won by 3 with 4 back-ups on the Hawks O-Line. (missing 2 pro bowlers and had 2 rookies in) The colts played a great game as did Sea but don’t get too caught up in it. The hawks will be tough to beat when they get the rest of their starters back…Unger (pro bowl center)…Okung (pro bowl LG) Miller (Pro bowl TE) along with their starting RG …..Just saying you won a good battle but is was against a lot of backups.

  26. For as much trash talking that Richard Sherman does about being the best in the game, he sure does try and put they blame on everyone else when he gets burned or commits a penalty.

  27. No he doesn’t, Thomas messed up on that bomb, last week and this week, he admitted it. I live here, his teammates love him, and LOVE that he runs his mouth, because he backs it up. Def player of month.

  28. This was a tough loss for the Hawks. Good job Indy. The mental mistakes are killing us and settling for field goals in the second half did Seattle in.

  29. Like the classy comments from “few/proud” hawk fans that know sports and their team enough to admit they were outplayed/outcoached. You do the “true” fans right.

    The other backhanded compliments like “you can’t win them all” or blaming the refs…not so much.

  30. My team (49ers) was written off for dead 2 weeks ago. Nobody cared that we were missing Crabtree, Manningham, Patrick Willis and Aldon Smith. That’s the way this business works. Now after we beat the Texans tonight we’re 1 game out of 1st place in the West. GO NINERS!!!

  31. wheres the trolls that kept saying IRG3 was better than Luck? and i give Wilson his credit, hes good!! hes better than IRG3

  32. Wow, there are a lot of ignorant people here. I’m a Colts fan and couldn’t be more happy with a win against a really good team in Seattle. Great game Seahawks fans. I’m sure we will meet again down the road and put out another exciting game.

  33. Thats right SHEhawks fans, I called it. The colts are 2-0 against the “best division ever, in Football…..NOT!! The AFC south is ruled by the next Super Bowl CHAMP Chumps!!!! Where you at sh!!t talker 12th man losers!!!! Where U at???? Thats right RGknee suckers, Russlow Wilslump suckers!!! All that crap about how Andy was the 4th best QB in the DRAFT!!! Where U at??????? Thats right BIIIIIIIIIIItches!!!!!! WE THE BEST WE THE BEST WE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I didn’t get a chance to watch the game due to work, so not sure how bad the officiating was or how bad the Legion of Boom was. Not shocked by any means that Seattle lost this game, and it’s good to see Beast Mode still got his yards with a makeshift o-line against a solid Indy D.

    Yes – Seattle is better at home. That is a very rare trait for a team, we understand that.

  35. Niner fan here..Some people overreact to one game..The Seahawks are still a good team..The Colts were just better today.Seahawks are still an elite defense but their offense is questionable on the road..Niners are getting alot of help after week 6 and it will still come down to the game in Frisco..And for the Colts their probably winning the division, well be glad to help em out tonight with a win over the Texans! Seahawks will be fine although I love nothing more then to see Carrols face after that loss..Hate that guy.

  36. These responses are funny. Obviously the rest of the NFL is MAD BRO. Seattle is a great team. Colts are a very good team as well. Seattle played very well, did not look like “chumps” They were held back by some very bad calls, including roughing the passer on the final play of the game. But alas, you certainly cant win them all, but Seattle is still a great team, and outplayed the colts. Enjoy this loss while its here, you wont be seeing many more.

  37. I am a Seattle fan and I can tell you Seattle looked weak. Way too many weaknesses to focus on, our D fell down, Wilson couldn’t make downfield throws, WR’s couldn’t separate, and I thought the offensive coordinator had one of the worst play-calling days I’ve seen. Lynch was averaging 8+ yrds a game and all of a sudden he stopped running the ball. Lynch could have had a 200 yrd+ game but Bevell insisted on trying to pass.

    I still think Seattle will win the West, but this team isn’t nearly as strong as I thought. Our backup OLine players are terrible – I mean really really bad.

  38. NorCal, 400+ yards of offense, 7 red zone trips and 28 Pts on the road is questionable offense? All without 3 starting lineman (2 of which are pro bowlers) and our #1 TE? Interesting.

  39. Lost a close game to a very good team in their house, no biggie. 4 very winnable games up next and I’d take an 8-1 start any time. Baffled that there are fans of the winless Steelers and one-win Redskins chirping in here; not to mention the ‘Niners that lost to this same team by 20 in THEIR house. The ~2 classy ‘Niner fans in here are exempt from my contempt.

  40. Russell Wilson is incredibly overrated by the media and delusional Sehawks fans. He has had a single good game passing at home against the Jags and everyone thinks he’s sent from above and honestly it’s just annoying that he ends every interview with “Go Hawks”.

  41. wow by these comments everyone seems to think the colts beat the hawks in a super bowl. some of you need to rewatch the game neither team was dominated in any fashion, it was a hard fought game both sides. i laugh at the comments about hawks being pretenders though i mean god for bid they lose a game by 6 points on the road that makes them a horrible team… id say 99% of u here commenting have some serious issues.

  42. What Redskins fans are chirping. Read. All I said I is a certain Colts fan is completely insane. Both these teams are better than the Redskins.

  43. The Colts made plays at the end and the Seahawks didn’t. Russell Wilson’s the best scrambler in the game but he’s gotta get some accuracy on his throws. He’s been consistently overthrowing receivers all year. Missed 2 open td’s because of it today too which led to 6 points instead of 14. That’s the difference in the game. Luck made the throws, Wilson didn’t.

    However, anybody saying the Seahawks are “chumps” are not very intelligent. They lost by 6 on the road to a 4-1 team while outgaining them by over 100 yards. For comparison, the Colts beat the 49ers 27-7 in San Francisco. You Seahawk haters are discounting how good the Colts are.

  44. Great game. I daresay one of the best today, if you are a football fan. Tough punchout between two good teams. Although I am VERY happy to pull off this win, I will give the Hawks their due. Could have gone either way, easily. Just good solid football, and very fun to watch. For you Hawks fans, some of us aren’t jerks and appreciate good games. Every team has their homers and trolls who are gonna scream “the refs beat us….we had 2nd stringers out there…we are the best and you suck…where are all the (insert name here ) fans, cause I told them so!” etc. Nah, I’ll just say good game, and do not worry. I say you have the NFC west locked down, and my Colts proved to day that not only were we not just a fluke last year, but we just may be back on to of the AFC south, where we belong. A lot of season to go though, so I guess we will all just see where all our teams end come Feb.

  45. Anyone that thinks losing to a good team in the NFL exposes or shows that your team is bad, just hasn’t been paying attention to the NFL, of late. Doubt any team goes 16-0………

    Seahawks need to learn from this game and move on. Again, Indy deserved this win and congrats.

  46. As a huge Colts fan , I apologize for peytonsneck, he’s an idiot. Well fought game by both teams, great win for the Colts!!!

  47. tobis81 says:
    Oct 6, 2013 4:44 PM
    Too bad for Seahawk and the refs called a one sided game. You don’t have to be a Seattle fan to have realized that. If you watched the game, and/or aren’t a Colts fan in denial.


    Willy Wonka says tell me more. Thanks for the laugh myopian. Your team is average on the road. Get over it already.

  48. For those that say Seattle losing this game doesn’t make them “elite”, what’s that make the Colts then? That argument insinuates that the Colts are a bad team and that we shouldn’t have lost to them. Makes no sense as the Colts are a good team.

  49. Wilson has 8td’s in 5 games, 4 against the jags, has just add many turnovers and is passing for less or very close to 200 yards a game, this team cannot and will not hang with NO, GB, DEN and all the other teams with real qb’s and not rb’s pretending to be qb’s because “the league is changing!”. Seems to me that the pocket qb’s are still dominating and the option was just a fad despite what Wilson, kap, cam and rg3 fans want to believe. Luck and tannehill will go down as the two best qb’s from the ’12 class.

  50. Sixjak, u realize every team in the NFL every year is usually average on the road right? Each year maybe one or two teams are “road warriors” but that switches each year. The Seahawks have won 6 of last 7 on the road, how many teams have done that?

  51. wearethesteelers says:
    Oct 6, 2013 4:25 PM
    But but but but, I thought the Seahawks were elite



    Why must you go on every thread on this site and make a fool of yourself.

  52. Who wants to bet that the Seahawks go on to the Super Bowl and the Colts gets left behind yet again?
    BTW Luck slobbers when he talks…

  53. Not going to talk trash. It was a great win for the Colts, against a solid team. Keep in mind, the Colts are missing starters too. Donald Thomas on the O-line, Bradshaw at RB, Landry at SS, Francois on the D line…so don’t come with the “we were missing so and so” stuff. Every team is hurt to some degree. All in all, it was one game, but a big stepping stone for a young and still improving Colts team.

  54. I’m more encouraged than ever by the Seahawk’s performance today. Because.. they didn’t play asleep for the first half, they were on their game, against a very good team, and the game never got away from them. They didn’t get the win, THIS time, but they proved they can go on the road week after week and have a real chance to win each time. And they’re still invincible at home. I see them getting another 4 wins in a row. The next game that causes me any concern is on Nov. 10 against Atlanta. Seattle will be in the playoffs for sure.

  55. @natepalmer1—-Very possible, as the Bronco’s look likely to derail Indy, and the NFC N and E are not up to par this year, If the Seahawks can make the Saints come to Seattle I like their chances. Understand—-lots of football to be played, including the 49er’s in San Francisco. Need to fix a few lapses, penalties, and overthrows that cost this game to do it though.

  56. scmems07 says:
    …This team cannot and will not hang with NO, GB, DEN…
    Hell, the Packers already proved that. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:

    The Seahawks didn’t beat them, the refs did.

  57. To EVERYONE who thinks the refs did not play a huge role in this game… You may be retarded. That being said… The Colts are a really good football team.

  58. Really? These comments acting like the colts win was an upset, it was a great battle, it was a home game! They are and will be an elite team, but ripping the Seahawks and pulling out that so so lame adderal jokes is pathetic, it never was funny but you keep going! I’m not sure most of you who make these stupid comments actually watched the game, it was a great game and the colts were the better team, but acting like the Seahawks are overrated is just plain ignorance…

  59. Shehawks is really funny too, makes you look original when you use that, football fans who don’t actually watch games are original and can rhyme she with sea or maybe ped, it’s always hilarious for you morons

  60. You don’t want to be in a close one with the Colts. They are gritty and will win 80-90% of them. You have to beat them handidly or face the consequences.

  61. natepalmer1 says: Oct 6, 2013 10:10 PM

    Who wants to bet that the Seahawks go on to the Super Bowl and the Colts gets left behind yet again?
    BTW Luck slobbers when he talks…
    Colts fan here, and I will come out and say it now that the Colts won’t go to the SB this year, but I will take your bet on the Seahawks going there…… up.

  62. natepalmer1 says: Oct 6, 2013 10:10 PM
    BTW Luck slobbers when he talks…
    Sounds like that turns you on…..that’s ok there are a lot still in the closet your get there.

  63. @beastmode5150 says: Oct 6, 2013 5:28 PM

    No he doesn’t, Thomas messed up on that bomb, last week and this week, he admitted it. I live here, his teammates love him, and LOVE that he runs his mouth, because he backs it up. Def player of month.
    Looked like to me that Sherman gave up on that play. He may have caught Hilton if he didn’t. Looked like he thought Hilton was going to go out of bonds but he side stepped Thomas and got the TD.

  64. Dexter, nope, if you watch before the play, Sherman gives our normal signal that Thomas has deep responsibility, Thomas must not see it. You can also see right after the snap that Sherman fully is taking flat/curl responsibility by his movement, then when he sees nobody covering deep third on this side, he runs. Thomas also has already said he messed up. He also said he messed up on the seam route TD to Daniels vs Houston.

  65. I’m glad Indy got the win. In other regards, do you think that the Hawks would be better off without Wilson? I don’t think so.

  66. That was a good game but Colts deserved to win. They called right plays, to fans saying Sherman got toasted you obviously weren’t watching the game or don’t know football because he was in zone coverage, the safety was supposed to have that deep route. He got beat for two good short catches by Hilton/Wayne.

    Brandon Browner is not a Pro Bowl level CB. For some reason he never is in press coverage anymore and he doesn’t have the speed to hang with most WR that get a free release.

    Seattle ran the ball well, the pass protection was better and we destroyed their run game. Wilson threw the ball as well as Luck. That Jeron Johnson recovery was a TD. I have no clue how you can say he didn’t have possession of that ball. Deon Sanders and Marshall Fault said the same thing in replays. I am not saying that’s the difference in the game just pointing out that was a blown call.

  67. The Saints want to come to Seattle to play that game. Seahawks are thanking God they don’t have to go to New Orleans….yet.

  68. sheriffrickgrimes says: Oct 6, 2013 5:34 PM

    My team (49ers) was written off for dead 2 weeks ago. Nobody cared that we were missing Crabtree, Manningham, Patrick Willis and Aldon Smith. That’s the way this business works. Now after we beat the Texans tonight we’re 1 game out of 1st place in the West. GO NINERS!!!

    Technically 1-1/2 games out since Hawks own the tie breaker.

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