Eagles’ defense struggles, but coordinator says turnovers can fix it


All the talk about Eagles head coach Chip Kelly’s innovative offense has obscured the fact that Philadelphia’s defense stinks.

Eagles defensive coordinator Bill Davis, however, says he knows how to fix a unit that is allowing a league-high 446.8 yards a game: Force more turnovers, after getting just five in four games.

We have to be a turnover team,” Davis said, via PhillyBurbs.com. “Our turnovers are not high enough right now. We’ve got to work on that. We talk about it a lot. We try to get our hands on as many balls in practice as we can. But it’s not — we’ve got to increase our turnovers and give our offense more possessions, just like the three‑and‑outs and getting off the field. The defense has to increase its production for the team to succeed. I really believe that, because we’ve got to get the ball in our offense’s hands more often than we are doing right now.”

The good news for the Eagles is that they’re playing a Giants offense that has been giving opposing defenses plenty of opportunities to get the ball in their hands. If the Eagles can’t force turnovers against the Giants, they’re in trouble.

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  1. Turnovers are huge. Forcing turnovers can mask a crappy defense. But it will still be a crappy defense. And that will always catch up with a team eventually. Because eventually a team will be careful with the football, likely in the playoffs, and the result will be a loss.

    Just ask the 15-1 Packers that got bounced in their playoff opener a few years back.

  2. Eagles do have a handful of talented players, but overall, on both Defense and Offense, they are a club being held together by scotch tape and rubber bands at this point. Very precarious position that could cut for better or worse. We’ll see over the next 4-6 games.

  3. Sadly, the Giants are the perfect medicine for what ails a defense looking for turnovers. Expect to see at least 3 today. If Eli isn’t throwing it away, someone is fumbling it away.

  4. First year transitioning to a new defense. Not all of the pieces are there. No worries. Expect an improvement next year.

  5. Yeah and the steelers know this too. It hasn’t changed anything though. They still have no turnovers. In other news, researchers finally confirmed today that the sky is blue.

  6. I hope coach Davis has great success over time. However, his resume does not support that hope. Frankly, Juan Castillo did a better job.

  7. It is awfully tough to get turnovers whe you don’t have any NFL caliber players on the defense. Trent Cole is probably the closest they come to decent, and he is on the other side of 30. Fletcher Cox is a bust. Kendricks is a special teamer, not a starter. The NT is always being knocked off his feet. Ryans is just a guy, not the same after his Achilles injury. Barwin is average. Thornton is a UFA who needed a few years on the practice squad to even get a shot at playing. Williams is the best db they have, and he is average at best. Who out of that sad sack group is going to force turnovers? I am not sure they could stop Alabama’s offense.

  8. turnovers are a big part of this game. but the fact remains that this is a 3-4 scheme trying to use 4-3 players. you are not going to get that resolved in one off season. so at the moment the only way for the eagles defense to be competitive is to force turnovers because they sure as heck can’t do anything else.

  9. Look at Davis’ track record as a DC in SF and AZ, then ask yourself why Chip Kelly thought he was the guy to run a new D scheme in Philly.

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