Eagles pull away, send hapless Giants to 0-5 start

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Showing some collective resolve and getting some big plays from their beleaguered defense, the Eagles notched a 36-21 victory against the error-prone Giants at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

The loss drops the Giants to 0-5. The Eagles, meanwhile, grinded their way to 2-3 — a record that puts them in the game in the struggling NFC East.

The visiting Eagles got a fine relief performance from backup quarterback Nick Foles, who threw for 197 yards and two touchdowns after Michael Vick departed with a hamstring injury. Before leaving, Vick had helped stake the Eagles to a 16-7 lead, throwing for 105 yards and rushing for 79 yards. He appeared to sustain his injury on a second-quarter scramble.

The Eagles led 19-7 at halftime, but the Giants rallied to take a 22-21 third-quarter lead on two Eli Manning TD passes to Rueben Randle.

However, the Eagles would respond with a field goal to re-take the lead. Thereafter, the Giants did a steady fade, with Manning throwing three fourth-quarter interceptions. The Eagles would capitalize with TD passes to tight end Brent Celek (25 yards) and DeSean Jackson (five yards), giving them a 36-21 lead, one they would not relinquish.

The Eagles play at winless Tampa Bay next Sunday. The Giants go back on the road for the fourth time in six games to play Chicago on Thursday.

46 responses to “Eagles pull away, send hapless Giants to 0-5 start

  1. When the Giants claim they can run the table it will actually be more believable this week than it was last week. With each passing loss the dream to run the remaining table gets closer!

  2. For the Giants: tank the rest of the season to secure the number 1 pick and package it to Tampa for Darelle Revis and other defensive players. Tampa will desperately want a QB for the first pick. If that fails: go to Jacksonville for other picks.

  3. “Chip Kelly’s offense won’t work in the NFL.” Meanwhile, the Eagles have five 400-yard games and four 30-point games under their belts. If only we had a consistent defense, we’d be in a good shape.

  4. I find it humorous that people are calling for Eli to be benched. Really? The guy has no line, no running backs or a running game. The Eagles front four was dominating the Giants line. With the Eagles able to get pressure with four they were dropping 7 into coverage. Makes it tough to make throws.

    Randle dropped several long balls in the first half. Of the three INTs, two were on the WRs. Cruz can’t let a DB take the ball with 1 hand. Nicks stopped on the other and one was on a hit from behind.

    Giants are just terrible on the oline.

  5. My goodness, those Giants really suck. They got beat at home by another lousy team’s backup quarterback. The Giant defense is giving up 36 points EVERY game? Let’s just give this division to the Cowboys. The Eagles, Giants and Washington are all bad.
    It looks like those last 3 teams will win a total of 16 games. When they play each other one team must win. That’s about it.

  6. 16 Games where Giants, Eagles or Redskins play each other Mungman ? Arithmetic not your strong suit ?

  7. Don’t worry Giants fans, I’m sure Aaron Ross will have some wonderful pearls of wisdom for you again this week…

    It’s time to break out those “ELI WAS ADOPTED!” banners at Metlife Stadium again.

  8. Why give it to the Cowboys? They’ll be 2-3 by nightfall having beaten the Giants and Rams. All 4 teams are bad.

  9. Well, if the Giants had to have an all-time lousy season, this was a good year to do it. And for those saying that the Jaguars are definitely the worst team in football….that’s starting to become debatable. And im a giants fan. The giants MIGHT be able to win vs the raiders and vs the Vikings….that’s about it.

  10. Why give it to the Cowboys? They’ll be 2-3 by nightfall having beat the Rams and Giants. All 4 teams are bad.

  11. I hope we go 1-15 so that we can ditch this defense, which is the slowest in the NFL at each level. I’m tired of not having linebackers who make any impact. I’m tired of all our DBs being average or below average speed. And hurt. I’m tired of this offensive line. When you can’t beat the ACTUAL worst defense in the NFL, you know you ain’t winning anything this year.

    Congrats Eagles.

  12. Nick Foles is clearly more accurate than Michael Vick.
    Why can’t Chip Kelly see this?
    Play Foles. Trade Vick to Tampa Bay for Revis.

  13. The giants are a disgrace. They are pathetic. Although, they could still run the table and win 11 games. Too bad for them they don’t get to play against themselves. Some coaches around the league are very happy to have the giants on their schedule.

  14. Not sure whats worse. The Giants being 0-5, or the fact that, given a loss by the Cowboys, they are only 2 games off the lead.

    Giants will end up with a top 5 pick. I wouldnt mind seeing Coughlin back as long as Fewell and Gilbride are gone. Gilbride has truly been earning his nickname, Killdrive. Giants are way too predictable on offense. And their schemes defensively arent very good.

  15. Once again, it is NOT Fewell. There is no one with any speed on that unit. There isn’t much they can do when they get absolutely zero pass rush on one of the biggest sitting ducks in the NFL.

  16. I didn’t catch the final score so I came on here and searched giants and laughed out loud when this result came up. Not much makes me LOL, thank you giants!

  17. So if Vick comes back and plays with a hamstring injury, he’s basically going to be a pocket QB. How’s THAT going to work out?

  18. Only an iggle fan would be crowing about being 2-3. Get rid of that RB at QB and leave Foles in there. It doesn’t really matter though. All teams in the NFC East are pretty bad

  19. Karma is biting the New York Maras on their royal tush – after the Mara fool went after the cowboys and redskins over breaking an agreement to have a capped year in a non-capped year, Mr. Karma has set up camp at Mara Stadium and has been a wonderful traveling companion for the New York Maras.

    Considering how spineless the New York Mara players are, I suspect we are close to them giving up – they cling to their belief that they can always come back, but Mr Karma has dump trucks full of dirt just waiting to cover this mess for good.

    And Mr. Karma will be serving that buttmunch Victor Cruz a nice heaping serving of payback as that jerk runs his mouth and whines and fails to show up on half his plays.

    I was happy to see the dog killer come up lame so I could cheer on the Philthydelphia Iggles without having to throw up each time. I hope the Dog Killer is hurt long enough to make it clear he is washed up and no more seeing his beady eyes on the sideline. We have a nice jail sell here in Newport News for him once he returns and resumes his lawless life.

  20. As an Eagle fan that lived in NYC area for a number of years, I feel for my Giant fan compatriots. ‘Taint easy watching this NFC East mess, and least of all the GMen. Hang in there fellas, we’ll all be back to putting on great football someday soon (like the 2014-15 season?)

    But I must admit I found the “Eli was adopted” comment pretty funny.

    I hear that rumor was started by Peyton…

  21. The shame is as bad as the Giants are this season,how does a ref miss the grabbing of the helmet on Mannings first pick.That becomes an automatic 1st down and field position change.Also on the mcCoy challenge,everybody sees the ball hits the ground yet no reversal.
    I know we live in the sacred land of “how could a ref cheat and it doesn’t get out” My eyes don’t lie.

    Don’t get me wrong the Giants suck ,but they did not deserve the official’s timely gaffes.

    Just saying!!

  22. Anyone not loving the almighty giants luck completely rub off as an nfl fan is nuts…that 2nd SB should be void…they were so lucky,..then afterward their owner basically took 38 million away from wash/Dallas’ spending….real fair — that’s why the NFC East is so awful…big blue lol

  23. This lost year will be a blessing in disguise. The young guys will cut their teeth and we’ll have a much needed cleansing in the offseason. Picks in the top 5 and top of each rd will let us replenish our trenches. We’ll have a ton of cap space next year. The hardest positions to fill are qb and wr and we’re set there. I don’t mind these fans Reveling in our misery. It’s their only sense of accomplishment. Still. It isn’t gonna give these crowing fans half the success we’ve had this millennium. No worries

  24. Dallas – 10-6
    Philly. 8-8
    Wash. 7-9
    giants. 5-11

    It may not be the division we are all use to seeing but it is still the best in football with the most collective SB RING.

  25. That’s one way to interpret what you said Mungman. Not the most obvious interpretation, to my simple mind, but it is an interpretation. I’m interested to note that you apparently think that three teams that are currently 1-10 (0.090) in games against opponents from outwith the group are going to go 9-17 (.346) against such opponents from this point on. I didn’t get from your initial post that you think that these are three teams which are improving as quickly as that. With you now my friend – my bad.

  26. The Giants are old and slow and need an extreme makeover. How did “genius” Reece let this happen?

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