Freeman tells Glazer a decision is coming tonight


As we surmised earlier today (correctly for a change), quarterback Josh Freeman will make a decision about his next destination after Sunday’s game end.

Jay Glazer of FOX said he spoke to Freeman on Saturday night, and Freeman said that he wants to see what happens today.

That’s the smart approach.  Regardless of which teams are or aren’t interested now, more could be interested after injuries coming later today, or tonight.

Glazer also says the Raiders and Vikings are the frontrunners.  The Bills also are interested, but Freeman realizes that his stint likely would end once EJ Manuel returns from a knee injury.

As to Oakland, Glazer said that coach Dennis Allen spoke to Freeman by phone on Friday, and that Freeman would walk right in as the starter.  (Which likely is news to Terrelle Pryor.)

In Minnesota, where we’ve heard Freeman is the most interested in playing, his arrival would likely mean that Matt Cassel would take a seat, and that Christian Ponder would stay there.

Either way, we’ll know more late tonight, likely after the Chargers and Raiders game ends at 2:30 a.m. ET Monday or thereabouts.

41 responses to “Freeman tells Glazer a decision is coming tonight

  1. I’d pay money to see Pryor play. Not Freeman.

    Raiders are going nowhere in the near future. Why not leave the ONE exciting player on the field?

  2. I want no part of Freeman in Minnesota. What a nightmare for Bears fans.

    Not that he’s an All Pro, but he is such an upgrade over Ponder that Peterson and the Vikes offense would have a lot of firepower.

    On another note, I can’t believe the Raiders told him that.

  3. Everyone wants to be on the field with Peterson. The guy is simply a beast. If I’m Freeman, I’m headed to Minny…the bar is pretty low there for QB.

  4. Seriously who cares? Everyone’s making this out to be like the peyton manning decision last year or Brett Farve’s decision after he was released by the packers. He’s borderline mediocre!

  5. I would rather stay with Pryor if I was a Raiders fan. Don’t they have to pick up the remainder of Freeman’s contract and they are not going anywhere with Freeman or without. Stay with the young guy and look to someone else in the future.

  6. Please don’t let it be the Raiders.

    I’d rather the Raiders ride the season out with Pryor. If Pryor isn’t the answer and we are bottom 3, then take a QB from the draft.

    No more of these free agency QBs to start. Especially one that’s more than willing to miss meetings and team events when he’s disgruntled. Just start fresh with a rookie.

  7. Can you guys please stop talking about this bum he got released from one of the worst teams in the league and you act like he’s a superstar, it’s Josh Freeman he’s a nobody

  8. What are the chances a starting QB gets hurt today? What are the chances that that team is a contender? And most importantly what are the chances Josh Freeman could come in and lead them to a championship? I would guess right around 0%.

  9. Vikings make the most sense. Freeman has potential but the drama in Tampa was not just the coach’s fault. In a leadership role like QB, a guy that doesn’t have self-initiative rarely works out. If his head gets adjusted he could be effective in Minnesota. If not, he deserves the bench or a new career. Potential does not matter unless there is an effort to reach it.

  10. Fresh start with a staff that will play to his abilities is exactly what he needs.

    This kid’s gonna be awesome again with good coaching, and some system stability.

    That type environment has been pretty good for the careers of Brady, Rogers, ect.

    Steve Young did pretty well when he found it too.

    Go Josh!

  11. Good Luck Josh……….Hope no one gets hurt today and you make a decision based on talent base and not injuries.

  12. In Minnesota, where we’ve heard Freeman is the most interested in playing, his arrival would likely mean that Matt Cassel would take a seat, and that Christian Ponder would stay there.


    Why does PFT think Josh Freeman is so good? I think the most likely scenario is that Freeman and Ponder would play patty cake on the sidelines while Cassel runs the show. Since you know, he’s the only one of the three to show any competence this year.

  13. Dear God let it be anywhere but Oakland. This kid was never that good to begin with and as far as the Raiders, Pryor gives them a chance and the team believes in him.

  14. I don’t understand the Raiders. They aren’t going to win even if Peyton Manning went there. Why not see what Pyror can do? The Vikings make more sense. Freeman is better than anything they have, and he COULD make a difference

  15. If the report about Oakland is accurate…. it seems to me that Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen continue to risk alienating a fan base that Mark Davis so desperately needs to retain/expand?

    Why the hell would you guarantee a guy a starting position anyway? Pryor has the full support of his teammates, he is multi-dimensional, he has passion for the game and works harder than anyone, and his passing accuracy appears to be getting better each week.

    Makes no sense. Next thing I expect them to do is sign McFadden to a multi-year extension w/ loads of guaranteed money.

  16. As a Vikings fan, I honestly don’t know what to root for. Freeman’s potential? He’s only 25, but the kid has a severe attitude problem. Can that change? I don’t know.

  17. Freeman is a Raider . book it. Pryor can’t throw deep. Pryor is a freak show carnival act that is a poor man’s cheap version of Randall Cunningham. Freeman is handsome , will look great in silver and black and will be the face of the franchise for years to come. He can throw the bomb. My God the kid is only 25 yrs old. once the dead cap money comes off the books the Raiders can build an offensive line and a bona fide play off contender. Pryor should be moved to WR along with Run Dmc. Freeman is waiting to announce he is a Raider because of the late game in Oakland. Read between the lines.

  18. Wow. The Vikings need more drama at qb? This is a puzzler, but if they can plug him in, and make it work, sounds good. But that move would make a ton of drama for a team that has a very dramatic qb’s situation already. Wow.

  19. Idiots that don’t want Freeman on the Raiders are jealous haters or fantasy geeks that don’t know jack about pro football. People want to see the Raiders dead and buried forever because they get off on seeing them suffer. Once the Raiders get Freeman and it’s official it’s Bombs away in Oaktown soon to be LA.

  20. Please MN don’t Punk this up! You’re getting a first round draft pick for free…don’t go all antoine winfield on his a$$ by pretending you have a better option!!!! PLEASE DONT MESS THIS UP….SIGN HIM….!!

  21. I am absolutely CONVINCED the statement that Freeman ‘WALKS RIGHT INTO THE STARTING JOB’ in Oakland is absolutely FALSE!! I am definitely FOR signing him, and I think he may get an opportunity eventually, BUT Pryor is most definitely the STARTER UNTIL he shows signs he does not have what it takes, which he has shown anything but so far.

  22. The future is bright for josh freeman , after the debacle that is Greg Schiano, no way to go but up !

    Somebody will get a potential franchise Qb tonight.

  23. “Jay Glazer of FOX said he spoke to Freeman on Saturday night, and Freeman said that he wants to see what happens today.”

    um…the Raiders play Monday night.

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