Freeman’s situation still firmly in flux

Getty Images

As everyone tries to get ahead of the curve regarding the next arc in Josh Freeman’s career, the truth is that hard facts are difficult to come by.

Here’s what we currently believe.  It’s not “reporting” per se.  But we’re confident that it’s accurate, based on that bag of baked chips we finally have shaken out of the top row of the vending machine.

For starters, and contrary to reports elsewhere, Freeman has not narrowed his options to three teams, or to any number of teams.

Why would he?  With a full slate of games to be played and with two serious injuries to both starting quarterbacks happening in the only game played so far this week, circumstances could change dramatically between now and the final gun of the late, late game between San Diego and Oakland, which kicks off at 11:35 p.m. ET.

If Aaron Rodgers tears an ACL against the Lions, Freeman will become a strong option for Green Bay.  Ditto for any other franchise quarterback on any other team that currently may not be considering Freeman as an option.

Look for a decision to come tomorrow, unless Freeman decides to wait until after the Jets and Falcons play on Monday night.  (We don’t believe Freeman has any interest in joining the Florham Park circus, however.)

We also don’t believe Freeman is looking for a long-term deal.  We believe he sees this as an opportunity to push his stock high over the rest of the season, with an eye toward getting a crack at the open market in March.  (In that regard, it’ll be interesting to see if his contract includes a term waiving his new team’s ability to use the franchise tag.)

The lack of firm reports linking certain teams to Freeman could be interpreted as meaning most teams aren’t interested.  We currently believe that plenty are, that some are pursuing him very aggressively, and that the unique nature of the situation compels them to keep it quiet.

Rarely if ever does a potential franchise quarterback come available at age 25 for no draft-pick compensation.  Never has it happened during a season.

And it may not last for much longer.