Jaguars drop to 0-5 in St. Louis, terrible season keeps getting worse

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The Jaguars remain the worst team in the NFL. And things are only getting worse.

In Sunday’s 34-20 loss at St. Louis, the Jaguars not only dropped to 0-5 but also lost one of the most important players to the future of the franchise, rookie offensive tackle Luke Joeckel. A fractured ankle has Joeckel out for the season.

Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert was having a bad game, completing just nine of 19 passes and throwing two interceptions, before leaving with a hamstring injury. Chad Henne played a bit better in Gabbert’s place, and it may be time for the Jaguars to admit that Gabbert simply isn’t the answer at quarterback.

Rams quarterback Sam Bradford was solid, completing 19 of 34 passes for 222 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions. Also solid was running back Zac Stacy, who gained 78 yards on 14 carries for St. Louis.

But with all due respect for what the Rams did well, this game was more about what the Jaguars did badly. Jacksonville is a mess, and things aren’t about to get any easier: Next week the Jaguars travel to Denver, where they may be the biggest underdogs in NFL history.

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  1. Unfortunately… the Jaguars are DEEP BAD… NOT surface bad.

    Jacksonville NEEDS MUCH MORE than just a quarterback, a running back, a tackle, a guard, a linebacker, a center, a defensive lineman, and a cb.

  2. This is a lesson about preparation. If you don’t have a GM that knows how to prepare a team, then you should expect to lose. You can build the best team or the worst team, it’s all a choice. But the owner has the responsibility of making a wise choice and he let everybody down and didn’t figure out a way to select a person that had a plan for greatness.

  3. Sure looks like Jags fans and brass owe Mike Mularkey and his staff a big apology. They fired them after one year in spite of MoJo missing all but 4 games last year. At least Mularkey’s Jags won 2 games, lost 3 overtime games – two to playoff teams, a game to the Patriots in the last minute and a game to the Packers on a blocked FG. I dig Gus Bradley’ enthusiasm but that does not make up for a lack of coaching or players.

  4. Hey thegreatgabbert , lets hear your defense of Blaine now. Even the Dolphin reject Henne played better then him!!!?

  5. I think Jax really needs to start over. There simply is no improvement from last year. How could they go into the year with Gabbert still their QB?! and Henne as their backup option?! Call Marty Schottenheimer up and make the team decent… 6th all time winning coach with only 2 losing seasons in 26 seasons and 200 wins (.613%). Improvement from here is 4 wins… double last year alone. Marty can get them to 8 wins real quick!!! The man can coach and should be back in the NFL. Not these wannabes…

  6. “Bradford was solid”…really? One yard passing in the first quarter. He has “happy feet”, and short armed many throws. Rams are incredibly inept on special team. One half of their total penalties are on special teams! Fassel must go. Only the quality of the competition made this a win for STL. True, they are young, but Jacksonville put the lipstick on the Rams. There is hope for the Rams, but it will take another draft or two. Jacksonville will take a little longer. They have a lot of “heart” but other than 51, they have little talent. With a better QB, they would have won this game. IMHO.

  7. This team and roster are a direct result of what Mularkey, and Smith did.. they put this team in such a hole.. Bradley isn’t the problem at the moment, the roster is. Caldwell needs to hit some home runs on personnel

  8. Yeah the Jags are not a very good football team but newsflash this was expected! They gutted their roster, think they cut something like 40% and brought in all new players. It’s called rebuilding! It’s not like they were supposed to contend this year but everyone talks about how bad they are. A team with a new head coach, new Gm and an entire new roster is going to be bad. Give it a few years and then talk trash if they are still the bottom feeders of the NFL but I have a pretty good feeling people will be talking about how good the Jags are and rebuilding the team was the best thing they could have ever done!

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