Josh Freeman to sign with Vikings

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Josh Freeman has his new home.

Freeman will sign with the Vikings, as PFT’s Mike Florio first reported on NBC’s Sunday Night Football post-game show.

In Minnesota, Freeman will join a quarterback depth chart that includes Christian Ponder, who opened the season as the starter, and Matt Cassel, who led the team to its first win of the season when he filled in for the injured Ponder last week.

Early on, it’s hard to see Freeman being ready to jump in and play. So he won’t be providing an immediate upgrade to their offense. But the Vikings at least see enough potential in Freeman that they want to take a look at him this season, and it’s possible that we could see him leapfrog Cassel and Ponder on the depth chart later in the year.

After showing promise early in his career, Freeman crashed and burned in his last few weeks in Tampa Bay. Now he’ll get an opportunity to make a fresh start in Minnesota.

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  1. It better not be a long-term contract. I’m happy to take him out for a spin this season but I don’t want to make a commitment unless he shows that he has a chance to really work out. I doubt that will be the case. I guess this is the end of the Christian Ponder Era.

  2. Bucs Fan here and i must say I’m happy to see Josh get a second chance and I can see him leading the Vikings to the playoffs and Schiano getting the shaft after this underachieving Buccaneer squad finishes 3-13 (which we probably would’ve been rather josh stayed or not)

  3. Throwing a 3rd QB into that mix doesn’t really help any of them. Can’t excel when you are always looking over your shoulder. Best move would be release one of those QBs as they bring Freeman in. They are no worse off without one of them. Less clutter.

  4. no! What is Spielman doing?! He is no major upgrade over cassel, and even if he was I wouldn’t want to win May games because we need a real shot at a real franchise qb in the draft. This guy is not our future, what is the reasoning?

  5. The guy at the beach every morning with the medal detector, convinced today will be the day he finds buried treasure even thinks this constant trash rooting QB retread game is delusional.

  6. Monday the Viking are reported they will trade for Matt Schaub so they can then have 5 mediocre quarterbacks on the roster and complete the quinfecta.

  7. WHAT?! The Vikings are such a sh*t show this year with the QB situation so we decide to add this guy to the mix? The incompetence in the Minnesota front office rises every week.

  8. I think Freeman is a guy who needs a “players coach” in order to succeed. With Raheem Morris, he was dubbed the next great qb and has regressed terribly under Schiano.

    Wonder if Frazier is that type of guy.

  9. Best of luck Freeman, I know you will go on to have a long and productive career – more than what I can say for Schiano who will hopefully be fired after his next home loss against the Eagles.

  10. YES! I think Josh is a great QB that was beat up by his coaches recently. This kind of guy might just need a fresh start.

    I will say one thing. This shows BIG TIME that the Vikes are done with Ponder. I am curious about the one year deal though….

  11. Their rich history of developing QB’s obviously appealed to this very bright young man.

    Or, he looked at the complete junk on their roster and thought he had a chance to start for another losing team.

  12. As a Vikings fan, I don’t really know if I should feel good or bad about the signing. At the very least, it’ll show Ponder and Cassell they can be replaced if deemed necessary.

  13. Well, it’s clear that Capt. Noodle-arm is done. Cassell will start the next couple of games, then hand the reins over to Freeman.

  14. Although they still won’t come out and say it,,,this action clearly indicates that they realize Ponder is not the answer….I was all for being patient with Ponder but he is just not improving…this is a good move,,,only cost is money….

  15. most of you are such idiots. it’s astounding. it’s a 1 year deal. WHAT IS THE HARM?!!! WHERE IS THE RISK?!!!

    there is none. there was ALREADY a QB controversy, because Cassel is more talented than Ponder. so you’re not adding a controversy.

    you’re adding a guy who could POSSIBLY work out. if not, it’s a 1 year deal. no big money. no risk. no more drama than what already exists.

    how is that hard to comprehend?

  16. Curious about the contract details, but certainly can’t blame the Vikings for taking a shot. Freeman has some raw natural talent and I’m not sure the same could be said for either Ponder or Cassel.

  17. Amazing the idiots in here that have never seen Freeman play talking smack. Again, last year – in a “bad” year the guy threw for over 4,000 yards with 27 TDs and 17 INTs. Again, people say that was a BAD year. Freeman is quality QB who was coached by some of the biggest idiots in the business. I don’t know the Vikings staff but I have to assume they’re in a different class than Schiano.

    The people talking smack about Schiano aren’t the people that have watched him, it’s the idiots that believe all the stuff leaking out from the Bucs management who wanted Freeman to lash out so they’d have an excuse not to pay him.

  18. I have been a 20 yr season ticket holder and a lifelong fan. No more! I am done with this team. This is the stupidest signing ever. I have supported this coach, gm and owner since day 1. Even thru mcnabb and ponder. No more. I am done. U suck vikings! I will not come back until the house is cleaned out top to bottom. I am done with this joke of a franchise.

  19. I hope this doesn’t mean the Vikes are cutting McLeod Bethel-Thompson. He showed some promise in the preseason and would be at least a solid backup once he develops.

    As a Viking fan, I’m unsure of how I feel about this signing. I think he will be an upgrade over Ponder, but until Musgrave is fired I don’t see any QB being successful for the Vikes. His playcalling was better against Pittsburgh but I think that is only because he is digging deep into his playbook to save his job.

    Who knows, maybe he will be a good game manager for us, but I would like to see Cassel start the next couple weeks to see if he can keep up his level of play while Freeman learns the playbook.

    I definitely see why Josh would want to sign with the Vikes though. Who wouldn’t want to QB with a RB like AD? Watching Ponder stink it up makes me wish I never threw my arm out when I injured my shoulder playing QB.

  20. I guess this makes the most sense. He’s going into a situation where he may be given a couple weeks to learn the system before he gets his shot. Minn. has no answer at QB so here’s his chance to earn a shot. Plus he gets to play indoors.

    The Bills might have given him the best opportunity to start right now, but he knows he would probably suck having no time to adjust. Plus I think everyone is sold on Manual as their long term solution at QB. Also, do you think Freeman would volunteer to go from the NFC south to 3 AFC East Northeastern outdoor stadiums this winter? so with the Bills Freeman would then vy for a backup job or look for another team next season when even more qb’s (Schab, Sanchez) May be on the market. I’d also pass on Buffalo given these circumstances.

    The Raiders could have been a nice landing spot, but Pryor has a little bit more upside than Freeman in the long run.

  21. Well I’d much rather play for Leslie Frazier than Greg Schiano, so I see this from Freeman’s perspective. But I can’t figure out the Vikings’ interest in Freeman. They seem committed to Ponder for now and have Matt Cassel whom is equally as good as Freeman (or better).

  22. Freeman had 2 season of 27 TD’s and over 4,000 yards. Last season, we went to the playoffs with Ponder not even able to throw for 100 yards in 4 different games and AVERAGED less yards per pass attempt than Peterson did per rush attempt. We just need someone with an arm that can make people pay for putting 9 men in the box. Freeman can definitely do that.

  23. Ponder will be released soon. Cassel continues to start as long as they win. You get a cheap look at a young QB who has shown upside at times in his young career.

    Great move by the front office

    Superbowl Homeboy!

  24. Finally get a snail’s fart of momentum and we sign a new qb.

    That should toss cold water on any of Cassel’s confidence.

  25. Well, it looks like he’ll be running for his life after every snap too! Have you seen the OL play this season???

  26. The silver lining here is that the coach, front office may finally be able/willing to see Ponder for what he is: career backup. If they were still convinced he was the team’s QB of the future they would not have done this.

  27. He’s just for emergencies for the Vikes – he only signed for the remainder of the year, and they probably just signed him to keep the Packers from getting him. So don’t feel too bad, Vikes fans.

  28. Wow, lots of hate here. Schiano is a horrible coach and will not be in the NFL next year. Freeman is way better than Cassel or Ponder, give him a few games and you’ll see what happens. AP will finally not have to do it all on his own.

  29. This is great! I am a fan of Freeman’s and thought he got the short end of the stick in TB; they did not appreciate what they had, forced him into an offense that is clearly not geared towards him, and made him look like a fool. He is a clear upgrade over Ponder and Cassel, and I hope he makes TB regret it one day. Great move, Vikings; great move!

    Why all the hate, MIN fans?! He is going to be great, don’t worry about it.

  30. Ask yourself 3 questions…

    1. Is Christian Ponder the future of the Vikings..

    2. Is Matt Cassel the future of the Vikings..

    3. Does Josh Freeman have a better shot than both of them at being the future of the Vikings..

    If you answered yes to the 3rd question..then it’s a good pickup.

    We gave up no picks and minimal money to get somebody who will compete for our biggest need and I for one have no problem with that.

  31. billbrasky72 says: Oct 6, 2013 11:48 PM

    This also breaking: The Vikings are willing to trade Ponder for a bag of Funions.

    i’d rather have the Funions

  32. I called this the other day when someone wrote that only a stupid team would take him. Minnesota wasn’t even mentioned either, lol. Perfect fit.

  33. sounds like the money was more important than being a starter in Buffalo. Like Tyson Claybo, he used Buffalo as leverage. Well, let’s all remember what happened to Tyson. Best of luck to you Josh!

  34. This signing is about trying to salvage a season and save jobs I like it though we have a rb who’s ran for over 2000 yards in a season and a qb who’s thrown for over 4000

  35. People talk trash about Freeman as if he didn’t throw 27 TD’s last season!!! Also talk junk as if he doesn’t hold just about every major Bucaneer franchise record and only played there 5 Seasons!!! The kid is only 25 years old, 5 years younger than Weeden!!! Of course he will start again in the NFL. Like he’s not better than Cassel or Ponder??? Wake up, of course he’s much better than them. People forget he got drafted at 20 years old, if given the proper coaching he definitely can develop into a solid NFL QB. He actually got blessed, nobody is “buying” into Schiano’s way of doing things from what I can gather. He gets to trade D. Martin in for AP, still has a stout offensive line. Jennings, Simpson, Patterson to throw to. He could’ve definitely found a way less enticing place to be like Jax or Cleveland. Plus 3 Mill which means they plan on him playing not managing the clipboard.

  36. slizzyslizz says:
    Oct 6, 2013 11:48 PM
    I think Freeman is a guy who needs a “players coach” in order to succeed. With Raheem Morris, he was dubbed the next great qb and has regressed terribly under Schiano.

    Wonder if Frazier is that type of guy.
    This post nailed it. Why would Viking fans be upset? He is getting a 1 year deal…..if he comes in, gets his chance in a couple weeks and takes over this team….its a great move. If he stinks up the place, let him go in the offseason. He was an up and commer until Schiano showed up and ruined that team. I am optimistic about it……see what happens. Better than going back to seeing #7 throw 5 yard dumpoffs in the middle of the field, running the 2 minute offense. You can’t be a fan and root for losing and draft picks. You root for your favorite team to win…….every game, or you are not a fan.

  37. I think this is where both his true skill and character will be revealed. If he’s really a good quarterback hell take the job outright. Thats kind of a tough task for a qb to just step in and own a system though. So if he doesnt get the starting job well see if he expresses his appreciation for the job or whines about sitting on the bench.
    I get the feeling he will not be good enough to take the job, and that he will say some stuff that makes him look childish.

  38. Freeman had a year where he threw for 3500 yards, 25TD and 5INT. Last year he threw for over 4000 yards and 27TD and 17INT. Both of those years he completed 60% of his passes. He’s only 25 with tons of upside. Why exactly are Vikings fans disappointed? This is gonna end up being a steal. I’m pumped they signed him.

  39. Josh…. Good Luck… I hope you find what you’re looking for…. For the Vikings… “Caveat emptor” my friends…. Something about Hershel Walker comes to mind… Although you did not have to give up your future for this one.

  40. Freeman actually played pretty well in Tampa….before Schiano got there. I’m not saying he’s the answer, but at least he’s not afraid to throw the ball down field. Ponder’s got weapons and he’s afraid to use them. Look at what happened when Cassel played. He took shots down field and the Vikings won.

  41. As a Vikings fan since 1970, I am telling all the naysayers (who apparently are not very astute at evaluating football players) that Josh Freeman is the best QB this franchise has had since Fran Tarkenton – at least as far as realistic potential. Do any of you know how to assess QB play? Watching guys like Tarvaris Jackson and Christian Ponder, and scrutinizing their decision-making, footwork, set-up, release, and other factors, it has always been quickly obvious to me which ones even have a chance to make a lasting impact in the NFL. I have come to believe most “Fans” today don’t know what to look for, and base too much of their opinions on sheer stats, which tell 40% of the story at times.

    I am in the minority, I guess, but am celebrating this move today. I believe Freeman to have all of the essentials to be a star at his position and expect him to put some very productive seasons together, assuming they fix that O-Line, and rebuild that defense through the draft.

  42. Josh Freeman isn´t Big Ben (in his greatest years), but he has similar escape abilitys, is clutch when needed and is realy good on play-action rollouts (throwing on the run). That should serve pretty well with your Running Game. Vikings fans shouldn´t expect too much, but you should give him a chance. He could bring it on your team – Bucs HC Shiano just wanted to get rid of the QB; threw him under the bus. And shiano is a awfull HC. So here we go, be happy about Freeman (is a very nice guy too) and comes at NO costs. Great bet.

  43. I feel bad for Viking fans. Talk about a major midseason distraction. I don’t see how this can help the Vikes this season. Freeman has proven to be average at best. He’s no better than MC

  44. There is a full blown schism in minnesota and Spielman appears to be pretty desperate right now.

    To think we were supposed to fear them this year.

  45. What the? I fall asleep and this happens?

    Is ponder done? This makes no sense. I’d rather they pay winfield that money to come play corner.

    Cassel looked pretty good…is freeman a backup?

    I will never understand why the Vikings do this with quarterbacks. It’s going to be another two years of shuffling. They probably won’t draft one because of this.

    Atleast get rid of ponder to narrow it down.

  46. @wilson1914 You Sir Are no Buccaneers fan. never root for a former player to succeed while Your team fails what kinda crap is that? Go Bucs!

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