League will move forward with Freeman investigation, too

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Earlier today, we pointed out that the NFLPA intends to continue its investigation into leaks of confidential information regarding quarterback Josh Freeman.

Per a league source, the NFL plans to proceed, as well.

Specifically, the league will schedule interviews with all relevant parties, and the NFL will cooperate with the NFLPA.

If any breach of confidentiality under the substance-abuse program can be substantiated, the league will discipline all responsible parties.  The league also expects the union to take action, in the event that the investigation determines someone from the NFLPA or the player’s side was involved in the leaking of information.

That last part hints at speculation from some that Freeman’s camp may have leaked information regarding the player in order to justify efforts to pressure the Bucs to release Freeman, by creating the impression the team was making the leaks.

It nevertheless will be difficult for the NFL or the NFLPA to piece prove who did and didn’t talk, given that the media likely won’t be cooperating — and neither the NFL nor the NFLPA has the ability to compel cooperation.

17 responses to “League will move forward with Freeman investigation, too

  1. Josh Freeman should sign up with Jay-Z, and the two can kill two birds with one stone. Mess with either of us or come up short protecting our rights, otherwise Jay-Z launches phase 2 of more wonderful comments to serve as NFL marketing propaganda. What kind of image does the league want to represent? They better do the right thing or people defending the victim will get pretty pissed, and they could be smarter people than you are.

    I’ll even translate this into language the NFL can understand: This means less future dollars for you in your pockets.

  2. If they’re so serious they’ve spent a week saying how they plan on doing something. Tomorrow they’ll get started tomorrow.

  3. More of a question for a lawyer regarding unions. But, could Freeman sue for violation of HIPPA privacy? The monetary fines are ute compared to the prison sentence if someone violated his medical privacy rights.

  4. enea900, HIPAA is probably the most misunderstood health care law in the US. Most nurses cannot even spell it so you are in good company there. It is the Health Insurance Protection and Accessibility Act. There are extremely heavy fines for covered agencies that fail to protect or inappropriately release protected information. Covered agencies are only those who provide medical care, charge for it and transmit files electronically. So any friend of Freeman, employer or any other party would not be covered under that act. If the lab or his personal physician released the info then yes. For example, if someone in Florida is held under the Baker Act by law enforcement and brought to an emergency room. The Baker Act form the ER has is protected by HIPAA but the same information is then filed by law enforcement and is a public record as most police files are in Florida. I hope this answers your questions.

  5. Hey arrakisman67 – HIPAA is really the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Before throwing stones at other people, get your facts right!

  6. Most likely scenario is Freeman sat down with his agent and they figured a trade could land Freeman in Jacksonville, not a great venue for Freeman’s free agency audition so they decided they should leak everything possible that would make Schiano look bad including the Ritalin/Aderall thing that would come up in a team physical anyway. For good measure, it was decided Freeman should break every team rule he could find, unauthorized interviews, not sitting with the other inactive players on Sunday, and through in a public trade demand for good measure! Make the environment so toxic that the Bucs lose the trade option and then you can pick the team you want to go to and double dip on your salary. Sleazily brilliant.

  7. @crayhopper exactly What I’ve been saying and all these bucs fans are in denial Well not me. I even had somebody call me an idiot and un friended Me on fb lol people don’t think past what is the popular opinion That it’s the coaches fault smh

  8. It would be good to see the investigation bear fruit and result in Schiano getting his come uppance. would be bad for the rest of the NFC South because that may mean he’ll lose his job. He sucks as an NFL coach and the other three teams in the division want him to stay right where he is.

  9. It would be great if the investigation showed that Schiano was innocent and that it was a former Bucs player or former coach that leaked the info…or Free’s agent.

    Schiano is a great coach. A little green but he is turning the Bucs defense into a top-notch one.

    Given time the offense will come around provided they get a QB that is worth spit (which isn’t Mike Glennon).

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