Mitch Berger unloads on Josh McDaniels

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At a time when a current head coach with a Belichickian style could have his first head coaching job last only two years, another head coach with a Belichickian style whose career lasted only two years is drawing more flak.

In a recent interview with 750 The Game in Portland, former NFL punter Mitch Berger unloaded on former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels.

“It felt like I was playing for an equipment manager or something, he was like a little punk,” Berger said of McDaniels, who is now the offensive coordinator in New England again.  “He came in there and said that he wanted to hear a lot from me, he wanted to know what I thought about situations.  He wanted to take advantage of my veteran leadership . . . .  He said all that.  But as soon as I had a game that wasn’t up to his standards, he wouldn’t talk to you or look at you.”
Berger also said that he “threw players under the bus in meetings,” specifically mentioning receiver Brandon Marshall.
“I never played for a guy in my life who guys wanted to play for less,” Berger said.  “He was just a guy you didn’t care about.”
The problem for coaches with that kind of style, as Peter King and I were discussing earlier today, is that if you don’t win, you won’t last.  Coaches can be jerks as long as they produce.  If they don’t, they get run out the door quickly.
It happened to Belichick in Cleveland.  It happened to McDaniels in Denver.  It happened to Eric Mangini in Cleveland.  It happened to Todd Haley in Kansas City.  And it could be happening to Greg Schiano in Tampa.
Future hard-line coaches need to realize the risk they’re taking.  Win and a rough style will be forgiven, if not celebrated.  Lose, and it’ll quickly be time to go elsewhere.

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  1. Bill won in Cleveland. Took the Browns to their franchise best regular season record, 11-5, and they were 4-0 or 5-0 before the announcement of the move to BAL was made. 5-11 after the announcement. Bill was fired because the overzealous know-nothing Cleveland media wanted his head after releasing Bernie. Which was the right thing to do. Modell wanted a fresh start in BAL. Hence the firing.

  2. He traded away Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall for Kyle Orton and worthless draft picks (one of which turned out to be Tim Tebow).

    Enough said.

  3. You do not get it Florio. He was talking more Character and Manhood than Hard line.

    Just like on the street you have punks and than you have stand up type people. What the player was saying? He was saying the players considered him a Punk as well as being Two Faced.

    Ever see a punk try and play Hard Line?, it does not play very well as the eyes always give away what kind of Heart the person has and these players are no idiots, they saw right threw him.

  4. clownsfan im guessing your from the Clevland area, seem to really know the facts about the Belichek situation….its nice to see an educated post instead of the bs most ppl leave on here.. like I am right now

  5. Abattoir says:
    Oct 6, 2013 1:44 PM
    He traded away Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall for Kyle Orton and worthless draft picks (one of which turned out to be Tim Tebow).

    Enough said.
    If all that didn’t happen we wouldn’t have gotten to witness the miracles of St. Tebow and the Broncos wouldn’t have Peyton Manning now. I think it worked out for the best.

  6. Yes, this myth that anything other than the Baltimore move sabotaged Belichick in Cleveland is misinformed. He built Cleveland into a very good team back during the infancy of free agent movement when you actually had to do everything throughthe draft. I think the only thing he learned from his Cleveland days was how important offense was because he didn’t try to win again with a Testaverde.

  7. It’s time for these grown men who play the game to stop being so sensitive. Growing up playing football I always had strict, hard nosed, disciplinarian coaches and it made me a better player. It’s not coaches, it’s the pathetically sensitive players that can’t take it. Coaches should be brutally honest when a player screws up.

  8. @clownfan Actually they were 4 and 4 at the time Modell made the announcement. I had Tickets to the home game against Houston the next week and didn’t go, as for Bill’s greatness, yes he cut Bernie for drawing a touchdown in the dirt at the time Vinnie was hurt which left us with Todd Philcox. As for 11 -5 as best record? They have been 14-0 along with 12-4, in ’86 . They have won 12 games 2 times and 11 games 5 times.

    Your “Expertise” is not expert enough.

  9. Bernie was cut because he was insubordinate to Belichick. Belichick was a punk. I think its same to assume he’s changed over the years.

  10. kwjsb says: Oct 6, 2013 4:53 PM

    Just another fun fact, in ’93 Browns were 3-0 under Bernie before Bill started playing musical QB’s.


    How do you get so many thumbs down for a fact?

  11. “I never played for a guy in my life who guys wanted to play for less,”

    You’re not playing for the coach … you’re playing for the fat salaries they pay you overpaid bums. Any player with that attitude should get cut and sued for his signing bonus.

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