Report: Bills open to trading Jairus Byrd


Bills CEO Russ Brandon said last month that trading safety Jairus Byrd wasn’t “a topic of conversation” around the team, but a report on Sunday indicates things have changed in Buffalo.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Bills believe the “wisest course of action” is to trade Byrd and that they are open to making such a deal. Per Schefter, talks are ongoing on a deal.

If the Bills have decided not to sign Byrd to a lucrative, long-term deal after the season it is easy to understand why they’d be willing to pull the trigger on a trade. Byrd has not played yet this season because of a foot injury and hasn’t been shy about expressing his displeasure about not getting such a contract before signing his franchise tender at the end of the summer.

Complicating matters for a trade beyond Byrd’s foot injury, which Byrd said has healed enough that he felt ready to play on Thursday night before the Bills decided to leave him inactive, is the fact that no team can extend Byrd until after the season comes to an end. We’ll find out in the next few weeks if that stumbling block is too great.

22 responses to “Report: Bills open to trading Jairus Byrd

  1. Browns should look into him. They have a lot of picks and could use help next to TJ Ward. They have a lot of picks in this year’s draft to deal with. Problem is, Bills may want too much. It will be interesting to get how it works out regardless.

  2. New Orleans could use a young and talented guy like Byrd to replace Roman Harper. With Kenny and Jarius back there, our secondary would be the best it has been in years.

  3. Won’t get that much for him while he’s injured and hasn’t been playing. Plus any team that trades will have to do so knowing he’s going to jack them over a new contract if he plays well this year if he plays at all depending on the injury.

    Good player but a me me me kind of guy.

  4. If his attitude and injury are temporary, Miami could use another ball hawk in the secondary.

  5. The team doesn’t believe his position is worth $9 million per year, so they should trade him instead of losing him for nothing.

    They should try for a 1st round pick. NFL teams pick safeties all the time in the 1st round of drafts….. and he’s elite at his position, and still pretty young.

  6. I don’t blame the Bills. He wants to be the top paid safety in the NFL. The story was they offered him a top 3 contract. But he declined.
    The guy is a beast and is definitely one of the best. I’m sure he could have been a big help in the passing game this year! But the main issue I think… Is how valuable is a safety are they worth that kind of money? Not to mention the Bills have seen this script before… Same agent as Jason Peters. I’m pretty sure he won’t be a Bill next year… But how much can you really get for the guy?

  7. Definitely trade him! Haven’t noticed much difference in this team with or without him. Everyone will win with a trade: his agent being #1, Jarius, the Bills and a couple if high picks!

  8. ordekim… or homework before u post stupid crap. the bills have been extending all of their core players they drafted. they let levitre go because they didn’t want to pay a guard 6-8 million a year. the contract Byrd was offered would have put him in the top three money wise for safety….he turned it down and they ran out of time and had to franchise him…..and now he is faking an injury. the bills trade him for a draft pick or two, have another good off season with the core they built and extended and they are on their way. Same old bills?

  9. Skins trade Cousins to Buffalo for Byrd. Skins then sign Freeman as a backup to RG3. lol idk…the Skins secondary is just terrible though.

    Bills haven’t really needed him with Leonard playing as good as he has.

  10. @peytonsneck18 do your homework son…prior to this year he played in 62 of 64 games. His agent Eugene Parker is a dirt back who is advising him and I’m sure this was nothing but a tactical ploy to get him traded. He played last year with the same condition. He was never a distraction till it came to getting a new contract.

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