Seahawks get away with one, pad slim lead

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The Seahawks and Colts are involved in a good one, but a bad call just gave the road team an edge.

Seahawks pass-rusher Chris Clemons got away with whacking Colts quarterback Andrew Luck in the head. While the officials didn’t see his nearly removing Luck’s headgear (we’ll see if the fine police do), they did see the sack-strip which was recovered by Cliff Avril.

The Colts held the Seahawks to a third Steven Hauschka field goal, which gave Seattle an unconventional 25-17 lead.

22 responses to “Seahawks get away with one, pad slim lead

  1. Also it was a glancing blow in route to a strip. Not like he went through lucks head. This is some poor poor writing. Get your Bro mange under control this game has been DOMINATED by the seahawks. Look at all the stats.. Only issue is the score which is the most important but still.

  2. What about all the bad calls that are keeping the Colts in the game? Stole a touchdown. Called bogus offensive PI, and bailed out the Colts on 3rd and 22 with PI on an uncatchable Luck duck.

  3. Seahawks were gifted calls against the texans last week (eg the personal foul in OT). What a sham team.

  4. Seahawks got away with one? Colt have gotten away with at least two offensive PI’s not called, not to mention a phantom defensive PI called on the Seahawks.

  5. Cheat hawks can’t win unless they get all the calls, like they usually do. Most overrated team possibly of all time.

  6. Enough of the…they got away with this call and that call. I’ll give you the offensive pass interference call. That call was bogus…but Tate extended his arms and locked his elbows…giving the impression of a push off. The refs dont have the luxury of 4 hours and slow motion replay to make a call. There were plenty of calls on the Hawks that didn’t get called. Countless offensive holdings. Not taking away from Sherman or Browner…they’re both great…but in the nfl there is a 5 yard contact rule. A rule that was ignored multiple times in this game. The “phantom defensive pass interference call” was not phantom. He stopped Hilton from adjusting to get the ball. Even if u dont see it that way…contact was made without finding the ball…therefore illegal contact down field. Tho it is a pointless argument as it was a free play from an offsides call that was about to be made. If 1 call made you lose the game…your team didnt play well enough. All this whining is taking away from the phenomenal game played by both teams. Hush

  7. htowntexan October 6, 2013, 12:55 PM PDT

    Seahawks were gifted calls against the texans last week (eg the personal foul in OT). What a sham team.
    Sham team huh? So let’s look at the team a little closer. 16-7 record since beginning of last year. #1 scoring defense, #3 in point differential, and #3 in turnover margin in that span. Our biggest loss in that stretch was by 7. Biggest win, by 59. Ya, you’re right, what a sham team.

  8. It was great to see Richard Sherman’s Big Mouth finally Shut down. And Shehawks got taste of their own medicine. Shehawks Punter got whacked LOL!!!!! Poor Petey whining about holding in news conference.

  9. Seahawks are for real, but it looks like both they and the Niners underestimated the Colts. Niners, BTW, crushed the Texans. Looks like we still have a season in front of us.

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