Sharpe makes a pitch for Favre to Buffalo

Getty Images

We think he was joking.  We hope he was joking.

But on the heels of Bus Cook’s recent proclamation that Brett Favre is better than a lot of guys currently playing and multi-week injuries to a pair of quarterbacks, former Favre teammate Sterling Sharpe has declared on NFL Network that Favre is in the “best shape of his life.”

Sharpe, who specifically directed that message to the Bills, said Favre is running four or five miles per day and riding his bike 30 to 40 miles per day.

There has yet to be a peep from Favre about any interest in pulling off what once seemed inevitable — a Roger Clemens-style partial season.  With his agent and a friend/former teammate doing so, it’s hard not to at least wonder whether trial balloons are being floated for the man who who’ll be carrying 44 birthday balloons in four days.