Suh tries to trip Rodgers, penalty gives early lead to Packers

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It didn’t take Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh long to pick up a costly penalty today in Green Bay.

On the Packers’ first drive, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw an incomplete pass on third down, and it appeared that the Packers would need to punt. But the officials called a penalty on Suh for tripping, as he stuck his leg out to try to trip Rodgers as Rodgers was escaping the pocket.

Suh appeared to be complaining to the officials that he was getting held on the play, but holding was not called.

Instead of punting, the Packers continued to march down the field and ended up kicking a field goal on the drive, taking an early 3-0 lead.

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  1. Steelers fans commenting now? How’d you like James Harrison on your team? And the guy was HOLDING Suh. THAT should have been the flag

  2. And half the Detroit fans on here we’re saying that Suh is a target and his actions are blown out of proportion. Lions are a good team, but when you’re head coach is an idiot, some of your players are bound to act like idiots.

  3. Suh was held and it cuased the trip. Watch the play, you will see the hand inside the front of his pads and the him getting pulled down.

  4. To all the whining lions fans – Suh will never get the benefit of the doubt on a call again. He is on the entire league’s nerves for playing like a clown.

  5. I don’t get why that’s a penalty. I can understand that you can’t trip a player who doesn’t have the ball, but why can’t you trip the qb while he’s holding it? Its like an alternative way to tackle so you don’t hurt the fragile little guy.

  6. This is getting ridiculous. The defenses are allowed to hit the strike Zone much like baseball pitchers and this is where this is all going. FLAG FOOTBALL.

  7. When will they come down hard enough on the man to get him to stop his cheating and idiotic ways?

  8. I’ll take this one Suh apologists.Lets go with”He was just stretching his leg out to loosen up his thigh.”Rodgers just happened to be running by at the wrong time……

  9. I’ll just go ahead and say it—the responses on this thread do not reflect favorably on the intelligence of Lions fans. Thumbs down all you want apologists, but it’s true.

  10. “stlluna7 says:
    Oct 6, 2013 2:17 PM
    This is getting ridiculous. The defenses are allowed to hit the strike Zone much like baseball pitchers and this is where this is all going. FLAG FOOTBALL.”

    The NFL may be making absurd new rules to punish defenses going overboard to protect QBs, but your observation has NOTHING to do with Suh’s dirty play to try to trip Rodgers. That’s been a penalty for a long time and precedes the reign of dictator Goodell.

  11. suzie wasn’t kicking Karin. Suzie was showing off her new pointy fancy high heels to Karin, saying… I got these for 14.99 at payless!

  12. Enough already, it’s time to trade this moron. How many times are we supposed to let this guy shoot us in the foot before we cut our losses? This goes far beyond a pattern now, he is mentally incapable of playing in the NFL. Any real playoff team wouldn’t put up with this nonsense.

    Trade Suh for a linebacker asap, and maybe we can make the playoffs.

  13. I’m disgusted that Fox didn’t send Joe Buck to Green Bay to broadcast this game. He’s the most professional broadcaster in the business.

  14. Did anyone notice Idonije’s blatant attempt to trip Rodgers?!? Why was there no flag thrown, no comment by the broadcasters, and certainly no pft headline/article devoted to it. Suh has made a few bonehead decisions during the course of his career, but the attention he draws for commonplace football activity is absurd. This is a witch hunt. Plain and simple.

  15. SooperflySnuka says:

    Steelers fans commenting now? How’d you like James Harrison on your team? And the guy was HOLDING Suh. THAT should have been the flag


    i would love to have Harrison and Suh on my team. Fact is that player like Jack Lambert, Jack Tatum, Dick Butkus could not play in today’s modern girly NFL. Quite sad with the wussification of the league.

  16. It’s sad that a guy as talented as Suh can’t control himself and consistently resorts to playing dirty. Sadder yet are the Lions fans that consistently defend the guy, calling every call against him a witchhunt. The guy has a history of being a dirty player. Take off your Honolulu Blue glasses once in a while and you’ll see it. He’s not going to get the benefit of doubt until he plays a significant stretch of games without taking a cheap shot on someone. My money says he can’t do it. He’s Swartz’s new Albert Haynesworth.

  17. How is tripping being dirty . Someone who holds or gets called for most any other penalty isn’t being dirty usually either

  18. Good thing Suh held a players only meeting before the season started to discuss discipline. Lesser known guest speaker Mark Chmura also gave a killer presentation on babysitting advice.

  19. Wait, why did you write an article about your average penalty? There are 100 every week. Where are the other 99 articles?

    Witch hunt.

  20. Yeah, and if you watched the replay later in the game where Rodgers dropped back into his end zone and ran out another Detroit player tried to trip him. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but its probably not Suh, its coaching.

  21. My guess is that most people commenting on this board did not see the call. I am a ref for high school football in my area. There WAS holding on the call. There is room in the rulebook for incidental contact due to circumstances beyond a player’s control. The leg, making contact with Rodgers, was there due to the holding. There was no potential for Suh to actually make contact with Rodgers without the holding going on, therefore the call was a poor one based on Suh’s poor reputation. Reputation should not come into effect in the NFL. The Referees, in particular the ACTUAL referee (like the position), needs to be more professional on their calls and remove reputation. Suh’s earned his crappy reputation on his own for LEGITIMATE dirty play. This, however, was not a dirty play, just terrible adjudication on the part of the crew.
    Also, one person made a comment about holding not being dirty. Holding CAN become dirty when it is done the right way, but the penalty holding you are correct on.

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