Kubiak says he’s sticking with Schaub for now

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Texans coach Gary Kubiak answered the first question simply and directly.

“Yes, he is,” Kubiak replied when asked if Matt Schaub was still his starting quarterback.

But implying that the questions are over would be far from accurate.

Kubiak pulled Schaub for the first time since he was acquired last night, late in a 34-3 drubbing at the hands of the 49ers. Schaub threw three interceptions, extending his streak to four games with an interception returned for a touchdown.

So for T.J. Yates to get mop-up duty (3-of-5, 15 yards) might have meant nothing, but it might mean more.

“I think it was time for him [Yates] to get some reps,” Kubiak said, via Tania Ganguli of ESPN.com. “Obviously, Matt took some hits and made some mistakes. And I just told him I was going to put T.J. in the game — and we’re going to go from there and talk about it after the game or throughout the course of the week and see where we’re at.”

The location between the ears of Schaub is his primary concern, as the quarterback was visibly shaken.

“Obviously, it’s tough right now,” he said. “After what we’ve been through tonight, going back to last weekend and even the week before. I am very confident in my ability and everyone in this locker room.”

Schaub has been an average-to-slightly-above-average quarterback on a team that’s capable of being more than that. Getting him back from his current wretched level is going to be key for the Texans if they want to even get back to average.

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  1. Yates is not the answer. I’m not sure why Texans top brass wants to “Sanchez” him. There is not other options, nor is there a QB coming out they they could be high enough to draft.

  2. Didn’t Kubiak sign an extension? He has a little more leverage now to be saying stuff like that.

  3. Schaub is the most groomed operator of the only offense Kubiak knows: the run-first, zone blocking extravaganza he imported from his days in Denver. I think he fails to realize that what worked in Denver in the late nineties may be out-moded and inefficient in 2013. Foster isn’t exactly Terrell Davis and Schaub is certainly no Elway.

    I say the Texans bring in a more PR friendly head coach who’s an organizing fiend, and a true Offensive Coordinator with a sophisticated understanding of multiple offensive schemes.

    Knowing Mcnair though, he’ll probably stick with fellow Texan Kubiak for reasons that escape logic, or promote the much-more-suited-for-coordinator Texan Wade Phillips. Which brings us to our next topic, why the obsession with Texas guys?

  4. I’m shocked they didn’t sign Freeman mid-way through the 2nd quarter of that game. Tough to watch…

  5. Why does everybody always say that the Texans have “above average talent”? They have a premier receiver who’s past his prime, and a great Def player, and that’s it! They’ve proven time and time again that they’re mediocre at best, even when Schaub was hurt and Yates was in. They’re just not good enough.

    They’re the Falcons of the AFC.

  6. thedownwardspiral: As a Ravens fan, I would love to have a back like Foster, receivers like Johnson and Hopkins, a line that can block somebody, JJ Watt, and a tight end that can actually catch the ball. The Texans’ negatives are a below average QB that has a need to lose, stodgy coaching and a kicker that reeks. yes, they are the Falcons of the AFC because they mix up fantasy stats with actual great QB play. Roethlisberger doesn’t have great stats, but he is a winner. Fantasy players laugh at Joe Flacco, but he has taken his team to the playoffs 5 years in a row, winning at least one game in each and delivered a Super Bowl to Baltimore. McNair keeps a loser coach, who won’t let go of a loser QB. When all their good young players are ready for their new contracts, the Texans will sink into obscurity again.

  7. Don’t worry Texan fans-my Rams come to town this week. As long as Schaub can get 10 points up on the board it will be enough. Bradford is already having nightmares about Watt.

  8. Are Yates and Keenum ready? Who knows? But, sometimes you just make a change to see what happens; to shake things up. We DO KNOW Schaub is failing miserably and the Texans are headed nowhere.

  9. I hate to say this as I have been preaching this the other way to Colts fans all offeseason…. The Texans aren’t winning the division. They probably wont make the playoffs. The Colts have beaten the two tough opponents from the NFC West, and we’ve lost to them both. We’re already 2 games back and they don’t have to play the Patriots….

    We may have a better 53 man roster, better defense, better running game, but if Schaub keeps scoring for the other team, we can’t overcome that. We had 4 turnovers last night and they scored 3 Tds and an FG off of them….

    Neither Yates or Keenum are the answer. Need to draft a QB this year. Early. 2nd round. Maybe Johnny Football.

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