Bills more interested in White than Dixon


The Bills haven’t made a quarterback decision yet, but they’re apparently narrowing the list of backup options.

After losing out on the Josh Freeman sweepstakes last night, the Bills are moving their focus to a lower grade of quarterbacks, with Pat White and Dennis Dixon coming in for workouts this weekend.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, they’ve asked White to hang around, while thanking Dixon for his visit.

White was scheduled to work out for the Raiders, but he might not make that flight.

The Bills obviously have to do something to supplement Jeff Tuel for the next six weeks or so, since he’s the only healthy quarterback on the 53-man roster.

11 responses to “Bills more interested in White than Dixon

  1. I hope the Raiders are interested in both as well. I think it’s well time we commit to this offense and having another mobile guy to get everyone legit reps would be great.

    Please no David Carr.

  2. Us bills fans saw what white did first hand. Ya it was preseason but he threw the ball very efficiently. Quick decisions. Looked better than rg three this year. I’m sure logical voice even knows that

  3. Doug Marrone just announced on WGR in Buffalo that Thaddeus Lewis (currently on the practice squad) is going to start vs Bengals.

  4. I second that Byrd for Cousins deal. The reason it won’t happen though, Cousins is more valuable to the Redskins since RGIII is so fragile. Byrd is proven, but very questionable lately. Too bad.

  5. This is like digging through a garbage can and being more interested in the discarded banana peel instead of the apple core.

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