Calvin Johnson says absence should be short


The Lions played without wide receiver Calvin Johnson on Sunday and the play of their offense in a 22-9 loss to the Packers was a big reminder of how much Johnson means to the team.

After the contest, Johnson said he felt that he was “close” to playing after an early workout at Lambeau Field on Sunday, but the decision was ultimately made to rest his aching knee this week in hopes of getting back to full speed as quickly as possible. Will that be in time for next weekend’s date with the Browns?

“Should be. We’ll see,” Johnson said, via Kyle Meinke of

Coach Jim Schwartz made the argument after the game that Johnson’s absence had no impact on the Lions offense because he wasn’t one of the players in uniform and because they had a game plan drawn up for use without Johnson in the lineup. We’re quite familiar with coach speak in these parts and that’s a gold medal contender in the category because there isn’t a soul alive who watched the Lions at all on Sunday and said to themselves that things would have been exactly the same with Johnson on the field.

And it would affect them again next week if Johnson’s prediction about his return proves to be incorrect, regardless of how much you plan around his absence.

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  1. I would argue that he hasn’t been the same player this year because of his knee that he was last year. Remember, he didn’t play much in the preseason, and I don’t think they were sitting him just to sit him.

  2. This was an impossible game for the Lions. Down their top two WRs (including the best WR in the league), on the road, against a great team who was coming off the bye.

    Still I would have liked to have seen a little more fight out of my Leos.

  3. It was good to see how horrible the packers really are. Without the best WR of all time in the game, we were one touchdown away from the lead with less than a minute left in the 3rd. The only reason the packers offense showed any life late in the game is because of the fact that our defense was tired from being on the field all day from a lack of production from our offense . Kind of hard for Houston to play through a hammie when he’s running twice as much as he should have. If CJ had played, the final score would of been more along the lines of 24-6 lions win. Not making excuses, simply stating FACTS.

  4. No excuses from this Lions fan. Yes, we were down some starters (1 surefire HoF’er) but I’d like to think we could put up a few TD’s without them (excluding the garbage time TD at the end of the game) and that also does not have anything to do with Bush not hurting them enough on 6 man fronts (I counted 7 runs of his 13 against nickel, he had chances).

    Defense was great though, and they showed no reason they will let up. I guess that is the silver lining until Johnson comes back.

    Until then, we heal up and come back to play next week like we would do win or lose.

  5. losangeleslions sounding like a typical lions fan, all hypotheticals. What’s that Wisconsin losing streak up to, 23? Yeah, you’re right losangeleslions, they TOTALLY would’ve won.

  6. losangeleslions says: Oct 7, 2013 7:46 AM

    ……simply stating FACTS.


    Ummm…..Those aren’t facts, they’re actually opinions. Opinions from Lions fans in reality are just more excuses for why their team is tanking yet another season. Different year, same tired Lions fans and same underachieving team.

  7. losangeleslions says: ” Not making excuses, simply stating FACTS.”

    Let me fix that last statement for you….Making excuses, simply not stating FACTS.

  8. I watched the game.packers were i1-2 for a reason …they look awful…Calvin plays its a totally differ ball game…don’t expect your team to win many more games this year if they keep playing the way they played the first quarter Packer fans.

  9. I like how many Lions fans act like they were a Calvin Johnson away from winning that game as if the Lions have a history of dominating the Packers with Johnson. I believe their record with Johnson is 1-10 against the Packers, and the 1 came in a game that Rodgers left with a concussion.

  10. NFC North Division:

    1st: Detroit Lions (3-2)
    2nd: Chicago Bears (3-2)
    3rd: Green Bay Packers (2-2)
    4th: Minnesota Vikings (1-3)

    How’s 3rd place feel down there? Don’t let the Vikings catch up! You know you guys were sweating until the fourth and that was without CJ. You know you ladies are worried about thanksgiving

  11. “Coach Jim Schwartz made the argument after the game that Johnson’s absence had no impact on the Lions offense because he wasn’t one of the players in uniform and because they had a game plan drawn up for use without Johnson in the lineup.”

    I know that Jim Schwartz is only trying to pump up his team, but statements like this are the reason I respect him less and less every week.

  12. britishteeth says:
    “Opinions from Lions fans in reality are just more excuses for why their team is tanking yet another season.

    Ummmm……. It’s only week 5 and we still have a better record than the packers.

  13. This is on Linehan who’s “game plan” wasn’t working and the offense didn’t make any adjustments. This then inevitably falls on Schwartz who didn’t tell the coach he hired to make the adjustments.

  14. Not many WRs influence a team’s performance like megatron — the difference in the Lions’ offense without him sure was huge. The Pack could really focus on Bush and the mid-range stuff without him opening up the field.

  15. The score might have been different with Johnson playing,but the outcome would have been the same. Packers would have still won that game. Maybe the score would have been 22-17 or even the same as it was.

    Here is how I come to that conclusion. The Packers D-line and LBs were on Stafford all game and forced him to throw a lot sooner than he wanted to. The receivers caught balls, so it is not like there were a bunch of dropped passes by the Detroit WRs. Johnson wouldn’t have made all that much of a difference. Maybe an extra 30 yards of offense?

    Lions fans are funny. The talk about the greatness of one player, which dismisses the ability of all the others. Vikings fans are the same way with AP. It is a team sport. If your favorite team relies on one player to carry them to victory, your team will never win it all.

  16. Bottom line Lions didn’t just lose without their TOP WR, they lost without their TOP 2 WR’s.

    Burelson, and Johnson is a lot to overcome on the road. Even if the coach want’s to say it’s on the 46 that dressed.

    By the way I don’t see it like a lot of fans. I like the fact the coach put it on the 46 that dressed. It is them that would have received the credit if they had won by the way. Calvin would not have gotten praise for it, because he didn’t dress.

  17. Coach’s comment that the absence of CJ didn’t have an effect is silly. Even if you did have a plan without him, its guaranteed to be significantly different than with CJ playing. However, its also borderline moronic for folks here to say the game would have been no different with him. Sure, GB got after Stafford, they could afford to because they dropped 8 & 9 men in the box because they didn’t have to worry about Calvin. That’s the point, CJ takes the top of the defense and gives Bush and others running room against 7 man fronts. Totally changes the game plan.

    Whether they beat the Pack yesterday or not with Calvin, no one can say. It would have most assuredly have different though

  18. @csuvikings: Quit lying to us. You don’t like him because he’s a coach of a rival team. He’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t there. If he says things would be different, you and others say he’s making excuses. When he makes no excuses, you think he’s a liar. Lions fans and players, meanwhile, appreciate a guy who doesn’t make excuses and expects to win regardless.

  19. Schwartz stinks – look at his career record, putrid.

    What happened to superstar RB, Reggie Bush? Did he play in GB? journeyman, who can’t be focus of defense.

    What happened to That potential HoFer, Matt stupid hair Stafford, -who piles up meaningless statistics and losing seasons?

    The Lions are 1 game over .500 and those dimwit fans think they are on championship course. In 2011, you were 5-0 at this time and squeaked into the playoffs after finishing 5-6. Talking about teams tied with you or 1 game behind who just beat you 22-6. Couldn’t even score a TD. Delusional.

  20. Clay Matthews is bringing flopping to the NFL.
    Clay stop flailing your arms and falling down this isn’t the nba.

  21. The D played well, but if we can’t score, our secondary is going to get burned sooner or later. Same story today. Definitely, the whole team can’t rely on Megatron to win games.

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