David Wilson had “tingling” in his neck

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After the end of the latest Giants defeat on Sunday, running back David Wilson said that his departure from the game with a neck injury was a precautionary measure by the team.

Things sounded a little worse for Wilson on Monday. Coach Tom Coughlin said that Wilson experienced some numbness around his neck and that he needs to pass a variety of tests before he’ll be cleared to return to action.

“[Wilson] has to have a full medical appraisal of exactly what happened,” Coughlin said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “We’ll wait and see on that. He did suffer some type of tingling and he was immediately pulled out of the game.”

The Giants play again on Thursday night against the Bears, which may not leave Wilson enough time to pass the necessary tests. Coughlin said that the team could add a running back to the roster to go with Brandon Jacobs and Michael Cox. The recently released Da’Rel Scott could make sense given his familiarity with the offense and the short turnaround before the Bears game.

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  1. I predict that the Giants will lose five more games in a row, then go on a tear, finishing at 6-10, winning the NFC East, and then win the Super Bowl.

  2. Wilson needs to watch some replays of the 90’s Cowboys and take some notes on how Emmitt Smith covered up and avoided the big hit.

    DW is hard to get to the ground but in the meantime is absorbing some big hits by multiple defenders.

  3. The giants get into the playoffs at 7-9 and beat everyone before beating the undefeated broncos in the superbowl on a hail mary over Champ Bailey, Von Miller, and DRC.

  4. Coughlin had tingling between his ears…never saw a coach blow 2 time outs at the same time

  5. The Giants go 2-14, get clowney at #2 or #3, cut multiple dead wood players, get about 35-40 mill under the cap, get a new coaching staff, and then go on to enjoy 5 years of playoff caliber football, with one more SB thrown in, before Eli retires.

  6. Coughlin made Scott the #1 RB on the team for 3.5 straight games so he probably views this as an upgrade.

    Since Jacobs had a fumble last week I expect him to sit on the bench the entire game in favor of a no talent street free agent just like he did to Wilson.

    Coughlin has officially lost it.

  7. Oct 7, 2013 6:21 PM
    Coughlin had tingling between his ears…never saw a coach blow 2 time outs at the same time


    That was bizarre.

  8. lewyg: You read my mind. As soon as I saw him double-flipping, I thought how stupid risking injury doing something designed to shine the spotlight on someone whose team is ten miles down and sinking fast. I remember well the time a place kicker celebrating a field goal tore his ACL. It appeared to me that Wilson landed extremely hard and somewhat awkwardly. What a chump, whether he hurt himself showboating or not.

  9. eagleswin says:
    Oct 7, 2013 6:41 PM
    Oct 7, 2013 6:21 PM
    Coughlin had tingling between his ears…never saw a coach blow 2 time outs at the same time


    That was bizarre.
    And STILL lost a challenge he should have won. After that, I knew we could chalk this season up to “just one of those years”.

  10. boogymanoflamancha says:
    Oct 7, 2013 6:21 PM
    Coughlin had tingling between his ears…never saw a coach blow 2 time outs at the same time
    The refs helped him blow that call. If that was Calvin Johnson bobbling the ball like that, it’s incomplete all the way.

    No, I am NOT blaming the refs for the Giants losing. I’m blaming them for the bad calls during the game (including the ridiculous no-call on the Wilson “safety”).

  11. When i saw the NY coaching staff on the sidelines trying to get this kid to re enter the game he looked scared and refused to give it a go.This guys a bum,1st round bust.We need a running game and its not him.You cant hide the fact that this kid doesnt have what it takes.He isnt a soldier like bradshaw.Not even close,soft as wet toilet paper.Wilson is a good kick return guy and thats it.The toughness isnt there.he has talent ,but you cant teach toughness.Bradshaw couldnt even walk on monday morning.wilson gets a stinger and he is done for two weeks.You have to get rid of these bums on our team they are killing us ,taking up salary cap.You need guys willing to go all in for you TOM and wilson isnt it.Sorry david wilson we watched you for too long and as the rb of the giants,your not cutting it.Look at emmit smith playing through a seperated shoulder in a game. BRADSHAW,SMITH, ARE WILLING TO GIVE IT UP TO BE GREAT.DIG DEEP AND SEARCH YOUR HEART.MAYBE THE NFL ISNT FOR YOU. GO BIG BLUE, WE NEED SOLDIERS.

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