Freeman’s actual pay: $2 million

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In the race to get the latest information, reporters covering the NFL all too often tweet first and ask questions later.  (Author included.)

In the case of quarterback Josh Freeman, ongoing reports that he’ll be paid $3 million were incorrect.

Per a league source, Freeman will be paid at an annualized rate of just under $3 million, which will work out to actual compensation of $2 million over the rest of the year.

If what he’ll get is $2 million, the annualized rate if $2.83 million.

Over 12 games, it’s still more than the base salaries paid for the full season to Matt Cassel ($1.65 million) and Christian Ponder ($1.289 million).  Which means that the Vikings didn’t sign Freeman with a plan to pay him not to play.

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  1. Is this supposed to make me feel better about the deal? Ridiculous. What is the point of signing this guy? He is not the future of the franchise. It’s time to tank the seaso…, er give Ponder the rest of the year to see if he can become an adequate starter, and get our pick of franchise QB with one of the TOP 3 overall picks.

  2. Don’t forget that Cassel also got a signing bonus. His actual compensation when you average the bonus over two years is around $3 million. They aren’t going to automatically hand the job over to Freeman just because they’re paying him $2 million. I think they’ll wait for Cassel to show that he isn’t going to do the job, but they’ll obviously be looking for opportunities to get Freeman in there.

  3. What happens if Matt Cassel wins the next two games? We already know Josh doesn’t handle being a backup well. Do you really sit a guy who’s winning just because you signed a guy who’s just as mediocre as Cassel?

  4. I had no idea that Josh Freeman was such a dynamic, proficiently-skilled, high-profile, Peyton Manning-like, highly-sought-after talent until now.
    Who knew?
    Freeman obviously was a well-kept secret.

  5. Josh Freeman will revive the Vikings franchise.. This may be the missing piece, we now have a big armed QB who can throw downfield and expose the single cover around the field while the stack 8 in the box to stop AD..

    Josh Freeman 2011 Stats with the terrible Bucs:
    27 TDs
    7 Ints
    3,800 yards

    Rick Speilman is a genious

  6. Cassel was run out of Kansas City – they HATED him there. Go ask a Chiefs fan what they think of Cassel.

    Freeman will get every chance to take the job. Best possible spot he could have picked. All other options had long-term QB possibility already (Bills, Raiders, 49ers, Packers).

  7. Once again, as long as this signifies recognition that Ponder is not the long term solution, at this price, Freeman is not a big risk. Nonetheless, I’m sure the fans to the east of here wearing their Seneca Wallace jerseys will find something to criticize. . . . .

  8. The last time I saw a QB as such a hot free agent option was Peyton. Freeman isn’t even that good. Sure he has talent but has never been able to maximize his skills on the pro level. He’s never been to the playoffs, led Tampa to one winning season, and was the QB for a team that’s winless this year.

  9. Did you ever just need a new scene? New home,different job etc….Hopefully Freeman just needs a change. His coach was a certified tool. Give this big kid a chance. Some very positive stars on the Vikings to relight this kids fire. Got to love the Wilfs…always opening up the bank in pursuit of improving their team. I like it…

  10. If so, look for GB to scoop him up, GB plays MN twice yet, why not get a guy who knows their playbook and can upgrade their backup spot.

  11. Can’t wait til they find out he was the one that leaked all the info about himself. Crybaby.

  12. Lookit. If The Tennessee Titans can Ponder bringing a 350 lb Nose Tackle in to play QB (JaMarcus Russell). Why can’t the Vikings take a smart no brainer risk on a bona fide 26 year old talented real QB. Who had the misfortune to play for an incompetent coach. Who BTW, disliked him, insulted him and demoralized him from the day he walked into the door at Tampa.

    Good luck Josh and the Vikes. Make it all work out for the best.

  13. realize that he taelked cause he wanted out of Tampa, he didn’t get along with Schiano… he threw for over 4000 yds last season…I think this is a great addition and he will be inked to a long term deal after this season…welcome to Minnesota Josh….

  14. The posts on this comment board truly show the intelligence level of the average PFT commenter. Two phrases, “rookie wage scale” and “no compensating clauses”. Look ’em up. You guys know how to use google right… you type google dot(.) com into your browser and then type your question into the square bar in the middle of the page. Never ceases to amaze me.

  15. vikingapologist says:
    Oct 7, 2013 1:36 PM
    My Vikes are a joke, any win this season puts them further from their QBOTF in 2014 draft

    13 24
    Report comment

    Yea they never think like that remember when we could have had andrew luck or RG III but nope we had to go with our pride and win a meaningless game.

    Great planning there Leslie F.

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