Gary Kubiak isn’t afraid to make quarterback change if he thinks it’s needed

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After Sunday night’s loss to the 49ers, Texans coach Gary Kubiak said that Matt Schaub was still the team’s starting quarterback but couched that statement by saying that the team would meet about things Sunday night and during the week to “see where we’re at.”

Monday brought more of the same from Kubiak. He again said Schaub was the team’s starter and that he’s trying to help Schaub push through a rough patch that has featured four interceptions returned for touchdowns in the last four games. Again, though, Kubiak offered caveats to Schaub’s status as the leader of the offense. Kubiak added that he was in the “evaluation process” and said that he wasn’t afraid to pull the trigger on a change if he thinks it will help the team turn the corner.

“I can promise you there’s accountability,” Kubiak said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “If I think on our football team something needs to be done, then I’ll do it.”

McClain, who has covered the Texans since they came into existence, wrote on Twitter that he thought Kubiak made it clear he was considering making a move at quarterback. That opinion’s going to be hard to disagree with until Kubiak says that Schaub’s his guy without any suggestion that the door for a change remains open.

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  1. For as much as Dungy and Collinsworth said that they’d stick with Schaub to the dismay of Houston fans…

    Let me think about this as a fan:

    Is Matt Schaub on his best day leading the Texans to the Super Bowl? Probably not.

    As good as he is, I don’t think Schaub is a star in the NFL, and you need a star QB to win a Super Bowl in this NFL.

    This sort of reminds me of the Bears scenario with Orton and Grossman (Granted Schaub at his best is a lot better than both of them), Texan fans know Schaub won’t lead them to the promised land, they may as well try Yates and see what he has.

  2. How about getting rid of the fellow who has him throw a pass when running was effective and they had a 7 point lead on the Hawks’ last week? That would show some accountability. True Schaub may need to be replaced, but only if there is someone who gives a better chance to win. Not currently on the roster, me thinks.

  3. Don’t worry Gary. I’m sure your boss is more than willing to make a coaching change if he thinks it’s needed.

  4. How many more pick sixes can Fraud throw before Kubiak thinks its needed? This team is sinking fast and the Colts don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. The change needed to be made when JJ Watt almost spoke out against him after that seahawks game. Fraud is one Pick away from losing that locker room completely, if he hasn’t already.

  5. It doesn’t matter who the QB is for the Texans, the Colts again will take over as the AFC Champs for many years. The Texans took advantage of the division when Peyton was hurt and Luck’s rookie year the following year. Now that Luck is in his second year, good luck playing catch up for years just like the Manning era.

  6. The problem is the Franchise Owner, Coach and QB. This Franchise HAS NEVER had a Great QB; David Carr, PLUHEASE!!,now Schaub, LOL! Also, the Colts have caught up, and are going to win the Division, as much as I don’t like to admit it, but Andrew Luck is awesome. Too bad the Colts chucked and ducked through one season to get him. The Titans, no, they haven’t caught up because their in the Texans’ Shoes; NO QB! Bob McNair and Rick Smith are SCAREDY CATS, they don’t like change, and because of this the Texans will never be in a Super Bowl, unless McNair gets smart and fires both Smith and Kubiak.

  7. If you think Yates or Keenum is the answer you’re crazy. The Texans OL is a shadow of what it once was when they had Brisel,Meyers,Brown,and Winston. Andre is still good,but he’s hurting right now. They also lost good TEs in Casey and Dreesen,along with the best FB in football Vonta Leach. Schaub’s struggles are more a component of having asuspect OL and a bunch of young WR(Hopkins,Posey,Jean,etc.) than anything else. Also,the last teams 3 they’ve played all have strong pass rush ability. They got blown out by the Ravens,but Brown didn’t even suit up. Give them some time to work out the kinks,it’s not all on Schaub.

  8. Gotta be tough to be a Texans fan. You were so close but Yates couldn’t get it done against Balt and last year….well, the Pats had your number. Maybe you were intimidated, maybe you just weren’t that good but now you are scary bad. Gettin drummed by SF when Kaepernick wasn’t even having a good night, ouch. Tough decisions are afoot here. The brass can’t stand by and watch the disaster….changes need to be made or you’ll be the laughing stock of the league again. Good Luck!

  9. Don’t bench him! I want to see how many consecutive games he can throw a pick-6! It’s his only change to get into the record books.

  10. As a texans fan I really hate to see a talented team rise to their abilities. I’ve never been a huge Shaub fan cause I never felt he was a leader. When a receiver misses a route or drops a ball, I want to see the supposed leader of that team get pissed like Brady Manning, but you never see that with Shaub. He’s a great back up and soon enough will be right back at home holding the clipboard. It’s not all is fault, but those ridiculous pick sixes are!

  11. To be honest, and I’m a fan of another team looking on the outside in, Texans have a top 3 roster in this league. Their record and play falls squarely on the coach. With that roster, it’s inexcusable.

  12. Someone, owner or coach needs to get out in front of this. Sticking even a week longer with Schaub is putting the team to far down to recover. Install Keenum as starter tomorrow and throw your conservative call sheet away. Hit the gas and don’t let up. Keenum is a master at the 30 yard and deeper passes as well as the quick hitters. Consider no-huddle. You can win by 40 on Sunday and put the energy into the team that is needed to save the season.

  13. jasonsgotafever says: Oct 7, 2013 7:35 PM
    When a receiver misses a route or drops a ball, I want to see the supposed leader of that team get pissed like Brady Manning, but you never see that with Shaub.

    I couldn’t disagree more. Watching those clowns berate the WR/OL/RB for screwing up a play is frustrating, because no one does it when they(Peyton or Brady) screws up. Peyton had 3 turnovers in the playoffs last year and the Broncos fans could only scream about the safety who screwed up. Any other QB has 2 picks(1 for a TD) and a fumble in the playoffs and they’d be vilified but Peyton gets a pass. Same for Brady. He threw 2 INTs in the RED ZONE in the AFCCG, but all the media sycophants wanted to pin the blame for the loss on Welker dropping a pass on 3rd down. If they’re so great, hold them to the same standard as every other QB. There’s a difference between getting your team to focus when they’re playing badly and screaming like a schoolgirl at a guy for running the wrong route.

  14. The problem starts at the top with ownership. The home stadium is full every home game and that is all the owner cares about.

    Houston sports fans are OK with mediocre teams, period. They can gripe about Kubiak, Schaub, and everyone else, but come Sunday, there they will be tailgating, buying beer, paying for parking, and filling the seats.

  15. @bigredgoog

    You could not be more wrong regarding Keenum being a “master” of the deep ball. There’s a reason he wasn’t drafted.

  16. Schaub is looking lost right now. The running game is not as dominate as it has been in recent years and the passing game has become all too predictable. Coaching is to blame for calling pays that don’t break tendencies and for not allowing audibles when a play is destined to fail. Schaub, however, is not demonstrating good decision making, quick release or the accuracy required to succeed within the limited offense they are running. Play action isn’t effective in moving the defense and Schaub’s accuracy on the move is atrocious.

    Offensive line issues, Foster and Johnson being hampered by injury, and inconsistency from non star level players isn’t helping either.

    None of the issues really point to things being fixed by replacing Schaub with Yates or Keenum. Making the move to bench Schaub leaves you with all of the same team and coaching issues, but puts a player that isn’t as polished into the same bad situation.

  17. You fair-weather Texans fans calling for Case Keenum or TJ Yates are embarassing yourselves.

    Yes, Schaub is playing poorly, but, right now, the best medicine is an injection of confidence, and he’s not going to get it when drunken morons are burning his jersey (the NFL thanks you for your purchase, BTW) and posting hate tweets all over the Internet.

    So Yates/Keenum had a good preseason against other teams’ backups. So did the Bills’ Jeff Tuel, and he just got benched for a street free agent.

    You can hope and pray that Rick Smith (and possibly Kubiak) try to extend their own shelf-life by grabbing a QB in the first round of next year’s loaded draft (I’m sure Nuk would love #TajhBoyd2014 to come true), but Yates and Keenum this season aren’t the answer. Unless the question is “What’s the stupidest decision that Kubiak could make this side of not firing Joe Marciano?”

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