Jaguars expect Blaine Gabbert to miss this week

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The Jaguars will face the Broncos without the services of starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

Jaguars coach Gus Bradley said at his Monday press conference that the team expects Gabbert to need at least one week off after suffering a hamstring injury against the Rams. Beyond that, Gabbert is “week to week,” Bradley said.

That means Chad Henne will get the privilege of being the starting quarterback for the biggest underdog in NFL history. Denver is a 28-point favorite in Sunday’s game.

So far this season, Henne has been a clearly superior quarterback to Gabbert: Henne has completed 55.8 percent of his passes, averaged 6.3 yards a pass and thrown two touchdowns and one interception. Gabbert has completed 48.8 percent of his passes, averaged 5.6 yards a pass and thrown one touchdown pass and seven interceptions.

In fact, Henne starting ahead of Gabbert may move the line a bit in Jacksonville’s favor. Perhaps by kickoffs, the Jaguars will only be 26-point underdogs.

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  1. Beyond that, Gabbert is “week to week,” Bradley said.
    The quote is correct, but I believe the spelling is, “weak… too weak.”

  2. I don’t see it happening but it would be nice to Denver become victim to the greatest upset of all time.

  3. It’s all relative, but I never did understand why Gabbert was starting over Henne. As a wise man once said (this morning), “Potential just means you haven’t done anything.”

  4. Jags would be better off using no QB at all than using Gabbert. At least there would be no INTs if there was no QB.

  5. I actually feel bad for Gabbert. Obviously he sucks, and obviously everyone knows he sucks. So it stands to reason that he knows that everyone knows he sucks. So that probably sucks.

  6. The only way the line drops is if the Broncos pity the Jags because they have to start Henne. Anyone who’s paid attention knows that Henne gives the Jaguars a better chance for throwing the game away early. But he’ll pad his completion percentage with easy short throws, and might get a TD once the game is well out of hand.

  7. Henne just gets his stats in garbage time. Gabbert has beaten him out two years in a row for the starting job. Even though Blaine was hurt through much of training camp this year. Which is not to say that Henne is a bad quarterback, he was a three year starter in Miami before he came to Jax.

    Anyway, couch potato experts, half the teams in the league are adjusting their quarterbacking situation at the moment. Jaguars ARE NOT. So shut up and go back to what you’re good at. Gaining unhealthy weight and alienating those around you.

  8. The Broncos back-ups will be in by the 3rd quarter. The refs will initiate the running clock rule and the Broncos will not be allowed to pass and only run the ball between the tackles…mercy!

  9. The Jaguars will face the Broncos without the services of starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

    …and there was much rejoicing in the villages of Jacksonville.

  10. “…but I never did understand why Gabbert was starting over Henne.”

    Gabbert has more ability now, and is better as a future option. His INTs are because the coaches told him to not be so timid (which Mularkey hammered into the whole offense last year), so he’s trying to make more plays happen. If you don’t throw picks, you can’t learn from those mistakes and get better. Any idiot could pad his completion percentage and avoid picks by throwing short easy completions for 3-4 yards and another punt, which is what Henne does.

    Henne got a number of games to start last year. He came in, threw more picks, and managed to throw the game away every week. EVERY SINGLE WEEK. You knew going into the 4th quarter that even if it was close, Henne would find a way to throw it away. The only win the Jags have had with Henne at QB was when they stopped letting him throw the ball and just ran-ran-ran for the go-ahead touchdown, and the defense picked off Jake Locker twice to seal the deal. He was choking hard in that game, too.

    But people just hate Gabbert so much that they’ll forget what Henne really is and claim he’s somehow better.

    It’s like the people who wanted Alex Smith but miss the point that Smith’s early years were worse than Gabbert’s without having been tossed in the same nightmare; he just was given a chance to worse on his game and in time got a coach who set up an offense that utilized his abilities the best.

  11. Jax elects to receive the ball on the opening kick, touchback, ballis brought up to the 20…Henne under center…Broncos Defense has yet to take the field…ball is Snapped! Pass intended for Short falls incomplete, 2nd and 10′ still no Denver Defense on the field…quick snap, handed off to MJD who gets tripped up by the center at the 21! 3rd and 9, Henne in the shotgun, 3-wide set, ball is snapped over Chad’s head…Henne is quick to fall on the ball back on the 12 yard line! Jaguars elect to punt as rest of Denver’s team enters the field from the tunnel…..

  12. Sign Tebow this week to play against his former team. Nevermind learning the offense – there isn’t one. Just have him draw the plays in the dirt. Play Selection: 5 passes, 35 handoffs, 15 QB sneaks.

  13. If the Jaguars score even 3 points in this game I can almost here the local Jaguars radio announcer now……I CAN’T BELIEVE IT BILL!

  14. thegreatgabbert and kaptingavrin have got to be trolls. Nobody on earth could possibly look at that scared, inept, injury faking piece of garbage and be happy he is our QB. The reason that Gabbert is the worst QB in the history of the NFL is because no QB that terrible has been given this many chances to find new ways to humiliate his team.

  15. Manning got lucky. Blaine Gabbert was going to throw all the denver TD passes that day. And GreatGabbert, as a Jaguars season ticket holder since day one, I watch every minute of every game. Gabbert is the problem. Others make mistakes, but not at the pace he makes them. Hes not accurate at all and he has no idea how to act in the pocket. He is not a pro style qb.

  16. Anyone who thinks Henne is clearly better has clearly not been watching the games. Henne’s stats are only better because he stepped in when the game was well 0ver with KC and SL. Watching him shows you a QB who constantly over/underthrows open receivers and has passes batted down.

  17. Kaptaingarvin and thegreatgabbert are actually gabbert groupies who probably are high when they post!

  18. Blaine Gabbert is god-awful. But what does it speak of Dom Capers when this excrement-level QB was able to carve up a playoff team’s defense -which was at home- for 43 more yards than he has ever thrown before – or after – in his 3 year career? Just pathetic. I don’t think this gets mentioned enough. That game is reason alone that Dom Capers should not have been brought back in 2013, and is past his prime.

  19. sillec28 says:
    Oct 7, 2013 4:12 PM
    Jags would be better off using no QB at all than using Gabbert. At least there would be no INTs if there was no QB.
    At first I laughed at this and then I realized that’s it’s actually true.

    They really would be better off with no QB at all.

  20. The Jags should sign Tebow to a one-game contract. They have zero chance of winning against Denver; their offensive line, which wasn’t that good to start with, is now decimated, and whoever is back there will get pounded. Tebow can take it better than most, and he is better in broken plays than he (or Gabbert or Henne) is at designed plays.

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