Jets stuff Falcons to end half, hold onto 10-point lead


The Falcons have had trouble in the red zone all year. Things aren’t getting any better.

The Jets lead 17-7 at the half after stuffing Jacquizz Rodgers at the goal line on the final play of the second quarter. That Rodgers run came at the end of a long sequence for the Falcons in the red zone — nine snaps including two Jets penalties that handed over first downs — that ended with boos as the team ran off to the locker room. The Falcons got one last shot with a second left after the Jets mugged Tony Gonzalez in the end zone, but their offensive line failed once again to do anything to hold up the Jets defenders and Rodgers was swallowed well short of six points.

It ended a half that saw a lot of good things happen for the Jets in all phases of the game. They blocked a punt, their talented defensive line completely stopped the Falcons’ attempt to establish a run game and Geno Smith threw one incompletion and two touchdown passes. It’s gone just about as well as possible for the Jets, who surrendered the only Falcons score after a Roddy White fumble took a fortuitous bounce into Julio Jones’ hands for a long gain.

Atlanta has now failed to score touchdowns on 12 of their 20 trips into the red zone this season, a problem that will seriously hurt their chances of contending in the NFC South. A healthy Steven Jackson would help, but better play from the offensive line is a must if the Falcons are going to win the fight for the extra yard in the future.

32 responses to “Jets stuff Falcons to end half, hold onto 10-point lead

  1. So, no Steven Jackson – they cannot penetrate line of scrimmage – so why did they try it at the one?
    Coaching staff has to take some blame, not all the players.

  2. All the Minnysoda toads are jealously watching Geno Smith and peeing in their lavender valor footed pajamas with matching Helga Hat while throwing a childish tantrum screaming at the top of their lungs, it’s not fair.

  3. That was a horrible play to call when they have struggled to run the ball all night. They give it to the smallest back they have? Down 10, you take the points…

  4. In a 10 point game, how do you not take the guaranteed 3 points? This guy coaches like it’s a video game. It’s a 2 possession game always, so why not take the FG and ensure it’s down to a 1 possession game. He did the same thing last week and it burned him.

    Whats worse than making a mistake, is making the same mistake over and over and over again hoping that it will pan out one time and justify all the other times it has failed.

  5. Have they heard of kicking field goals? This is the NFL, not Madden ’13. Those 3 points would be pretty valuable right now. Two weeks in a row hes made the wrong decision down in the red zone on 4th down.

  6. Inexcusable to not take the three points there. You gave it one shot on 4th down, it failed and you got a free pass with the penalty. You take the points.

  7. Who would have thought coming out of preseason that after 5 weeks, the Jets would actually look decent, and the Falcons and Giants would be a complete clusterfarkle, and combine for 1-9?? Wow.

  8. Gruden is such a tool as a play-by-play guy. Looked like a lot of homecooking by the refs on the last falcons drive……..and no, I’m not a fan of either team……..

  9. That 3 points Atlanta didn’t get just cost them the game. Seems to be something typical of this Falcons team. Mike Smith seems to have this irritating itch to want to go for it on 4th down in the weirdest moments.

  10. And the Falcons lose by 2 points…you just know the reporters cannot wait to ask the coach if he regrets not kicking the field goal at the end of the half…

  11. Although I didn’t like it when the Seahawks passed up the gimme FG in last season’s playoff game at the end of the half, at least that one kind of made sense. They were down by 20, on the road and it was the playoffs (playoffs?). Really don’t get Atlanta passing up the points at home down by only 10. Coincidentally, both teams lost by a GW FG, same score.

  12. As a Saints fan, I am glad Smith didn’t take the points like every other team in the NFL would have done in that situation, LOL. Good call!

  13. Falcons are so overrated because they have this “star” QB or at least the media wants to paint him as the next Tom Brady. Maybe the Falcons just aren’t a very good team?

  14. Dimitrov has taken alot of shortcuts in building the 2013 Falcons, and now it’s all coming home to roost.

    – The o-line is a real weakness in short yardage and pass protection.

    – The d-line cannot generate a consistent pass rush.

    – I love Julio, but trading a boatload of picks for a stud WR is a doomed strategy. When was last time a team lead by one of those WRs won the Super Bowl? It’s better to have a large number of above average WRs instead of one or two studs.

    – Trading the second rounder for Gonzales was hailed as a great move, but he’s done after this season. In the meantime, Jimmy Graham, and Gronk all have the rest of their careers ahead of them. Atlanta should have simply drafted a TE instead of trading for the 34 year old Gonzales.

    Not only is Atlanta is on the verge of losing Tony Gonzales, but Roddy White isn’t getting any younger either. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones cannot win by themselves. Dimitrov needs to top trading for veterans and stop trading up. Actually use ALL your picks and draft lineman. Then allow the coaches to develop those lineman. No more shortcuts.

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