Nick Folk 43-yard field goal gives Jets victory over Falcons

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The New York Jets are 3-2. The Atlanta Falcons are 1-4. Just like we all expected right?

Geno Smith beautifully led the Jets during a two-minute drill to set up a 43-yard game-winning field goal from Nick Folk to give New York a 30-28 win over the Falcons on Monday night.

Matt Ryan had just led the Falcons on a 69-yard scoring drive, culminating with a 3-yard touchdown pass to tight end Levine Toilolo, to give the Falcons a 28-27 lead. Smith took over with 1:54 left to play and marched the Jets down the field. Smith was 4 for 4 on the final drive with a scramble of eight yards as well as the Jets moved from their own 20-yard line to the Falcons 25.

Folk then drilled the field goal inside the left upright to give the Jets their third victory of the season.

Smith finished the night 16 of 20 with 199 yards and three touchdowns with a passer rating of 147.7.

A decision by Falcons’ head coach Mike Smith to end the first half came back to haunt the Falcons. Trailing 17-7, Atlanta elected to go for a touchdown on the final play of the half from the Jets’ 1-yard line instead of kicking the 19-yard field goal. Jaquizz Rodgers was stonewalled by the Jets and the Falcons left points on the board. Those extra three points proved crucial as the Jets needed only a field goal to win the game and not a touchdown on their final possession of the game.

The Falcons have now lost more games this season than they did all of last year, including losses at home to the New England Patriots and New York Jets in consecutive weeks.

119 responses to “Nick Folk 43-yard field goal gives Jets victory over Falcons

  1. Big win for the Jets. Should have been over after that 4th down stop kept alive by a bs holding call. Falcons are in trouble.

  2. The media and fans expect rookie quarterbacks to be flawless. There’s a reason Geno Smith wasn’t a slam dunk first round pick. But the kid is showing a gritty side. He has a long way to go, but he’s performing without a lot of weapons. Not a Jets fan, but it’s fun to watch young guys develop.

  3. This was a huge come from behind win on the road. If this is a circus then buy me some cotton candy because I’m loving it.

  4. Gotta give the refs credit. They did all they could to add to Matt Ryan’s “legacy” and gave them all the phantom DPI calls Tony Gonzalez could want, but the Falcons STILL couldn’t hold on.

    “Rise Up”…. no, stay seated.

  5. 1) Rex Ryan is making it impossible to fire him. I, and a lot of others, were wrong. Rex has them playing great right now.

    2) Mike Smith.. what’re you thinking? The Falcons literally got a mulligan at half and decided to hand it off to their 5’6 running back. Even if he made it that was the wrong call.

    3) I was wrong about Geno. Honestly I had no idea he could sling it like that. He has and will make rookie mistakes, but Sanchez was still making rookie mistakes 5 years in.

  6. The refs tried real hard to hand the falcons the game with that call, but the jets came back down the field. Good night Atlanta.

  7. The Falcons have zero chance of winning the division now. The Saints probably won’t lose four games in the entire season. I picked the Saints to win the division, but I didn’t think it would be THIS one sided.

  8. When is Mike Smith going to be on the hot seat? How many bone headed decisions can a coach make? ….wait a sec…as a Saints fan, never mind. Coach Smith needs a contract extension!!! BWAHAHAHA!

  9. A damn fine game out of the Jets.

    Also, isn’t this the second week in a row that Mike Smith has made a bad decision over going for it on 4th and short?

  10. Again with this “Don’t go for it on 4th down”-nonsense. Nobody ever talks about it if teams win because they went for it in the first half, and that happens all the time. The result was bad, the decision was good. (However, to run your skinny RB through the middle against that Jets D-Line if you have Snelling, Gonzales, Julio Jones and White… THAT is the stupid part.)

  11. A few thoughts:

    1) A gut-wrenching loss for Atlanta. The season is starting to slip away. This team needs some W’s immediately.

    2) If Mike Nolan and the ATL defensive staff had a shred of dignity, they would submit mass resignations to Arthur Blank and retire quietly from the NFL. How do you let Geno Smith — GENO SMITH — score 30 points? Unbelievable and unforgivable.

    3) Matty Ice earned his nickname today. The man has gravel in his guts. He is a very impressive QB. The way he engineered those two TD drives at the end was spectacular.

  12. Well , it looks like the Falcons are going to end up losing to every AFC East team ; they’re three for three thus far.

  13. Oh and the Jets have the same amount of wins as the Giants, Falcons, Steelers, and Texans…. COMBINED!

  14. And kudos, by the way, to Mark Sanchez, who will never play another snap for this team, being the good soldier and rooting the team on from the sidelines.

    Are you paying attention, Josh Freeman?

  15. Go ahead Jets!… Happy for your team, its so great to have that young QB who is dynamic…. Great game, hope you guys make a run!

  16. At the bar, end of first half, must have been 20 guys all yelling “just kick the field goal!”

    The peanut gallery knows best.

  17. I don’t care what anyone says, a rookie QB missing his number one wide receiver, on the road, on Monday night, against a team that was less than 20 yds short of the superbowl last year, goes out there and goes 16/20 with 199 and 3TDS is nothing shy of great. Top that off with the fact he watched Matt Ryan march down the field and score with less than two minutes left, kept his cool, and ran a perfect 2 minute drill for the game winning field goal, is nothing short of spectacular. Nothing but respect.

  18. On one hand I feel bad for Tony G. On the other hand he should’ve known better than to stick with the Falcons if he really came back to win a Super Bowl.
    Sad but true. -Metallica

  19. If you would have told me the Jets would be 4-1 and the Falcons 1-4 before the season, I would have asked who your dealer was!

    Props to the Jets for overcoming a BS defensive holding call.

  20. If a QB gets 3 yrs to prove worth – how about a head coach?
    Over 5 years in Mike Smith has proved he isn’t a ‘franchise’ coach.
    Better than other Falcon teams, okay….
    What has that gotten you?
    Playoffs every year, one post-season win in 5 yrs, one of the leagues worst teams 2013.
    Congrats – you are ‘better’ with Mike Smith.

  21. Not a fan of either team but man the jets got a lot of help from the zebras tonight. Phantom offensive PI calls & PI noncalls that should’ve been called.

    With that said, Geno might be the real deal. Kid bounced back in a big way from the thumping the Titans put on him. Sanchez should dust off the old resume. Or better yet, maybe he should burn his resume & just flash a grin in interviews with prospective teams.

  22. All of the NFL experts must be really proud of themselves for picking the Jets #32 before the season started. Maybe they were confused and thought they were picking the Giants.

  23. Geno played very well tonight. It was good to see Sanchez in the background super excited when Folk hit that field goal to win it. Not a Sanchez fan with how he plays; but a seeing a former starter now on the bench and being a good teammate is nice.

  24. Proud of this team, big win.

    When Geno doesn’t turn the ball over they’ll be in every game.

    Perfect game plan from Marty M.

    Wilkerson and co. dominated up front. Hopefully he starts getting the credit he deserves. He’s an All-Pro caliber player and has been for the past two years.

    And can’t say enough about Nick Folk. Guy is absolutely money.

  25. Geno Smith played with a lot of poise tonight. Good game for the rook. 3 game winning drives. Gongrats jets fans.

  26. If ATL kicks the fg, then on 4th down they kick the FG to tie instead of the bogus holding call and then following TD.

  27. Pretty crazy game. Jacked up as a jets fan right now. Not going to buy into the hype that will follow this game. Beating the Falcons at home is good but this Falcon team just might not be that good.

  28. One more thing: Osi Umenyiora is slower than my deceased grandmother (may she rest in peace). He had NO CHANCE at tackling Geno Smith on the 3rd down bootleg to the left on the final Jets drive.

  29. Falcons a bunch of Frauds, can’t convert in redzone, can’t rush the passer, can’t get takeaways, what people see in this team ?

    Say what you want about Rex, but he brings a Quality defense each year and has these motivated, Their Defensive Front is terrific, Wilkerson was destroying them all night. Geno was terrific, really surprised he played so well, especially on that last drive.

  30. Jets > Giants

    Seriously, none of us thought we’d be saying this after five weeks of football. But I guess it’s time to give the Jets a little respect.

  31. The Jets are proving alot of people, myself included, wrong so far.

    The Saints may have already clinched the division. If the NFC Championship goes through the Superdome….look out!

  32. Terrible decision not to kick the field goal at the end of the half. Thats not just hind-sight talking either.

    Mike Smith takes 3 points for granted way too many times. Take the points early in the game, especially when the game is within 10 points. No excuse for that decision. The guy coaches like I played Madden back in the day.

  33. Sometimes confidence can be mistaken for arrogance. With that said Geno Smith’s confidence grows every week. Only the 2nd rookie EVER (Marino being the other) to throw 3 TDs on MNF and the 2nd rookie to win a road game on MNF.

    He has taken responsibility for his mistakes and this team is rallying behind him. Time to start giving him some respect.

  34. The Atlanta Fall-CONS… Just sad, and don’t use the injury excuse. Horrible coaching and no true team character. Who Dat say they gonna beat dem SAINTS?????

  35. Statistically it’s been proven it’s best to go for it on 4th and 1 than punt/kick field goal. Even if it wasn’t, the entire second half would have played out differently because the game situation would have been different and the coaches would have made different calls.

  36. That was a terrible terrible coaching decision on Smith’s part, i couldnt believe it when they went for it on that poor play.

  37. Falcants will be lucky to win 6 games this year. All that money. All that (alleged) talent. At least they RISE UP b4 they choke.
    WHO DAT !!

  38. Think, the ‘oh when the saints’ melody…

    Oh when the ice, it starts to melt…oh when the ice it starts to melt…we will be, without a ringgggg, oh when the ice it starts to meelllllt!


  39. As the saying goes… “Any Given Monday”… especially when a coach leaves points on the field to end the first half. When do the Saban or Gruden to Atlanta rumors begin???


  40. Why were the falcons fans booing? So your team is in an injury riddled slump and down a bit at half, you’re already booing a playoff team 4 of the last 5 years?

    I’d put a pic of Jerry Glanville on all TVs and jumbo tron all through halftime. That should silence the boos.

  41. Which division winner from last year is showing less heart this year?

    Thumbs up for Falcons.
    Thumbs down for Texans.

  42. It REALLY sucks to be a Falcons fan sometimes. This is either gonna be the beginning of one of the most amazing comeback seasons or the start of a very disappointing season.

  43. Matt Ryan, like his namesake Matt Schaub and Tony Romo, finds a way to lose, even when the refs negate a fine stand by the Jets on 4th & goal; a terrible call, too quick and away from the play.

    If Joe Flacco had Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez, the Ravens would win a second SB: in a walk. But of course, the fantasy players hate him because he doesn’t put up great stats. He just wins.

  44. Come on Falcants, RISE UP! BWA-HaaahaHaaaaa…..
    Mike Smith is a professional loser! Clown fans of a Clown TEAM in a CLOWN TOWN!

  45. I hope people start taking the Jets seriously now. I’m of course only half serious.

    But really, I hope all the people who thought the Jets were garbage realize that they need to stop listening to idiotic talking heads and actually pay attention to teams. The Jets have more talent than the team last year that went 6-10.

  46. Boy, this must be really embarrassing to all you guys who were convinced the Jets were actually the worst team in the league.

  47. I was wrong about genovsmith . As much as it pains me to say it being a pats fan the dude looks sharp. People said he wasn’t a leader and wasn’t tough and I wasn’t impressed but he’s grown exponentially in the nfl. His footwork and accuracy have really improved. He is infininitey times better than Sanchez and he can be special. On the other hand the falcons need to get rid of their oc. They have no play diversity whatsoever. No misdirection in the running game.. No play action passes. I know it’s a passing league but you have to at least run the ball. Oklahoma state throws it a bunch and they still run the ball well… I don’t get it. Matt Ryan is good but if you do nothing but throw 5 step drops you aren’t gonna win a lot of close games

  48. Falcons…

    So your your offense stalls for most of the game, But makes an awesome comeback to take the lead in the 4th quarter. However, your defense blows it by letting the other guys drive down the field in the final seconds to kick a field goal and end your season. (your 1-4…don’t tell me your season isn’t over)

    Sucks, eh?

    A Seahawks fan

  49. Good idea to go for the TD, at least if it fails you’ll pin the Jets at…..oh…wait. Well at least this didn’t happen 2 weeks straight, that would look pretty desperate.

  50. What wasn’t mentioned; even if the Falcons had taken the FG at the end of the half, they more than likely would have just went for a FG at the end of the game when they had 4th and 3 in that situation (leaving more than 2 minutes on the clock).

    Not saying he made the right decision not going for it, but it’s hard to say that really did cost them. Geno Smith was going to have way too much time against that currently horrible defense anyway.

    And one question. Why are you running on the 1 with your smallest back? C’mon man.

  51. wish i could say i expected that one. maybe the jets will be fun to watch this year after all

  52. That first half was the best half of football the Jets have played in over 3 years. Only right they come back with a great drive at end to win the game.

  53. Folk Hero wins it in the NICK of time…

    (…didja see what I just did there? Sometimes I amaze even myself)

  54. Paper Lions !

    Educated fans have always known the Falcons are an average team ….at best.

    1. QB has the weakest arm in the league. Their strategy is to throw 10 yard passes the entire evening/ Dink & Dunk. His longest ball in the air all night against the Jets was 15 yards.

    2. QB has ZERO play making ability, with his feet or arm. He is sooooo over-hyped, he is the modern day Danny White. A stats guy! So, on paper, he looks good.

    3. Poor defense. The ownership/ coaching staff apparently feel, it’s not important to retain quality defensive players.

    4. The Falcons were the beneficiaries of a VERY weak schedule last year and SEVERAL very favorable calls by the refs, at crucial moments that helped to facilitate wins.

    Now let’s see someone Make A Play….starting with the stat stuffing qb !

  55. Had the Falcons won it would have been a complete farce. The Refs were on the Jets all night with ridiculous calls. Best example, the PI called of #56 on fourth down on the final Falcons drive was unbelievable … that looked/smelled like a Ref looking for anything to prolong that game.

    Meanwhile NO flag on the massive & very visible amounts of holding the Jets three down linemen suffered on that play?

    Not a Jets fan at all, but I must say that Rex called a great game on defense. As for the Falcons … that’s a bad o-line, real bad.

  56. I still don’t think Rex is a good head coach or that the Jets are playoff bound. They have benefitted from some really poor decisions by opponents (Bucs penalty at end of game to set up FG; Atlanta not kicking FG at end of first half).

    But the Jets team so far is playing with determination, and they are in a weak and wide open divsion, so their chances are not nearly as bad as most thought.

  57. At this rate, we should be close enough to grab Clowney and maybe they’ll have a real pass rush next year when the two young corners have a little more experience. Still… what a damn year.

  58. Oh so nooooo one wants to comment when the Jets do something good, but the minute the circus rolls in, theres about 200 comments. Haters gonna hate!

  59. I’m a Ravens fan and happy for the Jets fans. Rex is a great coach and one of the reasons Baltimore didn’t hire him was because of his brashness, bravado and simply a lose canon. Guess what , that’s what they got until late last year and this year where he has been out of the papers and he has listen to his GM about the starting QB. It’s great to be loyal to Mark but something needed to change. Trading their locker room leader may have helped the circus atmosphere. Whatever, again its good for these fans along itch Cleveland fans to have a team to root for that wins.

  60. …aaaaand there’s goes my Survivor team.

    The #2 rule of Survivor is don’t pick a bad team. Me and the hundreds of others shaking our heads today can only blame ourselves for not realizing how bad this Falcons team is this year.

  61. Matty Melts strikes again! Seriously has any player ever done less to carry a nickname that infers he’s clutch. The bigger the stage the more likely Matt Ryans gonna choke.

  62. You know your defense is bad when you make geno smith look like a competent qb. Falcons need to figure it out.

    Geno will go back to being geno and continue to be terrible yet the media will take the few good plays he has and talk him up as a good qb, just like they do with cam and kap.

  63. RISE UP…until the SAINTS, Dolphins, Pats and Jets tell us to sit down and shut up! Be thankful you pulled out a garbage win in St. Louis…a game you should have lost! Falcons are a joke and just like Romo…Ryan doesn’t have what it takes.

  64. modown0 says:
    Oct 7, 2013 11:57 PM
    If you would have told me the Jets would be 4-1 and the Falcons 1-4 before the season, I would have asked who your dealer was!

    The Jets are 3-2, but I get your point. They were certainly expected to be amongst the worst teams in the league, and they are far from that.

  65. Here’s a silver lining for you…you can’t lose this week…its an impossibility!

  66. Four games behind the Saints, with wildcard competition from the Bears, Lions, Packers, 49ers, Cowboys, and/or Eagles. It’s getting really close to “season over”.

  67. titansbro says:
    Oct 7, 2013 11:57 PM
    Not a fan of either team but man the jets got a lot of help from the zebras tonight. Phantom offensive PI calls & PI noncalls that should’ve been called.

    With that said, Geno might be the real deal. Kid bounced back in a big way from the thumping the Titans put on him. Sanchez should dust off the old resume. Or better yet, maybe he should burn his resume & just flash a grin in interviews with prospective teams.


    I don’t know what game you were watching but the only team getting spotted by the refs was Atlanta! Especially at the end of the half which we managed to overcome and also on that last 4th down stop in Q4 that got to F birds back in the game! I was at the game & there were an obvious holding non-calls to the Jets D Line with ref looking right at it that kept an Atl TD drive alive.

    Plus all you whiners complaining about going for it on 4th & one at the end of the half need to give it up. It was a legit strategy if you make it. Not the best play call into the strength of the Jets line but he obviously wasn’t respecting our abity there. He & the rest of the league will learn the hard way. Anyway happens all the time & if you make it it sets a strong tone for the game. Jets D just outplayed & controlled the line. Go for it or not you gotta suck it up & stop embarrassing yourselves with all your bi*ching. Your team didn’t execute end of story.

  68. I love it!

    The team everyone has been going down on for a couple of years looks great and a play-off team is tanking the season.

    Good entertainment, NFL.

  69. I was rooting for Smith with all the negativity after he was drafted. Kid shook it off and played a heck of game. Now will it continue? I dont know but it sure is the right year for a rookie QB to play, the way the NFC East is shaping up. JETS might just win that division.

  70. Watch Thomas get another “Executive of the Year” award…even thou most of his draft picks don’t pan out, so he has to plug holes with nearly washed up players, team is never injured – QB/team eeks out a lot of fluke victories against garbage teams like the raiders.

    But now – the vets are washed up, the team finally isn’t immune to injuries, nice to see a hack exposed.

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