ProFootballTalk: Raiders release Matt Flynn

The Raiders have released quarterback Matt Flynn after falling to number three on the Oakland depth chart. Is the message that Matt Flynn is not good enough to be on the Raiders, or is this a vote of confidence for Terrelle Pryor?



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  1. I’m Hoping that we commit to Pryor long term and use our draft picks on Offensive Linemen! Pryor weas running for his life last night. Just imagine what he could do with some time to throw

  2. Al Davis, the visionary, had one last trick under his sleeve before he left us. Drafting the future face of this organization to lead us from the dark and onto Lombardi’s doorstep, Mr. Terelle Pryor. God bless you Al. Raider Nation!

  3. 1. Yeah, Big Reg wiffed on Flynn. It was a desperate move due to the Palmer situation and no proven QB on the roster.

    2. Wilson was a partial wiff. He is still on the roster which gives us a chance to develop him.

    3. Raiders can’t get out of their own way looking for a QB? No credit for McGloin? Clearly Big Reg thinks enough of him to have the confidence to cut Flynn before signing another QB.

    Lighten up, PFT. Raider haters already have ESPN for their source of hate.

  4. The late great Al Davis had a moment of clarity before his demise, within that time span his last great pick was made. That moment of clarity is Terrelle Pryor.

    Regardless what Al did prior to Pryor, he got it right. The man saw a diamond in the rough and ran with his gut feeling. Al was right, the man was right !


  5. I think the big message to Pryor is that we did not sign Josh Freeman, and then we release Flynn. Really bold moves by the new management, but it is refreshing from Al’s crazy days of the recent past. I really like the move, because it shows the players on the team that it’s next man up, or next man gone if you don’t “getter done!!!!!!”. We are here to win. Gotta love it. “Just Win Baby”.

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