Report: Pat White leaving Buffalo for workout with Raiders


The Raiders and Bills were two of the teams vying to sign Josh Freeman, who decided to cast his lot with the Vikings instead.

Now the two teams are both in the mix for the services of Pat White. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that White will leave Buffalo and head to Oakland to work out for the Raiders on Tuesday.

That report comes on the heels of another one from Schefter that had the Bills asking White to hang around Buffalo after his workout in the event they wanted to sign him. The team also worked out Dennis Dixon, but didn’t follow up with interest in signing him. The team announced Monday that they will promote Thad Lewis from the practice squad and make him their starter against the Bengals in Week Six.

White had some strong moments for the Redskins in the preseason and his experience in systems similar to the ones the Bills and Raiders are running this season would seem to make him a decent backup fit in either place.

15 responses to “Report: Pat White leaving Buffalo for workout with Raiders

  1. Pryor looks like he is a better version of RG3 right now. He was money last night and several of his “incompletes” were throw aways and he still had a QB rating of 135. How ya feeling now haters?

  2. Pat White, like Vince Young, is not being helped by these teams who waffle and talk about giving them ‘looks’ – it just keeps feeding into their delusions that they still have a chance at an NFL career. They need to recognize the fact that it’s over, and start working on making new lives and futures for themselves.

  3. I was a big Pat White fan when he was at WVU and had high hopes for him when Miami drafted him. It was at the time that the Wildcat was en vogue and he was perfect for that role……that was until he took THE HIT…..quiet honestly when it happened I thought the guy was dead.

    That was the end of his NFL dream until he got the itch to get back on the field with Washington.

    Here’s hoping he takes a long slow motion look of that hit and. rethinks this notion that he is an NFLer. He was a great college QB….go back home Pat…become a coach…do something…anything…just don’t go back out there…the next hit may be fatal.

  4. With Pryor at the helm and the success that it has brought the team this makes sense. Get a backup with a similar skill set to Pryor. The o line is just too bad right now.

  5. I can’t wait until Jared Veldheer returns. You will definitely give the quarterback more time to throw. Its a factor. Hes a factor.

  6. Mark Davis please get involved with the operations of the Oakland Raiders. You don’t need another Quarterback now. What you need is to get the team stabilized to some degree so they can work as a team. Terrell Pryor has a great game and the next thing you read is that Pat White is coming for a workout. What the hell is going on? Isn’t there enough pressure on the players now. Get rid of that excuse for a Coach and get somebody in there that know football.

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