Vick could miss two games, but his job is likely secure

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Nick Foles, you’re up.

Until you’re back down.

As reported elsewhere, Vick’s hamstring injury will cause him to miss Sunday’s game at Tampa.  Per a league source, Vick also could miss the following Sunday’s game, at home against the Cowboys.

We’re told Vick is week-to-week, even though coach Chip Kelly has said he’s day-to-day.

Kelly also suggested to reporters on Monday that Foles could play his way into the job.

There’s always open competition,” Kelly said, via Tim McManus of  “If Nick goes out there and goes 100-for-100 and throws 27 touchdown passes, then yeah.”

Privately, Kelly remains committed to Vick.  When Kelly picked Vick, Kelly said it’s a decision for the whole season.

In 2010, Vick played his way into the starting job after Kevin Kolb suffered a Week One concussion.  So it would be hard for Vick to complain if it happens.  Short of 27 touchdown passes from Kolb, it most likely won’t.

42 responses to “Vick could miss two games, but his job is likely secure

  1. Foles had an impressive outing, albeit against a Giants team that seems to have packed it in for the year… Will be interesting to see what he does against a team who actually cares.

  2. So if he goes 99 for 100 you’re going back to Vick? dope.

    It’s statements like those that cement my belief that this guy is not a big time coach.

  3. Vick’s job is secure for the same reasons Reid went with him as starter: Kelly is too stubborn to admit he made a mistake.
    Bad Newz needs to be cut from this roster. Yesterday.

  4. Ha! Either way, birds win this division. I guess Philly defense isn’t as bad as everyone says it is…let up 52 against Denver and Dallas let up 51. Dallas defense couldn’t force a punt, although recovering a fumble and forcing an INT to keep it close. Denver may put 50 points up 5 more times.

  5. He’s going to miss 2 1/2 of the first 7 games of the year. This is why the eagles need to move on from him. He will always end up missing multiple games due to injury. Sure bets– Denver will beat the jaguars and Vick will miss more games after he comes back from this current injury.

  6. I like Foles quite a bit. The problem for the Eagles & Foles is they are facing Tampa Bay coming off a bye week. The Buccaneers “can be” a lot better then they have shown but they have morale issues and an iffy young QB.
    Now on the other hand (again) if the Bucs cover Jackson with Revis all day and put 7 or 8 in the box to shutdown McCoy where does Foles throw the ball?
    Interesting storyline for a “MEDICORE BOWL” but isn’t that most of the NFL?

  7. @justintuckrule Kelly was joking with that line. He was asked if Foles had any chance of winning the starting job back and Kelly was saying that anything was possible.

  8. Not so much on this page, but on a related page, the argument for keeping Vick as the QB was because in this offense, he opens up the running game. However, last year with BOTH Vick and McCoy out, Bryce Brown came in and ripped off 345 yards in a 3 game span. It is all about the blocking. If you want to sell out as the Giants did yesterday and stop McCoy, fine–they may cover Jackson, but Foles will go to whomever is open,,be it the TE or Riley Cooper–again, last season, when Foles came in as a rookie, Riley Cooper had a lot of passes thrown in his direction–simply because at 6-6, Foles can see the field a whole lot better than the 511 Vick.

  9. keepongronking says:
    Oct 7, 2013 3:26 PM
    Mike Vick is a better option for that offense purely because he can bust out 20 yard scrambles , but Nick foles is a better quarterback

    If Vick is such a perfect fit for this offense because of his scrambling ability, why was the first QB selected by Kelly himself to play in it Matt Barkley, a pocket passer with good mobility, but not a runner like Vick?

    It’s a MYTH. Running ability is NOT the most important thing to running Kelly’s offense. Being able to read and adapt to the defense post snap is.

    I don’t believe that Kelly has ever viewed Vick as anything more than a one year transitional starter while he installs his program there. Vick will be gone next year and if Foles goes 2-0 over the next two weeks and puts up good numbers doing it, Vick never gets back on the field again.

    Until Foles gets hurt. LOL

  10. Say what you want for Vicks benefit Kelly. Everyone knows all it will take is 2 good games by Foles for him to be penciled in as your starter. And if not, I’d like to hear what the Philly fan base would have to say if he brings Vick back after 2 games. They would crucify him

  11. Remember back when Vick was with the Falcons and Jim Mora Sr described Michael Vick as a “coach killer?” Mike was all upset, had to be consoled by Arthur Blank. Since that time, two head coaches who committed to him have been fired. Guess Jim Sr was right.

  12. This was an ideal scenario for Kelly and the Eagles, they get a nice long look at Nick Foles – 2.5 game sample – in the offense, which will, of course, be adapted slightly for his skillset.

    If Nick wins the two games and plays well doing it (with the Eagles defense, he has to play well) then I seriously doubt they put the young player, under team control, on the bench for a 34 year old player on a one year deal.

    But hey… I said the same thing this offseason… The Eagles don’t always (a.k.a. RARELY) do what is logical.

    Regardless, Foles can make it very interesting with some good games here.

  13. I can see Nick beating Tampa, but I think Mike would have a better chance of beating Dallas. Of course, if Nick keeps Dallas close, Romo will choke at the end of the game.

  14. you were a lot tougher when you played pro ball huh big fella?

    thepftpoet says:
    Oct 7, 2013 3:24 PM
    Vick missing games due to injury?!?

    I would have never known…

  15. Earlier this year, Chip Kelly bragged that once he picks a QB, the job would be theirs for the year.

    Meet the new boss.

    Same as the old boss.

    Way to build everyone’s confidence up there, Chip. Michael Vick goes out there and busts his butt for the team, and puts his body on the line, only for you to say there’s an “open competition” now. Great.

  16. Justictickrule:
    So if he goes 99 for 100 you’re going back to Vick? dope.

    It’s statements like those that cement my belief that this guy is not a big time coach.

    Is that what he said? Did you think he was being literal? He was using hyperbole. You know, like “hey the Giants suck so bad they will start 0-5.”

    Oh, wait.

  17. Battle of the College Coach mind-set! Schiano vs. Kelly! Which team is playing to meet Alabama? I expect to see College Gameday program with all the mispelled signs!…and the announcers in mascot heads!

  18. Vick is almost 34 and pulled a hammy untouched while running. Expect more of the same if you keep expecting him to run for 80-90 yards a game.

  19. If there is any sort of controversy over whether or not your starter is better than the backup, it means both of them are no good!

  20. zam0854 says:
    Oct 7, 2013 3:37 PM
    Ha! Either way, birds win this division. I guess Philly defense isn’t as bad as everyone says it is…let up 52 against Denver and Dallas let up 51. Dallas defense couldn’t force a punt, although recovering a fumble and forcing an INT to keep it close. Denver may put 50 points up 5 more times


    Trust me when I say, your defense is bad.

  21. Well, Miss Vicky won’t like this, not at all. I just hope she is back in time to get stomped out when they play the Cowboys. You She-girls recall that we swept you last season? Miss Vicky went out wincing and limping (as usual) from what did not appear to be much of a hit (as usual) (Still waiting for Vick to ‘shock the world’ and ‘prove to all the haters he is the best QB in the NFL).

  22. Vick + hamstring pull = loss of the main part of his game, running. A hamstring could take the rest of the season to heal. Can Vick play as a pocket passer? This isn’t hating on Vick, this is the actual situation.

  23. I like Chip, and I think “hope” he is here for a little while. that said, Vick is a good qb but will never win a SB. A lot of good qbs don’t however so it is what it is. I want either Barkley or another young qb to start the jedi training under Chip so we get the best out of the COACH we put stock in. That’s why we entrust staff, to judge talent for their system. Nothing else matters cept system fitters.

  24. This is interesting. Vick is 33 years old. Pulled hamstrings on 33 year old men, even well tuned athletes, usually require more healing time than two weeks. Now, if Foles can engineer a couple of wins, and with our defense, he’ll have to, how “healed” will Vick have to be to return ? Kelly has already seen what Vick can do, now he gets to game plan the offense around Foles. I have a feeling that how effective Foles is, will determine how quickly Vick will be ” healthy ” enough to return to the line-up. Either way, Eagles aren’t going anywhere, and is a win-win situation for Kelly’s evaluation process.

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