Arians would fight effort to force Hard Knocks onto Cardinals

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The NFL has decided that, if there are no volunteers for Hard Knocks, the league will appoint someone to do it.

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians nevertheless insists his team won’t comply, if it ever comes to that.

“I think it’s a total distraction, and I think it’s an embarrassment to players,” Arians told Bill Polian and Alex Marvez of SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “I think when players are released, some of the things that are said between coaches and players are too personal, and nobody else’s business.”

Asked if he’d fight an involuntary Hard Knocks assignment “tooth and nail,” Arians didn’t hesitate.

“All the way,” Arians said.  “All the way.”

We agree with Arians’ point.  At a time when the league has suggested that it would like to find a more “humane” way of ending employment, the easiest tactic would be, you know, to not film the interaction and play it on national TV.

Still, Arians will lose, if push ever comes to shove.  The requisite number of NFL owners have agreed to the new rule.

And if/when a team tries to fight the Hard Knocks assignment, the show may become even more compelling.  Indeed, one of the most memorable moments of a largely forgettable 2013 edition of the series came when linebacker James Harrison was doing all he could to avoid the cameras and microphones.  Five episodes of the coaches and the players doing that would be a lot better than a kick-ass Oklahoma drill scene surrounded by several hours of filler.

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  1. The league’s decision borders on insanity. If no team wants to do it, why force them?
    No team wants the distraction of TV crews following them or any trade secrets being transmitted on HBO.
    Anything for the almighty dollar I guess.

  2. Sounds like such a fruitful war to wage. Fortunately for him his team could be in the part of the list that comes into play in the 4th decade from now. I wonder if he’ll keep up the fight to keep his job until then in order to continue on with that one.

  3. For once, I side with the owners. I, like most fans, like hard knocks , and its great access for fans. Just because you may not like it, don’t spoil it for the rest of us by agreeing with Arians. He needs to step into the 21st century…..

  4. You hit the hypocritical NFL nail on the head.

    Worried about safety? Don’t promote adding two extra games to the schedule.

    Worried about the inhumane way players get cut? Don’t make it worse by filming the entire awkward, emotional moment (with close-up shots) and broadcasting it to a national audience.

  5. But coaches can scream, curse out, bench, embarrass players in front of other players, the players families, a full 80,000 seat stadium, and millions watching on TV, and that’s ok?


  6. You really thought Hard Knocks was several hours of filter? You don’t actually enjoy football very much, do you. I guess we shouldn’t expect a lawyer to understand human emotion.

  7. I agree that the scenes with players being released don’t need to be shown. But practices, interviews, team meetings, and a little bit of the night life are appropriate.

  8. I have only seen the last two seasons of Hard Knocks but I gotta say I’m hooked. I would hate it if I were an NFL coach, but as a fan I love it. I think a lot of fans who have seen the show feel the same way. As much of a distraction as it might (key word “might”) be I would still love to see my team on that show. It is well done and I think helps humanize players in a game that can make them seem inhuman at times.

  9. I love Hard Knocks, but I can totally see why the coaches/players hate it.

    Having every decision, conversation, and the moment put out like that, just tough to ask of a team.

  10. Of course now that Bruce said this, if the NFL wants to go for maximum possible ratings then they have to choose the Cardinals for next year now. Maybe Bruce is using reverse psychology because he really wants the show to come to Arizona. And maybe the NFL wants to set a precedent for other teams to understand if you try to undermine their options and flexibility with lame tactics then you might get the fight you are looking for. Could be a ratings bonanza. I can’t wait for next season already. The NFL should announce tomorrow that they made their decision, oh the headlines!

  11. I get that the show caters to the “reality show” crowd, but compelling a team to tolerate intrusive cameras when they don’t want them? Complete BS.

    Surely, HBO had to pay a pretty penny to ensure that the NFL would offer up an NFL team to comply with this unwanted intrusion, so I’m sure all that HBO money will go towards discounting said team’s tickets prices….NOT.

  12. I bet it’s because of his pregame ritual of hopping around in an Elmo costume sprinkling “win dust,” all over his players.

  13. So many ways to skin a cat. If teams don’t want to do it and it’s forced on them, then they are under no obligation to provide material for the show. Can you imagine a forced cast doing minimal talking, coaches addressing issues in a professional way and when the cameras are off, muzzle the Chad Johnson types, and no bantering.
    The Patriots would be the perfect for this. Ultimately the public will kill the show just like it’s doing the worthless Pro Bowl.

  14. pretty simple solution. rotate the series around the owners’ teams who provided the requisite number of votes to force this series on anyone.
    we all know that goodell’s buddies wont be intruded on though

  15. “Five episodes of the coaches and the players doing that would be a lot better than a kick-ass Oklahoma drill scene surrounded by several hours of filler.”


    Well, that explains a lot about this site – drama is more important than the actual football playing.

  16. This show is an embarrassment to what football is about!!!

    Goodall you have no respect for the sanctity of ‘Team’!

    The owners who voted for this are idiots and care more about fleecing the golden egg that feeds them for more TV revenues than their respective team unity & cohesiveness.

    I’d hate to be a player subject or coach subject to this.

    Its pretty pathetic!

  17. Um, don’t many feel like the League is run by a bunch of ham-handed, dictorial neanderthals?

    Ladies & gentleman, I present to you your next Hard Knocks host……The Arizona Cardinals!

  18. I can’t believe this show could force their way into an entire team’s personal business and life like that. Arians needs to be allowed his rebuild of that team without all that nonsense.

  19. Good for Bruce Arians. I would probably enjoy watching Arians fight with the league than Hard Knocks it’s self.

    Bruce vs Rodger in a verbal lumberjack match.

  20. Lol at least the Pats won’t have to worry about having this show shoved down their throats.

    Can you imagine it would be like an hour long Belichick press conference every week. The producers would get nothing to work with lol.

  21. James Harrison did all he could to avoid cameras and microphones, except for the time he invited them in while he was getting acupuncture

  22. Good for coach BA! As a lifelong football fan, I am continually dismayed at the manner in which the NFL has flagrantly erroded the essence of this great American sport so loved by millions through unprecedented greed. “Hard Knocks” makes a mockery out of professional football by turning it into a cheap soap opera. The owners should be ashamed of prostituting their teams in this manner!

  23. He could argue that the “appointment” was unfairly, and arbitrarily imposed as all teams won’t be in the mix. The “Elite”teams can opt out. OMG!! Imagine Belichick being forced into it!! That would be entertainment! The pool should be All In, or All Out, or All Gone!!

  24. I bet the steelers do this in the next two years. Whenever the league wants to do something that doesn’t make sense the rooneys run to the front of the line. Plus they are terrible now and will need the attention.

    I do think the Lions, Falcons, and Seattle would be good. an the Bills might be interesting as well. 49ers would be boring

  25. At a time when the league has suggested that it would like to find a more “humane” way of ending employment

    A more “humane” way of ending employment?? Are you kidding me. Try working in a bank when they have a round of layoffs. They just escort you into a conference room in front of the entire staff and tell you to pack your things while a security guard waits to walk you to the door. The NFL needs to toughen up.

  26. Easy way around “assigning” a team to do this, is to make it that the Super Bowl winner gets the gig.
    This will solve 2 problems.
    1. It won’t look like the league is choosing favorites (or teams it don’t like, as the case maybe)
    2. Arians will NEVER have to worry about getting the gig.

  27. Can’t he just say, He doesn’t agree with it? Dictator Goodall will win this. Why try to play tough guy when you know for sure you gonna lose just like your horrible team does?
    I wouldn’t wanna watch the boring Cards anyway

  28. Remember when ESPN had the soap opera series “Playmakers” before the NFL got all butt hurt and forced them to cancel it? Now they are trying to force Hard Knocks on teams?? Stay classy, NFL, seems totally legit. Besides, Arizona would be boring. I can see it now…Arians: “Ok, we’re going deep on this play”
    Palmer: “But I am getting killed behind this terrible offensive line, can we just throw slants?”
    Arians: “No! We’re going deep!”
    Saw it every game last year when he stepped in as HC for the Colts. His scheme is great with a great o line. If not his QB gets killed. Luck was the most hit QB last season, and unless it has changed, Palmer is the most sacked this season.

  29. I love how they think firing someone could be more “humane.” What the H man? You get fired, just like millions of people do all the time. That’s life. It isn’t humane and it sucks. Stop the wussification already!!!!!!

  30. How can Goodell in good faith promote player safety while at the same time force teams to do a reality show whose named implies concussions?

    He should step down now. WTH does a reality show have to do with playing football?

    If I wanted to watch the Kardashians or their boyfriends play football, I’d… well, I could have my own NFL team.

  31. Unlike many businesses in the US, the NFL is thriving and in many ways recession proof “Hard Knocks” and the push for an NFL team in London are just cases of the greedy getting greedier.

  32. Goodell wants a legit major market team on HK. No knock against Cincy, Miami, or the Jets, but it all about ratings. (Think of how they view the ultimate teams that make the SB and World Series…..they always want major market teams).
    He is going to get that anyway he can. Even if it means forcing them to do it.
    In all fairness the Jets are major market but will always be considered the second team in NY.
    And while the Jets HK was a circus and mage Rex Ryan look like a buffoon (easily done), the others have gone out of the way to take that kind of nonsense out.
    It has been a more professional look when they get to the editing room.

  33. Just another money grab by the NFL. The owners love Goodell because he takes all the heat on these dumb ass ideas like London, 18 game schedule, hard knocks, etc. I watched the show the first few years but it became boring after a few years. The NFL and the NCAA are becoming hard to differentiate.

  34. Shocking how some of you forget this is a Business. It is an entertainment business and if the CEO says to do something, then you do it. Do you all have jobs where this is different? Hard Knocks is wildly successful… Last year most fans gave thumbs down to Miami and it was the all-time ratings winner. Goddell know this and has a right to mandate one of HIS franchises do it. I do agree with most that a system needs to be deleloped for choosing, like Super Bowl winner or runner-up, last place team, etc.

  35. How can the NFL force a team, coaches, or players to appear on camera? Oh I forgot, Goodell needs to pay for the concussion lawsuit settlement somehow. God forbid the greedy multi billionaire owners would pay for something out of their own pocket.

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