Braylon Edwards denies wrongdoing after new video surfaces

Over the years, former NFL receiver Braylon Edwards has had an off-field issue or two.   His latest incident reportedly occurred at a Detroit nightclub over the weekend.

The video, as posted by TMZ, shows Edwards confronting a much smaller man.  Eventually, Edwards seems to knock the man down by taking him out at the ankles.

The alleged victim supposedly had taped Edwards in a different confrontation, with Edwards insisting that the man delete the video.

The man has filed battery charges.  Edwards has denied wrongdoing on Twitter.

The reports are blasphemy,” Edwards said.  (Every resident of Ohio simultaneously has asked us to point out that Edwards went to college at Michigan.)  “Was joking with friends and a guy was filming us. I asked him to delete it, he said no. He wasn’t harmed at all.

“Also there were many officers in attendance at the alleged incident, and never stepped in, because there was no wrong doing.”

Um, the video seems to speak for itself.  Under the strict, legal definition of the term, the video seems to show a battery.

“This is another case of some[one] trying to ‘come up’ off a persons status,” Edwards also said on Twitter.  “My name will be cleared of this nonsense soon.  Story is ridiculous.”

Again, watch the video.  Something happened.  Though Edwards may not face charges, it’s impossible based on the evidence to call the story “ridiculous.”

43 responses to “Braylon Edwards denies wrongdoing after new video surfaces

  1. This is paposterous. I viewed the video and all I saw was my client Mr. Edwards swatting a ladybug off this innocent bystanders ankles.

  2. Blasphemy might be a bit strong there, Braylon. I’m pretty sure that you are the only person that ever thought you were a god.

  3. Blasphemy is showing disrespect for god or religion.

    Is Baylon claiming to be a god? I alway thought he had a rather high opinion of himself but this is a step further than I would have expected.

    Perhaps it’s a example of that fine U of M education!

  4. LOL that was pretty funny.

    The little dude went down fast but popped up and scrambled away quicker than a cat on a hot tin roof.

    That dude needs an NFL tryout! He could be the next Wes Wekler!.

  5. This guy is a moron. I would ask why even post updates on this guy but it is funny reading material. Keep em’ coming , I’m sure Braylon has some more left gas left in the tank in this regard, but certainly not on the football field.

  6. When I was in college I delivered pizza. I once delivered pizza to Braylon and when I arrived a young boy came to the door with a NCAA meal voucher, basically a card that they trade for food and the NCAA picks up the tab. Anyway, when I told the kid I would need to see Braylon and his ID (this is clearly printed on the card) the kid walked back in the house. The next thing I hear from behind the no-so-closed door was “he doesn’t need to see my ID, he knows who I am” Followed by Braylon angrily coming out, shoving the ID in my face, and snatching the pizza from me. That experience told me all I need to know about Braylon.

  7. Where’s the video that Braylon was pissed about? if its gonna cost him a bunch of dough he don’t have, we might as well all see it and have some fun with it.

    I’m sure Braylon was “wrestling with his homies” and has a right to his privacy which is why he was so worried about it. Braylon probably popped up off the ground faster than that little guy did when he saw the camera exposed.

  8. Hahaha at turning his back. What is this world coming to? Seeing is mostly believing and Braylon, no one but the tooth fairy believes you. And your career was underwhelming anyhow. Soon you will be able to bunk with OJ. What a legacy!

  9. He didn’t deny the move, he just asserts that the guy didn’t get hurt so therefore it’s not an issue. So if the guy hit his head on the concrete then of course Braylon Edwards would be the one to know exactly what kind of damage happened to his brain. The guy seemed fine, therefore the diagnosis is zero harm. Let’s see how well that holds up in a courtroom. They should charge him double for being a doofus in trying to brush this one under the rug. Although that’s just my crazy system of having a bonus tax to combat the incessant bullying of the entitled wealthy elite.

  10. Honest Judge, My client thought he was falling so he went to catch the little guy, but just like in a game situation, he dropped the ball.

  11. Pretty explicite & clear what occurred from the video. Main & pretty humorous takeaway is that Braylon is a coward going for the guys ankles once his back is turned!!

    I never followed his historical career but when he was a Jet he had pretty dependable hands & consistent clutch catches during his stint so I don’t get all the ‘hands of stone’ comments? Maybe that refers to his earlier career but Jets fans me included are always wanting to bring him back because he performed pretty good when with the team.

  12. One of these days he’s going to assault the wrong little dude & this little dude is going to break his arm or something. I just hope it’s caught in video.

  13. What a jerk, he assaults this much smaller guy after trying to bully him. Remember a few years ago while he was still playing in Cleveland he got into it with one LeBron James’ friends. LeBron commented that his friend is like a little brother to him and he was a small guy as well. Braylon is a bully that likes messing with much smaller guys. Sooner or later he is going to get his and I hope that gets caught on camera too.
    Go Vikings!

  14. So, his argument is that there was no wrong doing because it was just him an a friend playing a game in front of a camera for fun? Nevermind that most of us could identify MANY better and more fun ways to spend a weekend…

    So now the guy didn’t see it the same way, or he set you up big time. Either way, he’s clearly not a friend. So, either your story holds and you are clearly a bad judge of character with your friends, or you are a liar. Which is it Braylon? Either way you deserve whatever you get.

  15. Maybe if Braylon played in a football league of midgets, he could be as good as he thinks he is.

    Boy, his Mama did a great job of developing that “Michigan Essence” within him!

  16. Believe it or not Braylon we have eyes and saw the video. Guilty as charged and love the way you waited until his back was towards you.

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