Carroll wants to give Wilson better protection


Earlier this season, Colts owner Jim Irsay took to Twitter to vow better protection for quarterback Andrew Luck.  Seahawks owner Paul Allen won’t need to; his head coach already has acknowledged the problem.

“Both of the last two weeks, Russell has taken what they’re giving him,” Carroll said Monday, via the team’s official website.  “There have been a considerable amount of issues in protection that have let guys show up quickly in the pass rush, and he’s had to make a decision what to do with it.”

The issues have arisen in large part from injury.  Carroll told reporters that center Max Unger is expected to return to practice this week, after missing the last two games with an injury to his triceps muscle.  Carroll was less optimistic about tackle Breno Giacomini.  Left tackle Russell Okung remains on injured reserve, with the designation to return.

“He knows,” Carroll said of Wilson using his legs more quickly than usual.  “He knows what’s going on.  He realizes that that’s happening.  But he’s taken full advantage of it and he’s made it difficult on opponents.  It’s not exactly the way we like to do it — how to pick them up and throw the football and let him take off at a later part of the rhythm of the play.  But he’s been as resourceful as you can be and he’s been very effective.”

The problem for quarterbacks who display their resourcefulness by running is that they can get hit and, in turn, get hurt.

“Russell is going to keep doing it until we settle it down in the pocket,” Carroll said.  “I’m a little concerned about that, because he’s so resourceful.  He is doing what we have to do right now.  And in that regard, he’s done a really good job managing this.”

Carroll is right.  Wilson’s mobility allows him to buy time to make a throw or, if necessary, to take off with the ball.  His uncanny instinct for self-preservation also means he’ll know when to get out of bounds, when to hit the deck, and how to turn his body the right way to absorb a hit that otherwise could inflict injury.

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  1. Wilson is great at creating plays when there aren’t any, but i don’t care how good you are, if your O-line is missing key players he’s gonna feel some pain at some point. Hopefully we can get our line back in tack before wilson runs out of options.

  2. Seattle’s line has been crap since Hutch and big Walt left. But those were HOF guys. Russell had 102 rushing yards not by choice or design. It’s frustrating every snap to see it just collapse

  3. Tied for fourth in most sacks taken, but only 25th in number of attempts….if he weren’t nimble enough to run for his life, it would be a lot worse.

    You didn’t mention Zach Miller being out this past week – not only does that reduce his blocking, it removes a reliable target from his arsenal as well.

    Paul McQuistan is a serviceable guard, but he is not the guy you want protecting your QBs blind side at LT.

    This is going to be a tricky five days for Seattle starting on Sunday. Two games versus 3-2 teams who play good defense and can rush the QB, Okung and Giacomini will still both be out, and Miller’s status is still in doubt.

  4. What is so special about Russell Wilson? His #’s EVERY WEEK are very pedestrian @ best. Yet we want to anoint his as the next great QB. He ‘s an avg. run-of-the-mill QB that about 20 other teams have. The difference is he has a above avg. run game & a very good defense. Andrew Luck will be the next one and will be running the league for years ……Peyton 2.0

  5. Colts fan here, I like Wilson, the young man has a lot of potential and seems like a very mature player both in his game and interviews.
    Carroll needs to do something to get better protection for him or he may end up sidelined early in his career and that would be a waste.

  6. He’s a one trick pony who was destined to take a header this year and come back down to earth.

    The jig is up, Pete.

  7. @bengalguy last I checked a D fense doesn’t make a QB’s numbers better. The point is he has no help on his line and has to make crazy plays with no help. A lot more said then your inconsistent/ average Bengals. Put any other QB behind Seattle’s line and I bet you then don’t have half as good of numbers

  8. If you listen to any coach they have nothing but praise for Wilson. He went toe to toe with Luck yesterday, the Colts were missing 2 or 3 starting d-lineman and Seahawks 3 starting o-lineman.

    To the fans that don’t understand how big missing an All Pro C and All Pro LT is, look at the records of Giants, Steelers and even Falcons and you will understand.

    That’s why Carroll says protection is key. Wilson ran for 100 yards because he is pushed out of the pocket and taking what defense gives him. It improved this game maybe because the Colts were shorted handed on their d-line but next week Unger comes back. The following week probably Percy Harvin. Good time to be a Hawk fan. Go Hawks!

  9. @BENGALGUY- I guess that’s why Wilson’s rookie numbers were better than Luck’s, right? I guess that’s why he tied Manning’s rookie TD record when he made about 100+ less attempts than Andrew Luck, LOL. Perhaps if 3/5 th’s of our O-line wasn’t injured he would have more time in the pocket to make more throws, thus putting up better numbers. Wilson would be a beast if he had as much time in the pocket as Manning does in Denver. Then there is always the fact we are a run first team… Don’t hate because he’s better than Dalton. Get a clue before you speak again, kid!!!

  10. jimmyt says: Oct 8, 2013 9:40 AM

    Seattle is way, way, way, way, way over-achieving. The question is, can they keep it up?

    They’ll keep it up until Okung, Unger, Giacomini, and Harvin are back. Then they’ll be putting up 35 to 40 points per game heading into the playoffs again. That answer your question?

  11. @TORONTOJOE- Yeah, the Hawks are 4-1 mainly because of Wilson… Really sounds like the jig is up to me, HAHA!!!

    BTW, the reason our WR’s are having a problem getting open, again stems from the injuries to our O-line. We are having to leave extra blockers in (usually a TE) almost every play to help out the line, thus only leaving 2, or 3 receivers to run routes against 4+ DB’s, etc. Due the math!!!

  12. The Titans D-line should have a field day with Settle then. Dislike this comment all you want.

  13. Then get the replacement refs back out there. One of the bad calls that cost the Packers that game was the roughing the passer on Erik Walden. He had already dove while Wilson still had the ball.

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