Clay Matthews had thumb surgery yesterday


Packers coach Mike McCarthy was vague yesterday when asked about linebacker Clay Matthews’ thumb injury, saying he was hopeful it wouldn’t be season-ending.

It will, however, knock him out for several games. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Matthews had surgery yesterday to repair a broken thumb, and will be out at least a month.

That will force Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers to make some major adjustments on defense, without his best pass-rusher.

Matthews had three sacks and two forced fumbles in four games, and they’re going to have to scheme their way into that kind of production from the rest of the position.

32 responses to “Clay Matthews had thumb surgery yesterday

  1. Hope this doesn’t take the attention from all the Viking fans getting pumped up about Josh Freeman.

  2. As a Clay Matthews fan , I’m like damn , bummer…..As a die hard Ravens fan, um not so much this Sunday….Sort of like how Aaron Rodgers is my fav qb in the league, but I hope he bums it up (which I doubt btw) Sunday at “The Bank” ….

  3. Bummer.

    Good thing our next 5 games are against the Ravens, Browns, Vikings, Bears, and Eagles.

  4. You don’t scheme that kind of production, you lose it. You scheme everyone else to play smart, hard, and disciplined and hold on to your butts until your best player comes back.

  5. Injuries are part of the game. No excuses.

    It was just a freak accident how he did it. A free run at the QB and he got a sack but it cost him a month or more.

    Guy is injury prone though. How many games has he missed due to injury anyways?

  6. This team is cursed wuth injuries.
    Obviously he had pins put in.
    I d guess he ll be out around 6 Weeks

  7. I hate it when any players get hurt. But I really hate when great players get hurt like this. I feel cheated. And I am a die-hard 49ers fan. Like it or not, the Packers are more watchable when Clay Matthews is running down opposing quarterbacks.

  8. One of my favorite Packers but he’s usually good to miss 3-4 games a season so I guess it’s because of a thumb this year. Going to make the next 4 games a bit tougher but the rest of the D is playing well so they should be fine.

  9. Browns and Eagles games won’t be easy; both teams tougher than their record indicates. At least the Eagles offense is. Hope Neal can step it up. I’m also concerned about our middle linebacker injuries.

  10. I think it’s funny that some of the Packer fans think the Ravens will be an easy game this week. Hey, whatever lets you sleep at night….in any event, I do wish Clay Matthews a speedy recovery…he’s a great player.

  11. Here comes Filthy and his “Exusomatic”. How does it feel to run your mouth Filthy and then look….you lose a key player. Take your foot out your mouth I can’t hear you….

    On a better not, Hate to to see a stand up, classy, key player go down. Sorry Packer’s fans (excluding Filthymchater)

  12. At least he was smart enough to get it taken care of immediately rather than to try to play (and do so poorly) for a few weeks, make it worse, and then lose the entire second half of the season.
    Very glad Mike Neal has been able to make the switch from DL to LB; to be honest I never would have believed that he’d do as well as he has. And Perry may be better if they switch him to the right side, who knows. Fingers crossed…

  13. What a HUGE whimp.!!! Redskins nose tackle 96 has a BROKEN hand and has PLAYED every game this season.!!!!!! Clay is OVER RATED BIG TIME.!!!!!

  14. Redskins suck… most overrated playoff team in the last decade.

    Gimmick Read Option nonsense – overrated QB, overrated OLBs – Overrated Runningback, overrated Coach…

    Glad they were exposed this year.

  15. NO EXCUSES!! the game is Sunday. Its time to play football so ( in the words of the packers ) suit up the NEXT MAN!! cause your bye week is gone.

  16. There shouldn’t be any doubts about the rest of this season. Even if Clay is to miss more than 4 games; he will return with enough time to get back into playoff shape. The depth a linebacker is enough to get by, but the defensive line play and the offense’s production will dictate the outcome of these next 8 games.
    Love Jimi.

  17. The Vikings will be getting better and get out of there slump the games they played they only lost by a little and the reason the Browns won was cause they were sneaky, no one was thinking fake punt or fake field goal, if they didnt have that the Vikings would have won the game, the Bears by only 1 so we will see Packers as you are playing in the Dome and last year they played you in the dome the Vikings won. So I can see them winning against you guys.

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