Clowney: I’m fully committed, not thinking about the NFL draft

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Amid talk that South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney’s draft stock may be sliding, Clowney said today that anyone who thinks he’s not working hard to help his team is wrong.

Clowney, who missed Saturday’s game with a rib injury, said he isn’t sitting out in an attempt to protect his NFL draft status. Instead, Clowney said, he’s simply trying to help the Gamecocks win.

“I’m not looking to sit out. I’m not that type of guy. I’m fully committed I’m here for the team,” Clowney said. “I’m in college. I’m playing for this university right now.”

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier suggested after Clowney missed last week that Clowney might not want to play. Clowney says that’s not the case, although he said in hindsight he wishes he had told South Carolina’s coaches and medical staff how much pain he was in during the week, so that they would have been better prepared for the possibility that he wouldn’t play.

“It was just really a miscommunication between me and the coaches and trainers. I should have handled it different,” Clowney said.

For his part, Spurrier admitted that he didn’t handle Clowney’s absence from last week’s game well, and Spurrier said he’s grateful for having had the opportunity to coach Clowney.

“If he never plays another snap here, we all should be thankful and appreciative that he came to South Carolina,” Spurrier said. “He’s played his part tremendously. I think we’re 26-5 since he suited up for South Carolina. I’m all for Jadeveon and his future. And when he’s ready to play we’re going to put him out there.”

Spurrier also noted that Clowney has made a lot of money for the school. Unfortunately for Clowney, the NFL’s draft rules mean that he can’t make any money for himself until he’s finished with his third year of college. Clowney says he’s all in for that third year at South Carolina before he starts making his NFL millions.

49 responses to “Clowney: I’m fully committed, not thinking about the NFL draft

  1. Manziel is makin money…….

    Really, the NCAA needs to wise up here. It happens at nearly every program and they still fight it like the gov fights the drug war. Its a losing battle. They made an example out of SMU back in the day and it hasn’t stopped anyone from paying players. Let it be already.

  2. Keep on tanking my friend….right to us at no. 5. JPP will be a year removed from back surgery and you can play in Kiwanuka’s departed spot.

  3. Cmon…who would NOT be thinking about the NFL? Anyway, this is another reason that football players should be able to go to the NFL after high school. Not many would go that route, but do not force a guy to play more than a year in college if he is good enough to go pro and doesn’t want to risk his future by playing in college.

  4. Well played Jay Z. Who says you’re a rookie agent?
    Not yet…of course. All alleged. Nothing to see here.

  5. Pay the man (and men or boys or whatever they are).

    I would actually watch way more college football knowing they were getting paid.

    Sucks that those idiot drill instructor coaches are making more money than they know what to do with…

  6. Spurrier isn’t too bright. The next clowney won’t want to play somewhere where his coach makes disparaging remarks and clouds his draft status. Say what you want about Saban but he defends his players in the media instead of dogging them and he seems to get pretty good recruits.

  7. Yeah… right…

    “Coach, I’m hurt… can’t play.”
    “So you’re hurt and can’t play.”

    That’s REAL confusing, eh Jad?

    Clowney’s agent called…
    “They’re on to us… you’d better play for a while or it will hurt your draft”
    “Coach, I’m not hurt anymore, I’ll play”

    Nice job… yes, you should have handled it differently.

  8. I think your name fits you. Apparently you are ‘sliced bread’ and this little commitment of yours is just a vain attempt at self-promotion.

  9. S.C. fan here. Clowney is a very good player, but the media has made him “the no. 1 pick”. Watch the famous play of him knocking the guy’s helmet off….he WAS’NT Blocked. I blame everything here on the media. Leave the kid alone.

  10. Its amazing what one play will do for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ get back to playing football your not all that good !

  11. Coltzfan and NFLfollower… you’re both completely missing the point.

    He’s already made a name for himself
    He’s counting on being drafted highly
    He doesn’t want to get hurt before ‘pay day’

    If you doubt that… see his own statement. Miscommunication? It’s not possible.

    Prophecy… VERY soon he’ll feel PLENTY good enough to play.

    He’s done a good job showing his nature – he’s a T.O. on D.

  12. justintuckrule

    Clowney will not be around at 5…..luckily for us the Giants will be picking at 2 or 3.

    The jags will take Bridgewater and the Bucs should take mariota, boyd or maybe murray (unless glennon is the real deal….and if he is the bucs will start winning some games anyway). As long as the giants don’t wind up outplaying the steelers or falcons, we should be able to get clowney at 3. Hopefully either the vikes totally tank with freeman or freeman plays great and they start winning. Oakland seems set with pryor so the giants have to finish in front of them too.

  13. I love the people who say he is living off one play. As a true freshman he had 8 sacks, 12 tackles for a loss, and 5 forced fumbles. Last season he had 13 sacks, 23.5 tackles for a loss, and 3 forced fumbles. Oh and don’t forget he did that in the SEC, which is by far the best division in college football. This kid is going to be a beast. Its a strong QB class so he may not go 1st, but in my opinion he is by far the best player in the draft.

  14. Yea because the second semester of my senior year I wasn’t thinking about life after college at all. I just figured that I’d wing it…No need to even think about life in the Real World.

  15. The problem with paying football players (who actually make money for the school) is that the schools will have to also pay lacrosse/tennis/golf/badminton/volleyball players, etc. Stupid idea.

  16. What do you expect is going to happen when the media and fans turn kids into mega-stars?

    I agree with many other posters. NCAA athletes should be compensated for their performance. Colleges makes millions of dollars on the backs of student athletes.

  17. Sounds like his agents, er “unpaid” advisors *wink wink*, are in damage control and advised him to change his stance after previously advising him to sit out games. He’s getting some bad advise from people. Apparently they weren’t anticipating the public relations fallout and negative publicity. Now he’s seen as a quitter, a diva, and cancer only playing for the money.

  18. I really dont blame Clowney, if this is indeed true. He saw what happened to Lattimore. Instances like this cry out for the NFL to create a real minor league. Like 8 teams with 50 players. Have all the 4 and 5 stars, who want nothing to do with the college game and think theyre able, join the minors and get allocated to a team by the league. The rest, and those who choose to, go play college ball on scholarship. Make the minor leaguers play 3 years after their high school grad date, like current rules, and they become draft elgible, along with any collegiate players. Those who wanna get paid are getting paid something. If they get hurt or are criminals, thats on them.

  19. Enough with the college players not getting paid. They get a 30k a year scholarship, room and board, and three meals a day. And they do get travel money. Which isn’t a lot but its something. If college players ever got paid it would end college athletics forever. Women’s bad mitten players getting paid the same as football players would bankrupt most schools. Because of title IX. Title IX, has taken 1000’s of scholarships away from men and cancelled baseball and wrestling programs at many universities. Only to allow women to compete in sports like bad mitten.

  20. Form a “minor league” football league and give these HS kids the option to play for pay or go to college. As a league, it would draw fans because some of the players would be soon-to-be NFL stars, as opposed to has-beens and never-were-to-be’s who populate the other professional football leagues (arena, CFL, etc).

  21. After he blew that guys head off last year, his draft stock couldn’t have been higher. So it’s only natural that it may slip a bit. Once you establish yourself as the top guy, ppl will just watch your game tape over and over to find little things to nitpick. Just stay healthy bro and you will be set for life.

  22. Sit out as long as you want. Whatever it takes to slide to wherever we are. Our division has the most mobile qbs in the NFL. Half of our problems would be solved if we can pencil you in opposite JPP. Teams can’t double both of you.

    I’ll even call L.T. myself to see if he’ll let you borrow #56 if you think that jersey has some extra juju for you.

  23. S.C. fan here. Clowney is a very good player, but the media has made him “the no. 1 pick”. Watch the famous play of him knocking the guy’s helmet off….he WAS’NT Blocked. I blame everything here on the media. Leave the kid alone.

    Hate to inform you of this, but HE BLEW BY THE GUY and that is why he was “unblocked”.


  24. There are no more can’t miss prospects so Clowney better wise up and start playing. Amazing the guy makes a big hit because he was not blocked and knocks a guy’s helmet off.

    The NFL says BIG DEAL each team has at least 4 linebackers who can do the same thing. Ray Lewis was drafted 26th and was too small and slow to play in the nfl.

  25. spurrier noted he made a lot of money for the university.

    well how noble of him. I’m sure Mr. client can dry his eyes in that new escalade he’s driving around campus when he shows up for class

  26. His free education and room and board costs more than what many families make per year in this country

  27. Spurrier is making $3.3 million dollars this year, so of course he’s thankful. The school has to spend the excess money that the football program makes somewhere so that they can continue to be “non-profit.” There are probably a lot of other people thankful to the stud players that bring in big bucks to their program. That includes the coaches of all of the other money losing sports that football finances all the way down to the extra employees that make a living feeding and cleanup after the football players. I’m sure that even the kids in China that are getting paid kick out those Clowney jerseys are thankful. Maybe not as much as the NCAA clothing executive who gets the cream off the top of the jersey sale for orchestrating the low cost deal, but it is still better than nothing.

  28. Nflfollower you clearly don’t follow spurrier. The man will rip his players anytime they get out of line always has always will. Ditaksditka or whatever your name is, don’t know if that was sarcasm but he doesn’t drive a new anything FYI. There’s no reason at all not to take him at his word on this injury. He’s never had an issue like this or anything else so why would he not get taken at his word. The young man pushes himself. I’m sure he had every intention of playing right up until he realized he couldn’t go at full speed. And to all you geniuses that say he wasn’t blocked on the big hit. Your right he wasn’t, he beat the blocker to the hole. Watch the whole play, they tried to block him. Someone earlier put up his stats from his freshman year. Big numbers. Since then they have gone down as he has been doubled up on and schemed on in almost every play. The sad part this year is nobody else is taking advantage of it.

  29. Screw college.

    Your education is bullcrap anyways (like all NCAA players). You’ve been steered by football elderstatesmen and the athletic director to major in knitting.

    Anyone who complains about proponents for college players to get paid is a spoiled brat because no one prohibited them to find pay even outside the contract.

    Academic scholarship recipients aren’t banned from earnings wages within or outside the school.

    Players who are obliged to do sports that cause lingering injuries later in life AND academics are required to do more as college students and thus don’t deserve extreme restrictions unlike their academic-only scholarship counterparts.

  30. Simple solution. Let a 6’7 – 300 pound DE with 4.6/40 speed and elite ability enter the NFL Draft when he wants to. If he isn’t ready for the mental part of the NFL game and fails at 19? That’s his problem.

  31. If going first in the draft meant going to the Jags or the Pittsburgh Bumblebees, I’d look to slide back a little too.

  32. azarkhan says:
    Oct 8, 2013 7:10 PM
    The problem with paying football players (who actually make money for the school) is that the schools will have to also pay lacrosse/tennis/golf/badminton/volleyball players, etc. Stupid idea.


    I will point this out to you because apparently you haven’t given it any more thought than 2 seconds.

    How much money does Notre Dame’s football team bring in annually? When you find those numbers, go look at how much the golf/badminton/volleyball/tennis/lacrosse/soccer/swimming teams bring in and it isn’t even close. The only exception would be basketball.

    Its called sliding scale, and college athletes could be paid/compensated accordingly.

  33. I find it a bit ridiculous that the same media that continuously suggested he should sit out is up in arms over him playing this season to stay in shape and continuing to develop but not playing in a game where he was less tgan 100% and didn’t want a serious injury to come from it. Yeah, the medical staff cleared him to play. But how many players that had no business being on the field are green lit?

    As much as I’d like to see him in black and gold, I can’t see using a top five pick on someone you are converting from a 43 DE to a 34 OLB. Jones on one side and Clowney on the other does have a serious appeal to it, though.

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