Desmond Bryant confident heart issue not major


When Browns defensive end Desmond Bryant was with the Raiders, he had to be taken to the hospital for what he thought was a “one-time thing.”

But a rapid heart rate sent him from last Thursday’s game to the Cleveland Clinic, and he admitted some concerns about the same condition coming back.

It’s a pretty scary feeling,” Bryant said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Your heart won’t calm down. Fortunately we’ve got a great staff on hand and they’ve got me doing the right things I need and I’m now back to normal.”

Bryant said he’s being treated with medication, as he was the first time. But he said he has no concerns about playing this week.

“Obviously it’s the second time it’s happened,” he said. “I hoped it would only be a one-time thing. Then it happened again. So now, you just take more steps to prevent it from happening in the future and I’m confident in the course of action the doctors are taking. . . .

“I had a similar thing happen last year and after that I was able to play at a high level after that, and I’m confident I’ll be able to the same thing this time.”

He said doctors discussed performing an ablation at some point to correct the issue, but that he didn’t need it at the moment.

4 responses to “Desmond Bryant confident heart issue not major

  1. This guy has been a huge pickup for Cleveland. Hope it’s a non-issue for him the rest of the way. You Browns fans have something good going for you, in that defense.

  2. He’s been a beast. Not liking the heart thing & the back spasms, but at least our d-line is DEEP. Good luck, Desmond.

    Nice to have the D being WAY better than expected w/ the addition of Horton & switch to 3-4. The QB situation will give me ulcers but this D is just making me grin.

  3. Hopefully hes not gonna have this happen again. I read hes now on meds and a possible minor corrective surgery could be done uf he continues to have this problem. He also said he feels great knowing hes got the #1 heart hospital in the world that being the Cleveland Clinic.
    This guy is a beast when paired next to phil taylor and Atyba Rubin on our d-line. We have great depth but i feel better knowing hes on that line. A very underrated signing by Lombardi and banner(who knew they wouldnt be all bad?). Anyway go Browns we finally have a real football team to root for

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