Dominic Raiola donates to Wisconsin band, won’t be disciplined


Lions center Dominic Raiola has bought his way out of trouble with a donation to the University of Wisconsin Marching Band.

Raiola, who was accused of making obscene and homophobic remarks toward the band while they performed at Sunday’s game against the Packers, issued an apology today.

“My interaction with the Wisconsin Marching Band was inappropriate,” Raiola said, via Tim Twentyman of the Lions’ website. “I apologize to those I offended along with all of the members of Wisconsin’s Marching Band. I also apologize to the Lions’ organization and my teammates. I understand the standards to which we should conduct ourselves, and my actions Sunday fell dramatically short of those standards.”

Lions President Tom Lewand confirmed that the Lions will not discipline Raiola.

“Due to Dominic’s sincere and appropriate response, there will be no additional disciplinary action by the team,” Lewand said. “We are also pleased that he is supporting his apology with a significant donation to the Wisconsin Marching Band Fund.”

There’s no word on how much money Raiola’s “significant” contribution was. Raiola has twice previously been fined, first $7,500 and then $15,000, for inappropriate actions toward fans.

64 responses to “Dominic Raiola donates to Wisconsin band, won’t be disciplined

  1. As a Lions fan, I am not surprised by this… he throws some money at Wisconsin…..and all is forgotten….you knew it was true when his teammate apologized for him….real class act Dom……

  2. “Lions President Tom Lewand confirmed that the Lions will not discipline Raiola.”

    This is exactly what is wrong with the Lions.

  3. What a complete coward. So sick of these athletes cowering behind their false apologies. Just man up and admit that you said what you said and you stand behind it.

    I’d still think you’re complete scum, but it’s slightly more respectable than false apologies

  4. Just lovely. Pay off the university to keep them quiet…like they need more money.

    Maybe Dan Snyder needs to do the same to get those pesky Indians off his back?

  5. Roid Rage bringing out Raiola’s true feelings. The “apology” was obviously written by his agent or someone on the team. This won’t be the last time we hear from this bigot.

  6. “I apologize to those I offended along with all of the members of Wisconsin’s Marching Band. . . ”

    Y’mean there were band members who weren’t offended?

    The problem isn’t that he did it, rather, that he thought he could do it with no repercussions.

    Entitled, in other words.

  7. Absolute crap. No wonder this team is the most undisciplined team in the league. Pay some money and issue a half ass apology and all is forgiven by team management. Pathetic.

    He should have been suspended without pay for at least one game.

  8. this guy is king of the D-bags. His brother even played at Wisconsin. Lions are a joke. The NFL should sit him for game. No different than flipping off a fan, totally unacceptable (except to the Lions of course)

  9. he probably got tired of hearing them so much when the Cornvicts got rolled by the badgers in the B1G championship game

  10. So this meathead, after all that he said, can get away with writing a check, but Riley Cooper is the focus of the NFL for weeks? Oh the hand wringing and the perceived injustices! But this guinea can say whatever he wants, while on the job?

  11. That’s one hell of an organization they’re running up there. 56 years of futility… and counting indefinitely.

  12. Wisconsin native here.

    So you boneheads that think the apology is insincere or there is some sort of payoff system working, what would you propose as a punishment for this action?

    Should he be put in jail? How long? Six months?
    Two years? Should he be fined $5000? $100,000?

    Maybe we could administer a lie detector test during his apology so you can see if he is sincere or not.

    Maybe he should be forced to watch tape of your pathetic teams as punishment.

    You people remind me of a bunch of old women sitting around gossiping and meting out imaginary punishments to all that go against their wishes.

    And furthermore…

  13. Another season in the NFL, another undisciplined Detroit Lions player. They go hand in hand like Thanksgiving and Turkey.

  14. Believe me, it may sound like “buying them off”, but a financial gift is something of much greater value to a marching band than some sort of discipline for Riaola would be.

    When budgets at Universities get tight, where do think they look to cut? The football team? I don’t think so.

    What would a suspension do for this band? This “monetary apology” is the absolute right way to go.

  15. Judging by the vocabulary he expressed at the Wisconsin band, I can GUARANTEE you he did not write this apology. Wonder if his agent has this apology as a template ready for the next time this jerk screws up. If I were the Wisconsin band director, I’d reject the money and tell them they’d rather see him punished in another way. I’d say this is equal to flipping off a fan. Suspend him a game. That’ll get the point across more than a few thousand bucks out of his account as hush money.

  16. I wonder if he donated the $10k or whatever in hotdogs or other junk food that he accused the snivelling, faux outraged band members of chomping down on.

    That would be epic.

  17. And thus is hammered home the professional sports message that you see on commercials: Don’t bully.

    But, if you do, toss some money at it and all is forgiven.

  18. The Lions organization has egg on its face once again. This type of behavior will not change with this team until management and the coach grow a pair of balls and a backbone! As a fan. Enough already!

  19. The Lions might not be doing something but King Roger might and don’t compare it to the Cooper incident. This was done on NFL time.

  20. Just so we’re clear. It’s considered much less “offensive” to be anti-gay than a racist (not fined by team, no sensitivity training & not even close to the media outcry to cut him) ?

    Riley Cooper

  21. As a Nebraska native, this is very embarrassing. I’ve never been a big Huskers fan but this guy sounds like a terrible person. Glad he was part of the 0-16 Detroit team, seems like he deserves that every year.

  22. Lets not forget these precious band members MOON opposing teams as they come into Green Bay.

    What Dom did was wrong, but the band isn’t a bunch of quire boys either.

    What has gone wrong with our country where you can’t say a bad think to anyone, and if your opinion don’t line up with 100% of people there is a protester trying to change the rules.

    We have lost our COUNTRY Boys and Girls, and it seems it started about eight years ago. What a shame!!!

    P.S. Lets give everyone a trophy, that way nobody is disappointed!!!!

  23. So this Raiola guy is a jerk, plan and simple, and he will be a bit lighter in the wallet because of it.

    I think the Lions org handled this well. They said they would investigate it and they did. I don’t see any attempt here to candy coat it or sweep it under the rug.

    There are jerks in every walk of life, and the NFL is no exception, but we should also pay attention to the good guys in the NFL. For example his teammate, Louis Delmas, seems like a real class guy.

  24. The NFL should sit him for game. No different than flipping off a fan, totally unacceptable (except to the Lions of course)


    Hilarious. Some of the most vile and offensive comments i’ve ever heard routinely come from those in the stands at NFL games. The fans aren’t special and their ticket does not buy them a license to act the way so many of them do at games (although they certainly think they’re entitled to that). And chances are if they got a finger here and there they probably deserved it.

  25. P.S.S. We better change the names of the Redskins, Chiefs, Indians, ect.. Soon the Lions will have to change their name because some animal activist will be offended.

  26. You know America is too FAT when FAT offensive linemen make FAT slurs at FAT band members.

  27. I do not think the man broke even one lil itsy bitsy law here, now did he? Grow a little thinker skin people, my gawd!

  28. And in related news Daniel Snyder has come to a settlement with the Oneida Nation. In exchange for the Washington franchise being able to keep the name “Redskins” , Snyder will compensate the Nation with a box of shiny pinwheels and vintage Super Bowl XVIII Champion t-shirts that were laying around the building since the 83-84 season.

  29. You beat me to the “quire boys” comment, but… What happened 8 years ago that made us lose out country? Are you saying George II destroyed the economy, led us into two unnecessary wars (for profit) and sold the country? Sounds about right.

  30. Look, I honestly think this is much ado about nothing.

    First off some facts, the Wisconsin Band does not always play at Lambeau. The Packers, many times, recruit local high school bands, like my sons, (Yes, it’s true. I am the proud father of a band geek.) to play the national anthem and halftime shows.

    I’m not sure where the “Wisconsin band is known for messing with players.” mantra comes from. Never heard it before.
    But then again, Packer fans killed Dan Devine’s dog, and nobody even cares that it’s a lie.

    Also, nobody in the band was even whining about this. The kids were just talking about it, as kids will do and the band teacher made a stink about it. Overreacted would be my take.

    As for the dude who states the band always moons the player busses, that’s a crew of inebriated Packer fans.
    Side note: Mylionsroaring, your syntax is priceless.

    There nothing wrong with holding your employees and personnel to a higher standard than the drunks at your local watering hole.
    But hey, that’s just me.

    I want to acknowledge again, that Louis Delmas stood up for this young man and the rest of the band, that should be applauded.

    I honestly do not think that it’s a detriment to our country if we try to say and do the right things. I think it would be great if we could all try and achieve a higher standard.

  31. That “sincere and appropriate” response of Raiola has about as much sincerity as Spielman’s statement today that Christian Ponder still has a chance to be the Vikings long term starter.

  32. Yeah no big deal stop complaining about us here in Detroit. We threw some money at it. You guys and all your principles and ideals, it’s so inconvenient for us.

    He should have been traded a long time ago.

  33. I am a Packer fan, I was at the game. Behind me sat 2 Packer fans that were calling the lions players the same exact names as Raiola used. I stood up and asked them to stop as it is rude and vulgur. To which many other fans said thank you. How is it that no big fuss is being made about this. It is no different the using the N word. My son plays in his high school band and plans on being a doctor. My son was at the game with me. Maybe the next time Raiola goes to see his doctor he should ask the Dr. if he was in band. Then talk like that and see if he is treated. Raiola is right they are not jocks. But many of those young adults will be the leaders in all of our communities. To all the bands play on !!

  34. Could someone please explain to me how all of you good folks sitting behind your computer screens can look into the heart of a man you’ve never met and pass judgment on the sincerity of his apology? I must admit that is one skill I have not quite mastered. I am a Lions fan and think Rioala is a world class a**, but who knew football fans could be as sanctimonious as bunch of gossipy church ladies.

  35. There is nothing more pathetic and unbearable than an arrogant cult of marching band freaks. All marching bands are like this, but the University of Wisconsin band takes it to an entirely different level that includes a false sense of elitism. I hate the lions but I am fully supportive of anybody who craps on those insufferable creatures.

  36. I’m glad he wrote them a check. Part two should be forcing him to attend one of their concerts. That may seem cruel and inhumane, but it’s a deserved punishment.

  37. It’s clear the Lions keep him around to class the team up. It can’t be for his play which is terrible. Dominic sucks and my money is on those same band members being able to beat him for a sack on Stafford. How do you give up five sacks to the Packers. Perhaps he should have focused a little more on the game.

  38. “suspension”, NFL intervention, “terrible person”, blah-blah-blah.

    amazing to see you people fly off the handle about the dumbest things…put your purses down and think about that.

    OOPS, I just offended people…and purses!!!

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