Report: Fans confront Matt Schaub at his home

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Matt Schaub may soon be leaving Houston.  Right about now, he probably wants to.

According to SportsRadio 610, fans confronted Schaub at his home on Tuesday evening.

“A fan went to his house and told him off,” a source close to law enforcement told The Fred and Ted Show.  Another fan allegedly took pictures of Schaub’s family and posted them on Facebook.

The persons left before police arrived.  Schaub reportedly contacted NFL Security.

It goes without saying that the fans crossed a line that always should be respected.  Still, the zeal and passion the NFL conjures in its fans can lead to extreme cases like this.  The league, its teams, and law enforcement need to be ready to take aggressive action when necessary to protect players, coaches, executives, and their families — and to prosecutors need to be ready to enforce any and all laws that may be broken by fans who take it too far.

285 responses to “Report: Fans confront Matt Schaub at his home

  1. No matter how badly he is playing, that is unacceptable. You don’t do that write him a letter or another way to tell him how you feel. That fan should be ashamed of himself

  2. At least when a 49’er or Raider fan goes insane, they had some history of fleeting moment of success to their name.

    It’s like they’re the Eagles all of a sudden.

  3. My goodness people. If professional football affects your life this much, it’s time to find something else much more important in life to do.

  4. Wow… get a life. This isn’t helping things with Schaub. It’s up to the coach to make a switch at QB, not some protestor loons going to his house.. and if you want help beyond that, 2014 draft.

  5. Now, that is crossing the line and absurd beyond measure what the hell. Way too many loosers in this world.

  6. What I see here is total bs. The Love Freeman got vs what poor Matt Schaub did? It tells me about the sportswriters and newsmedia in general.

  7. That’s crossing a line that’s not meant to crossed.those fans should not be allowed near or around the stadium at all.first is confronting then it turns to tragedy,this is the kind of thing the NFL police should keep an eye out for.

  8. Fans need to chill. It’s just a game.

    At this point, Matt needs to be traded at the end of the season. Maybe the idiot Houston fans can resign David Carr. Then they will see what they’re missing.

    I’m not saying Schaub is a great QB, but he’s a lot better than most.

    A change will be good for him.

  9. You have to be an absolute low-life to take the time out of your day to show up at a football players home to confront him about a FOOTBALL GAME.

    I would say that these people probably wouldn’t like it if people showed up at their homes to confront their performance at their jobs, but that would be giving these people too much credit. These a-holes obviously don’t have jobs.

  10. Disgusting human beings. They should be ashamed of themselves. And then they should be publicly shamed for being such terrible human beings to confront Schaub at his home and post pics on Facebook. I want those people’s performance reviews at their job posted publicly, and then their home address posted as well, so we can all show up at their houses and chastise them for any mistakes they’ve made at their jobs. Schaub has been pretty good for a couple years. 5 games in you start ambushing him at his home? Disgusting. Human garbage.

  11. Real classy Houston. Drive him out of town like you did Jacoby so Matt can help another team go to the Super Bowl.
    You were lucky to get a new team after you stopped supporting the Oilers – so maybe Shaub isn’t the problem.

  12. Because distracting your team’s QB makes them play better…

    It’s fun to watch, but it’s just a game, guys.

  13. Agreed, this crosses the line and then some. Hopefully it is and will continue to be an outlier.

  14. It is my opinion that PFT and every other media source needs to have some compassion and stop posting this picture of Schaub every chance you get. He was/is emotional, let it go.

  15. Houston has never won anything, now they want blood for a quarterback with a case of the yips. Sad.

    Sadder yet that I’d rather have him than any other hot mess under center, speaking as a Vikings fan.

  16. Like he doesn’t have enough problems and now he needs to worry about his families safety. I don’t like to feel sorry for a man that can buy his own plane, but this is just sad. Fans need to respect the boundaries.

  17. I mean, if as a Jets fan I haven’t yet been to Sanchez’s house to complain, I don’t see any reason Texans fans should be at Schaub’s house.

    On a serious note, this is just ridiculous. You need to seriously question your life if you are so miserable that you feel the need to confront the starting QB of the team you root for after a few bad games.

  18. That is so lame. I hope that guy gets identified, banned from all NFL events, and gets restrianed by court order from being in the same zip code as Schaub.

  19. Wow ridiculous. This guy led the league in passing one year and has been a top 15 QB for years. Its not like hes playing like Blaine Gabbert out there.

    Did fans ever do this to Phillip Rivers the past few years? Do you see fans showing up at the Romo residence? This is a blow for the reputation of Texans fans.

  20. This is classless & there is no need for it, I’m a de hard Chiefs & we have had some awful play by QBs over the years but you have to remember the man is human. Common decency is not going to the mans house and harassing him and his family.

  21. They took it too far. Not fair for Schaub and his family. Yes he’s been playing terrible, but boo him at the game don’t go to the mans home. At the end of the day it’s just a game.

  22. I guess it never crossed these idiots’ minds that Matt Schaub is a BIG dude and could pretty easily hand them their asses if he wasn’t such a class act.

  23. Worst fans ever…. doesn’t surprise me in the least that this would happen.

    People, it’s a game….I love football too, but it’s just a game…get a grip!!!

  24. This is crossing the line. It’s just a game and you’re endangering him and his family and that’s just way too much.. I know you’re a huge fan of the team, but come on…

  25. Whoever these guys are, they deserve a swift punch in the mouth. Too bad they don’t hold their own life actions to the same standards they do with Schaubs quarterbacking. Schaub might suck at QB but not nearly as bad as these guys suck at life.

  26. There should be action taken against these people. There us never any reason for this type of action. Call the sports talk station in your city to complain about the team or it’s members. No players family should ever feel threatened because said player is struggling. Ridiculous

  27. That stuff is ridiculous. It is amazing how stupid and childish people can be. Wish he would have pepper sprayed the ass clown

  28. Scary. Lots of people out there and some of them are a bit off-kilter who have invested way too much of their mental well being into the outcome of a GAME. This guy definitely crossed the line and should face consequences. You don’t threaten a man’s family.

  29. Sad part is, for this one guy who confronted schaub, there was many more who confronted their spouse or other loved ones to vent off their frustration.

    For the love of Tebow……’s only a game.

  30. In the backwater part of Canada, Saskatchewan, fans dumped bags of crap on the FG kicker front lawn after he missed a kick.

    People need to get a grip, and a life. Texas and their gun laws especially, would be the last place I’d go and confront someone in their own home.

  31. Schaub should’ve clicked their pic. Then, the Texans could post the fan’s mug shot on their FB page.

    There are lowlifes in every NFL fanbase.

  32. He tried to make it home fast but the fans intercepted him and touched down first…

    No but seriously, fans need to stay out of players personal lives. Glad nobody was physically hurt.

  33. I remember a similar incident happening with fans throwing trash on Carson Palmer’s lawn in cinci…booing at a stadium is one thing…going to a player’s house is downright wrong. if I was a player and had my family at home with crazed fans at my door there would be some knocked out fans on my lawn…not off the liquor though…

  34. Get a life, you sniveling losers (not talking to all Houston fans, just those pigs that crossed this line).

  35. Now this is an all new low.

    To the “Fans” that picketed Matt Schaub’s home… Ever had a bad day? Ever had a bad week at work? Imagine that bad week being broadcast worldwide for all to see.

    Imagine if you worked for Apple and helped develop i7. Should the users picket your house because of the issues?

  36. You are allowed to boo at the stadium, but you do follow this guy to his home and boo him there too, and take pictures of his family? These people should be in a mental institution, preferably the Briarcliff institutional home.

  37. Schaub should go to the dude’s home tomorrow and do the same. Player/hero/celebrity/gladiator/whatever, this game is amazing but it’s done with when they leave the field. Get over it, Houston.

  38. You have transcended from fan and straight into delusional when you think this is ok…they’ll surface and I hope made an example of.

  39. Get a grip people. It’s not as if he isn’t trying his best. You don’t think he feels crappy about his play? Be agitated. Be irritated. Be angry. But leave the man alone off the field.

  40. Do people not realize Schaub would be much happier if he was playing better also? Showing up at his home and victimizing his family does nothing to accomplish that! Please act like adults. Being a fan is one thing…… being fanatical is something totally different.

  41. “Still, the zeal and passion the NFL conjures in its fans can lead to extreme cases like this.”

    This…this is a sad commentary. I love watching football as much as anyone. But if one ever finds him or herself thinking this kind of behavior is okay, that person needs to step back, go outside to look around, talk to family, cook a meal, read a book, basically do something to remind yourself what a small, insignificant part of life and the world really football is. Certainly not big enough to justify these actions.

  42. Damn , they turned quick, if these people are cheering schaub on, a couple weeks from now, when he rights the ship, they need to seek psychiatric help.

  43. Damn, as a Texans fan, I am ready to make a change at qb. But really??! Showing up to his house?! Calm the eff down!!

  44. Boo him, Make fun of him on websites like this one and twitter but…

    Leave him and his family alone. No fan has any right to confront a player at his house or violate that player’s family privacy.

  45. I hope those people that went to his home end up in a hospital. GET A LIFE! Its just a game.

  46. Not a Texans fan but Matt Schaub you’re a better person than me, I would have punched the slapd*ck “fan” right in the face for coming to my house. Then to take pictures? Really? Get a life so called “Texans fans”.

  47. That’s a line that you don’t cross. Lucky that Schaub is a nice guy as there are players that would of hit that fan. I definitely would of punched them if they xame and bothered me at my home. Lord knows what Aaron Hernandez would of done.

  48. That’s going a bit to far, I understand it sucks watching your team playing poorly but these fans that act like this need to seek professional help.

  49. So threatening this guys family is supposed to make him play better???? Get a grip Houston fans. Your team ISNT that good no matter who the QB is.

  50. Way over the line there. Hopefully not all Texans fans will be lumped in with these idiots.

  51. Dear Houston “Fans”,
    It’s a game. Yell at your reps in Congress to get their S–t together & start compromising instead of harassing a ball player.

  52. That is crazy and can’t be tolerated. It’s a game people. If you have that much time to direct anger directly at a player at their home you evaluate what your personally about.

  53. Throw those losers in jail. Typical Texans (the people, not the football team), they probably drove up in their F150s or 250s with their stupid looking hats being fake tough guys. big shock.

  54. When contacted by the local media, Schaub opted to pass on a comment. The media then intercepted the pass and returned it for a touchdown.

  55. C’mon shaubs a class act. Stupid fans 3 weeks ago they were loving him. Don’t like Shaub bring back the oilers. Oh that’s right even the Guvna can’t count to 3

  56. I’m actually really surprised this doesn’t happen more often. No one deserves to be harassed and have their privacy breached like that.

    And from a football persecutive, all the pick 6s are getting to Schaub’s head. He led the league in passing yards in 2009. He can be a good qb, hes just rattled right now. Kubiaks indecisiveness and the actions of these fans isnt doing anything to help the guy.

  57. That’s just ridiculous! These people need to be taught a lesson they shouldn’t get away with something like that I don’t care if it was just words it shouldn’t happen think of how scary that can be for his family and what that does to them

  58. Just curious I wanted to see what Schwab’s numbers were over the last few seasons, and it shocked me to learn he is REALLY good.

    I realize Houston isn’t living up to expectations, but you guys shouldn’t blame the QB – his stats are shockingly good. You guys are throwing in the towel way too early.

    If you get rid of Schwab you can’t expect that some better QB is “easy” to acquire. You guys need to rally behind him.

  59. When these guys get booked, please post their pictures, since it will be public record.

    Its entertainment, an escape from life for a few hours during a week. You should stop watching, forever, the moment the idea comes into your head to confront the QB at his home.

  60. Matt Schaub is 6’4, 240 pounds. This fan is lucky that Schaub didn’t beat his sorry butt into the ground.

    I’m guessing this guy was a freaking gambling derelict, and probably drug-addled to boot.

    Not cool.

  61. Hopefully this will cause others to look in the mirror and gain some perspective. Maybe in some weird way they’ll go easier on the poor guy to show that they’re not like this other clown.

  62. Hey Houston: Grow Up!

    You don’t just defile your franchise by doing garbage like this, you shame the game itself.

    A mans home is his castle period. This is one of the most disgusting things I have read regarding the behavior of NFL fans.

    We are not South America. We do mess with or kill people foe what happens on a playing field. This is to close.

    Love the game, respect the game, or get the hell out.

  63. Really classy Houston fans. We’ll take him to hold a clipboard and you can have your beloved Colt back.

  64. Let’s borrow a page from Sesame Street:

    Matt Schaub – David Carr – Sage Rosenfels – T.J. Yates – Tony Banks – Jake Delhomme – Dave Ragone

    “One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just does not belong….”

    Schaub is the only decent starting QB the Texans have ever had. A little perspective would seem to be appropriate here.

  65. I’m sure making him worry about his family’s safety in Houston will definitely make him better able to concentrate on the field.

  66. Our government is ready to piss the global economy down the drain, deny payments to fallen soldiers families and deny medical treatment to highly sick individuals and these idiots are worried about Matt Schaub???? I know Texans are stupid but this takes the cake.

  67. Pretty pathetic how the fans are bigger losers than the team they root for, but that always cracks me up… go home and go to bed minions

  68. What a shame the Super Bowl is returning there. Houston is still the only host city in modern time where a championship teams hotel was seriously violated before a game. If people don’t know, a gunman broke into the Patriots team hotel during Super Bowl Week of the 2003 season, info per the novel Patriots Reign. I believe he got within 2 floors of the team.

  69. The Texans should run the ball on every play next game so Matt doesn’t throw a pick six and boost up his confidence a little bit.

  70. He is fair game in the public eye but yes that” s his personal space and his family that’s way across the line that has passionate fan on one side and creepy stalker on the other.

    He should expect that treatment at events and on game day (actually not game day trashing your own guys during a game is flat out stupid) but off work hours at home should get someone arrested one pick or 100 picks!

  71. Last year I attended in Houston the Texans vs Bengals Wild Card Playoff game!

    Texans fans are very Rude! While I was rooting for my team Texans fans were throwing food and popcorn at us. It didn’t stop until I stood up and stated the next fan throwing food at us I would stuff it up their Ass!
    Uneducated city and fans! They deserve their poor Non-Playoff season! Texans SUCK!

  72. @uhohfloriosoffended

    The laws they broke, let’s see trespassing, disturbing the peace, anti-stalking laws and perhaps not in Texas but other state would consider that assault.

  73. I hate Matt Schaub as he killed my fantasy team, but this is taking it too far.

    I can understand booing him, creating anti-Schaub websites and bringing signs, but threatening his family takes it way too far.

  74. We might see Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak broken before someone breaks Schaub’s 4 (and counting) Pick 6 record. Have these idiots no appreciation of this poor guy’s accomplishment?

  75. I thought it was bad when Bengals fans dumped trash on Carson Palmer’s lawn. This is just downright crazy. Some people have a real problem with objectifying football players, like they aren’t real people. Being an entertainer that makes millions may open you up to extreme public criticism, but it’s no excuse for this type of stuff.

  76. It would have been funnier had the clowns crapped in a bag, lit it on fire, rang the doorbell, and then ran. Now that would have been classic.

  77. Somehow this traces back to Jerry Jones creating maurading zombie Texas fanbots in his basement.

    Tony Romo’s is the only QB safe from the coming mayhem.

  78. What the hell? Are they trying to one up San Francisco for the most sicko, violent fans of the NFL?

  79. I love how everyone is making it seem like the entire city of Houston and the entire Texans fanbase did this. As a Texans fan, I can say that these idiots do not represent Houston or the Texans fanbase.

  80. Sources said it was actually a drunk Jerry Jones and a case of mistaken identity and wrong address as he looking to curse out Tony Romo while in a Ronald Reagan mask..

  81. Fans should motivate no matter plus or minus. Be a human being, it’s a game derived by adult men played by children for adult men! What do you expect? Wow!!!!

  82. Stop referring to this person as a fan. A fan goes to games and follows his team on NFL network. A lunatic trespasses on a mans property over a football game.

    There is no such thing as a ‘fan’ going to a football players home uninvited.

  83. It’s the same in all sports. When someone’s self esteem is so intertwined with their sports team they’re just masking massive issues. Disgusting and dangerous.

  84. He plays the game for your entertainment , leave him and his family alone, that is crazy , and the fan that did that should get all he has coming when they catch up to him

  85. $400 BILLION a year bet on the NFL. Add another $2 billion for Fantasy. Sounds to me that it’s more than a game to a whole lot of folks. Let’s hope that these people are caught and prosecuted to the fullest.

  86. Houston fans will unfairly take a beating for this when it’s just a couple of deranged republicans mad about Obamacare …

  87. colts fans would never do this, don’t even come to Indy for the game, y’all are gross … It’s a game, Jezze! What’s wrong with you.

  88. Texans fans should be disgusted, the colts fans would never do anything like this … Give Texas to Mexico, y’all are animals

  89. Heck….we Cowboys fans haven’t even done this to Romo. Hopefully, the idea doesn’t spread around…


  90. This is very troubling. I think the NFL needs to pay for security for him. Sick fans have targeted Schaub and his family. I am sure someone knows who this fan is who showed up at Schaub’s door, and they should turn him in so he can be prosecuted. The posting of pictures of his family on Facebook is threatening too. Something needs to be done about this.

  91. Why are you calling them fans? There are more appropriate names for idiots like them.

  92. Wonder if he had any video surveillance cameras and caught these morons on tape. If so, he should press charges for trespassing. As many previously said, this is entertainment and a game, and these “fans” are sick.

  93. Schaub is so lucky the fan didn’t go there with a shot gun and blow him away. Thank God for that ! The NFL sells and markets winning as a religion and now we as a nation have come to this point. Sooner or later a wacko lunatic fan will shoot a player. America is going down that road. This was a travesty and it could have been much worse.

  94. In 2 weeks you’ll never hear of this again. But GOD forbid that an Eagles fan passes gas in the same section of the stadium as a person wearing another teams jersey and all you will hear about is snowballs and batteries.

    It will be nice to see if PFT will bring his up for the next 40 years whenever a Houston fan does something stupid.

  95. The shame of this entire situation is, that Schaub didn’t shoot the idiots that invaded his home. Maybe then, they’d have learned respect for others.

  96. Why I am I not surprised at this? After all, it did happen in Texas, where high school stadiums put other states’ college stadiums to shame…where “for sale” signs are routinely posted in head coaches’ yards after bad losses, where Boobie Miles tried to play on a torn ACL and ruined any chance of a pro career, where teams from Dallas have 22 year olds playing, where boosters drive Corvettes…wait, that’s from Friday Night Lights. Oh wait, it’s based on a book? One that I read years ago? Again, not surprised at Texas fans. Then again, this could have (and probably has) happened pretty much anywhere but Jacksonville or LA. Pathetic. It’s a damn game, you morons.

  97. Anyone ever seen the movie “Big Fan”? Where Patton Oswald plays a huge NY Giants fan who meets some of his idols (players), only to have them kick his ass? Then he refuses to press charges b/c it would mean them getting suspended and ruining the Giants’ season? That movie wasn’t too far off from some fans’ delusional obsession with their teams. This guy that confronted Schaub is lucky he didn’t get his own ass kicked. Players die early, forget their names, can’t walk, etc…for our viewing pleasure. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?!?

  98. Hmm, sounds like a death occurs when he throws a pick 6. Gosh! These people are insane. Thank God I’m not a Houston Texans fan. I’d be embarrassed.

  99. The guy has a wife and kids! Find these folks and prosecute to the extent. Pathetic. The Texans have great fans and have been building the last few years, of course. Just like every other NFL city, they are now on the road to being defined by the worst Crazy Joes.

  100. My guess the a hole was the off duty cop that unsucssfully tried to get Adrian Peterson at the night club.

  101. Shaub should have greeted them with his shotgun.
    Seriously if I were him I’d asked to be benched. This is too much. For his safety and his families safety. He made his money already. Why not?

  102. Those type of people aren’t fans. Sounds like gamblers some Sundays I hate Vick but if I found out where his house was and showed up for whatever reason is be in awe. Any nfl player for that reason

  103. Messed up thing is, if this would’ve happened to Tony Romo I’m sure many of you would’ve been all for it. It’d probably be live coverage on ESPN and dissected to death on NFL Network. I’m surprised anybody even cares that much about a team from Houston. But, pretty pathetic fans to say the least (not much else to be expected from Texans “fans”).

    But let’s get back to the BIG story…how 506 yds, 5TDs, and 48 points means you lost your team a game…

  104. “uhohfloriosoffended – what law did these guys break?”
    Well, if they were on his property, that would be trespassing for one. Depending on what they said or did, that could be assault or battery. Regardless of what they did or did not do, these “so called” fans are lacking in any form of value system and lack the ability to show common respect for people.

  105. Wouldn’t of been surprised if title read Schaub shot fan on property.
    Sean Taylor getting murdered in his own home was not that long ago…..

  106. It’s a little unnerving that people would actually do this kind of stuff. With the gun culture being what it is in Texas, I hope someone doesn’t take it upon himself to make sure Schaub permanently loses his job.

  107. @mwindle

    That never happen. Palmers neighbors said they didn’t that happen at all. The way Palmer landscaping was there’s no way a stranger could get close to his yard.
    This all was just Palmers wifes fantasy.

  108. This behavior is sickening and I hope these people are prosecuted. As a Texans fan this is embarrassing, but this is a fringe group of morons.

    Schaub’s play has been terrible lately and he deserves some criticism and deserves to be benched. But he also deserves respect for all he has done for the city of Houston both on and off the field. He also deserves his privacy off the field.

  109. I love my browns as much as anybody, but football is entertainment, when the browns lose am I disappointed? Yea, but it doesnt affect my life, hell if the browns won the superbowl this year (yea I know it will never happen) but if it did, guess what, the day after would be just like the day before, because its all just entertainment. People take this stuff to seriously

  110. Good Lord, get a grip, people! It’s just football. Schaub may not be playing well right now, but the man is a human being with a family.

    Boo him at the stadium on Sunday if it makes you feel better, but when the game’s over, he’s a man who deserves as much respect as you’d expect for yourself.

    I hope the Texans GM speaks out about this, and I hope the ‘fans’ responsible are prosecuted.

  111. Congrats Texans fans, you just made Eagles and Raiders fans look like class acts. In all seriousness though, you can’t get much lower than this when it comes to being a fan. Absolutely ridiculous and no place for this kind of behavior. Boo the guy. Hold up signs at the game, etc. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Leave his family out of this. No place for that. This actually makes the losers who berate players on Twitter because they didn’t score enough fantasy points for them look like people who have a life.

  112. This is crazy! Reminds when some dumb cincy fans dumped trash on Carson Palmers lawn at the end of the 2010 season…. As many have already stated its a game! Don’t lose your family and career over a game…..

  113. The fan was stupid enough to bet on Matt Schaub and the Texans.

    Not surprised this same idiot showed up at his house.

    (after drinking 20 Natural Lights and losing $500 on the game) “LETS GET IN YOUR PICK UP TRUCKS AND LETS GO TO HIS HOUSE!!!

    YEEEEE HAW!!!!!

  114. This has nothing to do with zeal and passion. This has to do with people that don’t understand boundaries.

  115. Makes me long for the good ol’ days when all it took to make your point was shooting a dog. That’s how we take care of business in GB!

  116. Going to his home, please that is completely out of line. I hope that idiot gets caught, and dealt with.
    That’s taking this way too far. Schaub isn’t doing it on purpose I’m sure. Unfortunately, the Texans thought they were going to win the Super bowl this year, and it’s not going to happen. Maybe some of the players would be better keeping their mouths shut.

  117. greenbaypackersowner says:
    Oct 9, 2013 9:39 AM
    Makes me long for the good ol’ days when all it took to make your point was shooting a dog. That’s how we take care of business in GB!


    Way to sound like an ignorant hick.

  118. These guys are a bunch of idiots…but what’s just as concerning to me are the people giving a “thumbs down” to these posts. Wow…what morons.

  119. doe22us says:
    Oct 8, 2013 11:25 PM
    Now, that is crossing the line and absurd beyond measure what the hell. Way too many loosers in this world.


    Before calling people “loosers” learn how to spell the word. It makes you look like a loser.

  120. Ironic thing here is that Matt Schaub was arrested for assault himself while backup to Vick because him and a couple of other guys ganged up on someone. True story.

  121. As a Texans fan since 2002 I would like to say that this in no way reflects the true fanbase. I’ve suffered through the David Carr years and 7/10 losing seasons. These people are bandwagoners who don’t know what its like to be the laughingstock of the league. Is Schaub the best? Not by a longshot. But I can think of about 8 teams that would take him in a heartbeat. That said, I hope that people outside of the Texans fanbase don’t take this idiot’s actions as a reflection of the whole.

  122. keiselsbeard says:
    Oct 9, 2013 7:25 AM
    The shame of this entire situation is, that Schaub didn’t shoot the idiots that invaded his home. Maybe then, they’d have learned respect for others.
    He might have missed!

  123. I wonder how much of this goes unreported? I am all for being a die hard fan and having pride for your team, but this is too much.

    I would be angered (and shocked) if I was at home and some random person berated me for not properly documenting installation instructions at work.

    I know its an apples and oranges comparison…

  124. opneon says:
    Oct 8, 2013 11:28 PM
    Real classy Houston. Drive him out of town like you did Jacoby so Matt can help another team go to the Super Bowl.
    You were lucky to get a new team after you stopped supporting the Oilers – so maybe Shaub isn’t the problem.
    First of all, opneon, we didnt stop supporting the oilers, we stopped supporting that pitiful of an excuse for an owner Bud Adams (just google Bud Adams shooting the finger at fans) who thought he could nickel and dime the city for money every 5 yrs by threatning to move the team. How is that working out in Nashville? I ll give you a hint, bottom line Bud still calls Houston home. And far as Jacoby, he still, till this day is not a starting NFL WR, which is what the Texans needed at that time. Yeah he can return a kick every now and then…as far as i am concerned we dont miss him. so get that straight. And, we were “lucky” to get another team?? The economy has NEVER faltered here in Houston. 1,100 people move to Houston everyday, half probably from your hillbilly town. By 2019, the greater Houston area will grow close to 16 million people. So Jr, basically that means the NFL will ALWAYS be in Houston. Now i am done.

  125. Before everyone on this vine jumps on what I am about to say, I do agree 100% with all of your assessments on this matter. People need to learn how to decipher real life with sports entertainment and not take things so seriously especially a sport that has no bearing on how one lives his/or her life. Unfortunately for Schaub this is how his life is perceived by becoming a professional athelete/celebrity. This is why they get paid the big bucks. If someone is not producing, then the fans will let you know. In this instance, the fans took it too far by engaging his place of residence where his family also resides. Inexcusable period. Texas is a big football state. Football is basically above god in that state so this does not surprise me with fans acting irrationally. I saw this happening when JJ Watt showed his frustrations after the loss to Seattle. If you are an inconsistent quarter back, this type of nonsense will happen but not always to this degree. Face it, not every quarterback is Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Drew Brees. Is Eli getting the same flack for his inconsistency? I enjoy the comments guys, thanks

  126. “Still, the zeal and passion the NFL conjures in its fans can lead to extreme cases like this.”

    This was created by the NFL. They wanted the same fanaticism that South American and European soccer fans have for their teams., without the violence. When you shove a product down peoples throats 24/7 (NFL Network, ESPN, etc..) and make people believe they need to be a part of this, this is exactly what happens.

    One other thing, if this had happened to a player the Oakland Raiders, this would have been a buried story. But since it happened to one of the NFL’s and ESPN’s favorite flavors, well, it’s big news. Again, which they helped create.

  127. Taking pictures of peoples family is whacked, but being a devils advocate here, is there a law being broken when you approach someones house once, ring the bell, and make a comment or ask a question? I know you should respect peoples privacy and all, but the writer of this article states that they should look into any laws that may have been broken, what’s he talking about? Oh, I forgot the writer is florio, nuff said.

    I would understand if someone kept entering someones property after being told to leave as breaking a law, but other than that I don’t see what the deal is here.

    If you are rich and don’t want people to come to your door you buy a fancy house with a gate so people can’t enter your property. You put up a sign that says no trespassing and that’s that.

  128. I agree it is just a game and sometimes people even athletes make mistakes, but to go to their homes and confront him, that was just pure stupidity and the person that did that should be charged. I don’t recall hearing all this when Romo was/is screwing up games for the Cowboys. Come on Texas you are better than that!

  129. Every sports pundit, while reporting and expressing their views, should avoid the extreme. When things are going good or great the athlete at that moment is sainted “the best ever”; and when things go south, they’re demonized. Extreme language affects the senseless, who leap to take occasion to harm.

  130. This is not Texas! I grew up there my entire life–these are the same kind of half witted bozos who make death threats against Vick (and trust me, as a pit bull advocate, no one dislikes him more than I do, but I do not at all advocate threats against him or his family)–these are the same jerk wads who populate the tea party and beat up other parents at soccer games. I think Matt’s wife should keep pepper spray handy for anyone else who thinks behavior like this is ok.

  131. damn Philly fans are a disgrace! i can’t believe how they can stoop so low and do that to a man and his family! it’s JUST a GAME! Philly fans are disgusting! Oh wait…

  132. I thought this only happened in Philly. Just goes to show you all cities have their TURDS.

  133. doe22us says: Oct 8, 2013 11:25 PM

    Now, that is crossing the line and absurd beyond measure what the hell. Way too many loosers in this world.

    Now I hate when people correct grammar and spelling on the comments section but COME ON MAN! You can’t call somebody a loser and misspell the word.

  134. @richndc…

    What does this have to do with the “jerk wads who populate the tea party”? I am not for the right or the left but lets have a football discussion, not a political one please. And don’t get me started on the Vick debacle from years ago. Believe me, I do think everyone deserves a second chance in life depending on the degree of the offense though. If you or I did what he did, our employer would not sit down with us and discuss a contract with us. We would be lucky to find work flipping burgers. Even after all of the court fees and legal fees that he has to dish out, he will still be playing football making money. Do I believe in reform? yes, but how those dogs were executed shows Vick and his affiliates were a french fry short of a happy meal

  135. I’m native Texan and a huge Texans fan, but I can’t imagine going to a players house and confronting them. What an a-hole. Most fans are not happy with the way Shaub has been playing, but it’s not all his fault. The defense has sucked for some reason. Kubiak couldn’t call the right play if his life depended on it. But, I’m not going to go to his or anyone else’s house and confront them. Much less take pictures of their family and post them. That is so classless that this guy needs to be kicked out of Texas.

  136. I agree with regularron’s comment when it comes to the NFL’s chosen market teams. This same scenerio happened in Cincinnati with Carson Palmer. Insane ‘fans’ attacked his home and family. This was the reason that he refused to play for Cincinnati Bengals. Of late, former All-Pro Tackle, Willie Anderson, exposed this fact. This type of behavior needs to be seriously addressed by the NFL and the Department of Justice as well as local and State Law enforcement.

  137. raymondtx, you’re revisionist history sucks.

    Adams threatened to move every 5 years (starting in 1987) because he was playing in a 30 year old baseball stadium that seated only 50,000 fans (smallest in the NFL in 1987) by 1995, the stadium was a dump and games were being canceled for safety issues.

    Even the Astros were in negotiations to relocate to Virginia until Houston stepped up and agreed to fund the then named Enron Field. You may not like Adams, but he did what was best for his franchise.

    I live in Houston, it’s a crime and illegal immigrant infested hole, I can’t even imagine how it’s going to be if it ever gets to 16 million, but hopefully by then, I’ll be back in Tennessee where the entire state population is less than Houston’s.

  138. Dear Houston,
    Thanks for making Philly look classy.
    Now let’s see if the NFL broadcasting corps talks about this for the next 50 years.

  139. judywalk says: Oct 14, 2013 7:18 AM

    Dear Houston,
    Thanks for making Philly look classy.
    Now let’s see if the NFL broadcasting corps talks about this for the next 50 years.

    There is a long way to go to surpass Philly fans. Don’t think that gets them off the hook.

  140. Matt you could have avoided all this by not sucking.
    Of course the fans would boo you when you go injured, you sucked and deserved to be booed.

  141. This happened to Carson Palmer in Cincy. People need to get a grip. If you have that much free time and aggression for a game, then you may want to seek professional help.

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