Julio Jones continued to play after foot injury last night

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Falcons coach Mike Smith didn’t exactly dispute the reports about the fear that star wide receiver Julio Jones could be lost for the season.

But in talking about the foot injury, he also shined a little light on Jones’ pain tolerance.

Smith said the foot injury (for which Jones is getting a second opinion with Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte tomorrow) happened prior to Jones’ amazing one-handed 46-yard catch in the fourth quarter of last night’s loss to the Jets.

“I spoke with Julio and Julio is a tough guy in terms of the exact play, but we think we’ve pretty much pinpointed when it happened,” Smith said, via the team’s official website.

Smith acknowledged it was a tough blow, but said it was “premature” to say he was certainly out for the season.

“Julio injured his foot last night,” Smith said. “He saw our doctors this morning. . . . The first reports were not encouraging, but we will wait to see what the second opinion comes back as.”

That sounds like the kind of thing you say when you’re clinging to hope, the way the 1-4 Falcons are clinging to a season.

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  1. Man, we suck. The O Line is putrid by NFL standards (and the D couldn’t stop a cold). I was at the game last night and lemme tell ya, it was terrible. Ole’ “Footsteps Falcon” aka Matt Ryan won’t throw deep until desperation sets in because he is afraid of getting killed taking a five step drop…… Maybe can spare some change from that $100M contract he got for somebody who can block.


    Ready for 2014

  2. I founnd it quite surprising that teams like the giants and steelers start off horribly but I certainly didnt expect atlanta to be 1-4. This is a team that went to the NFC championship game and was a play away from the superbowl. Now I doubt they finish above .500 because theyve been decimated by injuries

  3. I was there. I think any pocket passer would flip out under constant pressure such as Ryan was last night. You could tell that the Falcons for trying new things in the red zone to try to get Julio the ball and get him into the end zone. This team has to score 30 points in order to win a game. The philosophy of having a defense that can keep you in the game while building a prolific offense really gets tested when injuries occur. They should not forget that Roddy White suffered this injury in the oh – so important third preseason game. The Falcons haven’t been the same since. If they can just tighten up on defense they have enough talent to get into the wildcard. Losing the top receiver in the league however is going to be very hard to overcome. You just don’t replace 6 foot four receivers that do the things Julio does.

  4. I don’t know why anyone is surprised that the Falcons suck. EVERYONE was saying their O-line would be a problem, and we all knew their D sucked. Now they are going to be set back for years becasue they were all in to win now. Overpaying for Matt Ryan sn’t going to help either. I realize he isn’t the GM anymore, but Rich McKay did the same thing to Tampa. Gets the team in cap hell when the time is right, but when the SB run is over get ready for 5 years of sucking.

  5. Julio is a class act and this is a real shame. He’s one of the best receivers in the game and he’s no primadonna. He’s quite the opposite. This is a blow for the NFL as well as the Falcons.

    As for the Falcons, they won before he came into the league with basically the same skill players. Their offensive line is doing their best to get Matt Ryan killed, so there is that issue.

    The defense is patchwork at best and even with a solid coordinator in Mike Nolan there is no answer to the fix.

    They will not pick in the top 5 however. As a fan I could only wish, but they will end up around .500 most likely. Dimitroff would just pick another skill position any ways and ignore the horrendous OL.

  6. Julio Jones is amazing. Need my favorite players, and I’m not a Falcon fan.

    Best of luck Julio.

  7. Another non-Falcons fan who still got that sinking feeling hearing the news about Jones today. One of the few elite WRs who never seems to create any diva drama — he just plays ball. Doesn’t surprise me one of his amazing plays came after he got hurt.

    Couldn’t help but feel bad for him and the Falcons and their fans. When it rains it pours. Here’s hoping the second opinion brings better news.

  8. Giants at 0-5 is a shock. steelers at 0 too. Falcons are a dome team/second tier franchise.

  9. Don’t know why Julio’s injury is a blow to the NFL as guyonthecouch says. Just another team falling apart like the Giants. Happens all the time. The league will survive although, it’s on the way down. Too many bad teams and not enough smart people running them Look at Oakland and how long they have been struggling. Why do they struggle so. They don’t have knowledgeable football people and hire incompetent coaches. They have good players, but don’t know how to handle them. Just not smart enough.

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