Mike Smith says 1-4 Falcons are disappointed but not discouraged


After losing just three games last year, Atlanta has already lost four through five games this season. But Falcons coach Mike Smith says his team is not discouraged.

We simply came up short,” Smith said after Monday’s loss to the Jets, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We are disappointed but we are not discouraged. Now we have to use this bye week to evaluate everything we do, keep on fighting.”

The most frustrating thing for this year’s Falcons is that all four of their losses have been close games against teams with winning records. They haven’t played as badly as their 1-4 record would suggest, but they haven’t been able to come up with the necessary plays at the right times.

“I feel like we are not making the plays that we need to make,” Smith said. “We are not coaching the way we need to coach. We’re all in this together. There is enough things to look at we all can improve on. It is a group effort.”

It’s good that the Falcons are not discouraged, but they may already be out of realistic contention in the NFC South. After winning the division last year, the Falcons are now four games behind the 5-0 Saints.

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  1. Coach, we fans ARE discouraged. I watched the Falcons run straight up the middle time after time, when it was no secret that was their strongest area on defense. I only have one thing to say to Tony G.: Sorry you came back one more year for this.

  2. He also said, it could be much worse, we could have a team like the Steelers, then we would discouraged with no hope of turning it around anytime in the next decade!

  3. Falcons won 5 games they should have lost last year. This year they’re losing those games. Not as good as everybody thought but please don’t fire Mike Smith. He’s a great coach. WHO DAT!!!!

  4. Looking at their schedule, Falcons appear to have a real shot to still end up in the 9-10 wins area but its not a good sign to be 1-2 at home already. Good teams tend to go 6-8 wins at home, and .500 on the road. Atlanta will have to be really good the rest of the way to make the playoffs.

  5. The beginning of the Falcons’ schedule has turned out to be a lot tougher than it initially appeared, with the teams that have beaten the Falcons (Saints, Dolphins, Patriots, Jets) having a combined record of 15-5.

    Having said that, these are close games that the Falcons are losing….the type of hard-fought contests that playoff-caliber teams usually find a way to win.

    Doesn’t really matter whether it’s a blowout or a game lost in the closing moments; a loss is a loss, and you are what your record says you are. The Falcons have to find a way to start closing out games, or it’s gonna be a real long season.

  6. That’s because he believes in the power of positive thinking and inexplicable game management.

    Arthur is too football dumb to notice.

    Too bad that field goal you left on the table would have won the game.

  7. Wow, Falcants fans taking shots at the Steelers? When you get maybe ONE Lombardi then you can still shouldn’t disparage a team with SIX! Loser fans of a loser team in a loser city.

  8. Is anybody *really* THIS surprised?? Come one. The Falcons squeeked by last year eeking out wins in one of the easiest divisions (last year). Falcons fans can talk about “Rise Up!” all they want but the Falcons have a heart issue. They’re in the same boat as the Texans.

    So, now the Saints have a 4-game lead and a complete stranglehold on one of the worst divisions in the NFL this year. It’ll be nice seeing the Falcons sitting at home this year during the playoffs.

  9. Falcons problems:

    1. Paid QB Ryan $20m/yr before winning a ring.

    2. GM basically has a rebuilding D as he had no money to keep his secondary.

    3. No money for O-line and the cohesion they had before has disintegrated.

    4. Horrible play call by head coach.

    5. Questionable roster moves by GM.

    Matt Ryan should have taken less money with guarantees in his contacts to keep his secondary LOL.

  10. The Falcons ARE who I thought they were. Overrated, soft, and the benefactor of Goodells personal agenda against New Orleans.
    Now that Sean is back, the Saints are back, and we see just how overmatched and inferior this team really is.
    The NFC belongs to Seattle and New Orleans. Atlanta is just JV material

  11. As the saying goes “On Any Given Monday”… especially when a coach leaves 3 points on the field to end a half. When does Arthur Blank fire up the the Global Jet and break the sound barrier to T-Town and start wooing Saban to the Peach City??

  12. Falcons were all smoke and mirrors last year. They had the easiest schedule in the league. This year they don’t and its catching up with them.

  13. I have said it for years – this team has no intestinal fortitude, and it is reflected in its head coach, its deer-in-the-headlights QB, its wide receivers who drop touchdown passes, and its years-long inability to convert on 4th and 1. This regime will win more games, but will not win the big ones.

  14. Last year the Saints started off 1-4 but they didn’t have a head coach, an assistant coach, or a GM. Falcons fans were happy.
    They were having THE TIME OF THEIR LIFE! Throwing a party, having a ball!
    What is the Falcons’ excuse for this lost season exactly?
    Roddy White’s ankle?
    Tony G’s missed training camp?
    Quit the excuses. The Falcons should’ve taken advantage last year while Payton was out. Now that daddy’s back, Atlanta should just start the rebuilding process now. They can start with a new coach and quarterback.

  15. Smith has made similar mistakes in the past that cost the Falcons games. Still a very good team but catching NO will not happen unless their is a f role reversal. Wild Card is not on horizon unless they turn it around and they could. The team is too good for their record.

  16. Mike Smith: You should be fired

    You are the only reason this team is 1-4 with your stupid decisions during the game the last 2 weeks

    Your team is terrible because of you

    You will not make the playoffs

  17. If Mike Smith doesn’t think his players are discouraged, he’s delusional.

    Julio Jones is a top talent, but the downside of the lost 5 draft choices is a lack of quality roster depth needed to compete in a 16 game season.

  18. Bye, Bye Soon to be EX-COACH! With the talent you have, you should of already been in the Super Bowl!!!!!! LOSE to the jets with smith, at HOME, are you kidding me! You should be gone, TODAY!!!!

  19. they couldn’t run the ball against the Jets and yet they decided it was a good idea to run the ball on 4&1? 😡

  20. The Falcons are consistent if they are anything: still choke against half-decent teams, still insist on bragging even though they’ve won NOTHING, and heaping praise on an “ICE” QB who plays horribly in important situations. Knowing Atlanta sports fans, half 3/4 of the stadium’s seats will be vacant or on sale as of today.

  21. As a Falcons fan, I believe we are what we are. As an Atlanta resident, I wish all the former New Orleans residents who fled to Georgia after Katrina and stayed would please go back home…..

  22. People in the comments section are blaming Matt Ryan, but did he not take them 60+ yards down the field and score the go ahead TD? Or was I watching a different game? This loss goes on the defense and Mike Smith. Matt Ryan put them in position to win, and that terrible defense let GENO SMITH march right down the field to win the game, negating the magnificent drive Ryan had just put together.

  23. Defense isn’t good.
    The O-line needs to give Matty more time. They have to start running the ball more.We know they have those weapons and a very good QB but they need to be patient. Also if there’s a chance to get points; any points at all, Get it!
    3 points-difference in the game

  24. The problem is the Falcons continue to sign losers who benefited from other great linemans. Osi had Tuck and Strahan. Ray Edwards had the Williams and Jared.
    Its sad to say that Atl might be done. The OL is putrid, the defense is NFLeast cailber (a division that might put the next 7-9 team in the playoffs).

  25. Atlanta’s GM took a risk several years ago when he traded several draft picks to draft Julio Jones. Initially it worked out. But in retrospect, its always better to build the foundation (offensive and defensive lines) first. Next year Steven Jackson, Roddy White and Asante Samuel will be older and less effective, Gonzales will be retiring and Atlanta will have a lot of things they need to fix.

  26. I agree with the coach here. Don’t be discouraged, because things could be much worse.

    For example, like that team which plays in Washington, DC, with the losing coach and the QB who has a really large mouth out of which come inanities relating to every single health issue he is going through, and who never was quiet for even a single minute all through summer, but who now has realized that he is completely outclassed in this league where last year he had a number of fluke wins, and knows that he needs to actually work hard while keeping his mouth closed to even remain afloat.

  27. To the ones pointing out that the Falcons won the NFC South last year due to Sean Payton being out, what happened in 2010? Who was coaching the Saints that season?

  28. I love all these “told you so” dolts who criticize the Falcons now. Where were you last year when the Falcons made it to the NFC Championship game?

  29. The biggest difference between the Saints and the Falcons is Brees…. You can tell in the red zone, the closer the Falcons get to the end zone, Matt Ryan starts thinking too much and it all goes down hill… If the Falcons had a QB like Brees, they would have won some of those ‘close’ games..

  30. They only have to go 9-2 for Theresa of the season. It can be done, but it won’t be easy. Big time teams come up big in close games. Whatever worked last year is not working this year.

  31. Smarterthanyou says: Oct 8, 2013 8:20 AM
    The Falcons ARE who I thought they were. Overrated, soft, and the benefactor of Goodells personal agenda against New Orleans?

    Geez, shut up already with the whining. How many more years are you going to live a lie.

    The Falcons may indeed be soft, but that has NOTHING to do with the guilt and punishment
    the saints received. Justice was served – move on.

  32. There is a very simple explanation for what is happening to the Falcons:

    “In the 2011 NFL Draft the Falcons traded their first-round pick (27th overall), second-round pick (59th overall) and fourth-round pick along with their 2012 first-round pick (22nd overall) and fourth-round pick to the Cleveland Browns for their first-round pick (sixth overall), which was eventually used to land Julio Jones.”

    Lesson: you can’t win without solid O and D lines.

    Prepare for the rebuild. You’re no longer a “key player” away from Lombardi, Falcons

  33. Can we all just agree that the Falcons had a soft schedule last year? They are who we thought they were.

  34. The biggest problem for the Falcons is that their division no longer has all easy wins. New Orleans is back and the Panthers are more competitive.

  35. Last year they were really lucky in being able to get their first playoff win under this leadership . . . oh so close to being perennial losers they are, year after year after year!

  36. NFC South is a weak division…5 of the 7 wins in the division thru week 5 belong to the Saints…competition isn’t there in this division and Saints should clinch by next month with this pace of losing by Carolina, Tampa and the Falcons.

  37. ———————–
    hehateme2 says:
    Oct 8, 2013 10:54 AM
    Smarterthanyou says: Oct 8, 2013 8:20 AM
    The Falcons ARE who I thought they were. Overrated, soft, and the benefactor of Goodells personal agenda against New Orleans?

    Geez, shut up already with the whining. How many more years are you going to live a lie.

    The Falcons may indeed be soft, but that has NOTHING to do with the guilt and punishment
    the saints received. Justice was served – move on.

    Um, no, I’m sorry you are quite wrong. Goodell tried to suspend the players for what the coaches were allegedly telling the players to do and got REBUKED by Tagliabue.

    Also, many players THROUGHOUT the league have been screaming to the heavens that bounties were going on in many, many teams FOR DECADES, such as Calvin Johnson, Cris Carter, Ray Rice, and many many others. The Saints were turned in by a disgruntled worker and with no real evidence whatsoever Goodell eviscerated the Saints for an entire year while LOOKING THE OTHER WAY and DESTROYING EVIDENCE when it came to the taping scandal in New England under Bill Belichick.

    And btw, Belichick was doing this in Cleveland too, so he was doing it for something like 12 years total. But no real punishment at all.

  38. I’m a Saints fan. So other Saints fans will understand why I’m about to post. Mike Smith is another Jim Mora SR. When Jim Mora arrived in New Orleans we hadn’t even had a winning season or been to the playoffs. So, when we reached either we were satisfied with that for a long time. The problem was we were only regular season champions. When the playoffs came around we couldn’t get it done. And, finally we realized that Jim Mora wouldn’t lead us to a Superbowl. I have no doubt that Mike Smith could lead the Falcons to 10 wins but it won’t matter. In the playoffs the falcons will get beat. If, and this year I think it’s a big if- 10 wins are enough to get you in. I don’t kick a man or team when there down. So, I’m not trying to be funny. But, there’s always next year.

  39. I’m looking forward to the titanic battles of mediocrity between the Falcons and the Panthers. I wonder what kind of argument Greg Hardy and “weird-shaped” kicker Matt Bryant (that’s what Hardy called him last year) will get into this year…

  40. Why is this guy not in the unemployment line right now?
    Take the FG with 0:01 left in the half you moron.
    You lost a lot of friends in the “THE WORLD’S GREATEST FOOTBALL POOL”
    Maybe we should send some Houston Texans “fans” over to your house

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