NFL unveils new Pro Bowl uniforms

The Pro Bowl is a stagnant game played by disinterested players, so how can it be revived?

New uniforms!

At least, that’s the hope of the NFL, which along with its apparel partner Nike has unveiled new uniforms for the Pro Bowl. The traditional NFC blue and AFC red are gone, and Nike is now using that futuristic look that has become so popular in college football.

“Worn by some of the league’s best, the uniform features amplified design details like vibrant color accents and Pro Bowl achievement stars on the nameplates,” the league says in a statement that uses all the PR-speak you’d expect from a press release about new uniforms. “Reflecting by the pace of the game, these concept uniforms are punctuated by accents of vibrant orange and volt.”

The quality of play aside, the reason the Pro Bowl still exists is, of course, that it still makes money for the league: The TV ratings are good because America loves football, even if it’s football played at half-speed by players who don’t really care if they win or lose. And enough fans will like these new jerseys that they’re going to add a new Pro Bowl revenue stream. One more sign that the Pro Bowl isn’t going away.

Photo via NFL Communications.

67 responses to “NFL unveils new Pro Bowl uniforms

  1. Won’t change the fact that the game is dreadful.
    It’s like putting cologne on a turd. Won’t do anything.

    They should just turn this thing into a flag football event and get it over with. Can’t get worse.

  2. Oh man. Those are terrible. Why does Nike have to “terriblize” everything. The padding and cut of the uniforms are great, but day-glo colors, patterns, prints and two-tone helmets are gimmicky and are going to look stupid in 10 years. Stop it with the Project Runway arena football edition already.

  3. Sorry. I like the unis but they alone can’t breathe new life into this game. The Pro Bowl is an exercise in boredom.

  4. Dear Nike,
    The 80’s finished nearly a QUARTER CENTURY ago… What is with the flourescents? They really weren’t cool then, and sure as hell aren’t a good look now.
    An 80’s Kid.

    ps Enough with the Black for Black’s sake as well it’s not cool either.

  5. Ugly. What does green have anything to do with the AFC and NFC? What does orange have anything to do with the AFC and NFC? It’s always been red and blue. Keep it that way.

  6. It looks like the Seahawks versus the Broncos. No favoritism there. It is almost as bad as the favoritism that Floor shows to the Cowboys.

  7. I approve.

    I like that they are making changes to try and drum up intertest.

    Do you like football?

    If you said yes and are complaining about the leagues efforts to rejuvenate this game, you are kind of hard to please?

    What do you want? Are you not entertained? Would you rather watch tennis? Ok then. Shut it.

  8. I usually think of the Pro Bowl as a slow paced exercise, but since the new uniforms have vibrant orange and volt, it only makes sense that the players will be that much faster!

  9. Soon there will be several players playing Madden on the big screen at Jerry-World. It would be as close to the game and as entertaining as the game is now. Just get rid of it

  10. You know Nike the reason the colors for the pro bowl were blue and red BECAUSE THE NFC AND AFC ARE REPRESENTED BY THOSE COLORS ON THEIR RESPECTED SHIELDS!

    But you know this works too cause I was looking into buying a black and white tv anyway…

  11. It’s like the late 80s/early 90s all over again with these bright, ridiculous colors on everything.

  12. Okay, at first glance they don’t look good. After looking at a larger picture and imagining them on the field under the Hawaiian sun, it makes more sense. It also makes sense that the uniforms would resemble the ones worn by Miami and Seattle, the two teams Nike redesigned.

    I remember hating the uniforms uniform change when the Buccaneers when to maroon and pewter after the creamsicles. I got used to the idea and now the throwbacks look silly.

    The game is going to move forward in an effort to further market it as a product. At the end of the day if you are concerned more about the outfits that teams are wearing as opposed to the play, you probably aren’t much of a football fan to begin with.

  13. sadly, these horrible uniforms actually mirror how I feel about the Pro Bowl…so I guess they are actually a good fit?

  14. So, your idea to keep making money through the pro bowl are uniforms that can be worn and seen in the dark? Duck Dynasty has better looking hunting clothes! Anything to make a game more atrocious!

  15. The only think Nike had accomplished since acquiring the NFL contract is to raise the price on apparel so high, it is no longer remotely affordable! I am sitting in a Roosters Sunday listening to the table behind me echoed this exact same thing. my husband and I have discussed this multiple times. The NFL is becoming a rich man’s sport! Tix are expensive, apparel is even more expensive, and they broadcast most of their games on Sunday ticket or cable channels so you have to essentially purchase them. Then they want to have black outs for network channels. Greedy guys are going to end up with NO FAN BASE!

  16. Nike’s jerseys have been on the downward trend. Not just in football but in all sports. Need to hijack the design team of Adidas ASAP.

  17. Just wow. These things are disgusting looking. It’s always been red and blue, and those uniforms actually looked good enough to wear one. This though, is just wow. Disgusting.

  18. Nike, stop fooling around. If they are going to change them, go to 80’s throwbacks or something. Retro is in, Futuristic is not.

  19. “Reflecting by the pace of the game, these concept uniforms are punctuated by accents of vibrant orange and volt.”

    So to reflect the pace of the Pro Bowl they went with sludge green and rust orange?

  20. Guessing the majority of you are forgetting that the player in the Pro Bowl wears his helmet from his team. An example would be Demarcus Ware wearing a Cowboys helmet instead of the 49er’s helmet. Man, the people criticizing it haven’t even watched it.

    But of course, new uniforms will not change how they play the Pro Bowl. It may affect a seizure-prone person though.

  21. It almost seems the helmets were suppose to be gray with the grayed out logos as well (i.e. on the sleeves). But with the NFL rule of not changing helmets, Nike had to use the team helmet, thus changing the original design. IMO

  22. I don’t like the uniforms at all. The least they could have done is stuck with the red and blue. You know, America’s game? The old uniforms made you feel like whoever was to wear those colors was the best of the best, now I don’t know what to think, maybe outer space? There will be a big run on all of the old Pro Bowl Jerseys. Nobody will want to buy these fashion blunders. Just when you thought the Pro Bowl was at its worse, the NFL raises the bar.

  23. Americas new pastime should always include Red White and Blue in the Pro Bowl Uniforms. I think the college uniform scheme will do nothing for a meanigless game. But I do see what the NFL is doing here…..JERSEY SALES! Mo money Mo money mo money

  24. Holy Father of Mannings!!! Are they serious?? I’m just shocked/impressed/horrified by the cod-piece coloring on the white uniform.

    Maybe the highlighter colors are there to not notice that special coloring???

  25. Leave it up to Nike to ruin a Classic. What are their designers smokin up there in Suicideattle anyway? Their bright color style is vomit inducing.

  26. kcmclaurin –

    You’re wrong on so many levels.

    First, Nike is based out of Oregon, near Beaverton….not Seattle.

    Second…Suicideattle…good one! If only your information about Seattle and suicide wasn’t outdated and totally inaccurate.

    Third….the bright color schemes aren’t representative of the Seahawks, but more likely Oregon and Oregon State.

  27. “You know Nike the reason the colors for the pro bowl were blue and red BECAUSE THE NFC AND AFC ARE REPRESENTED BY THOSE COLORS ON THEIR RESPECTED SHIELDS!”

    You obviously didn’t get the memo that they will now have shields that are “vibrant orange” and “volt” lol. Goodell is such a freaking joke.

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