Panthers to release Armanti Edwards

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The Panthers made a bold move to trade up for a local hero during the 2011 NFL Draft, and it’s now officially the rare deal that worked out for neither team.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, the Panthers are releasing wide receiver Armanti Edwards today.

The Panthers gave a 2011 second-round pick (which ended up being 33rd overall) to New England take him in the third round of the 2010 Draft. The Patriots drafted oft-injured cornerback Ras-I Dowling, and released him earlier this year.

The plan was to convert the former quarterback at Appalachian State (where he beat Michigan and won a pair of national titles) to a receiver/return man, but he caught five passes for 121 yards.

None of those passes were this year, after coach Ron Rivera declared him the MVP of Panthers training camp.

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  1. The Panthers staff has a major talent evaluation problem. A. Edwards was MVP in camp while Melvin White didn’t get a jersey and Robert Lester wasn’t even in the 53 man roster for the first 2 weeks. The Panthers staff doesn’t even know who their best 53 guys are.

  2. Face it, everyone other than the Panthers knew trading up to draft Edwards was a stupid move – not a bold move. How they kept him for 3 years is the puzzle of puzzles. If your receivers are that bad year in year out then why don’t you bring in a ton of actual receivers to find one or two that work?

  3. For years the Panthers have proven they don’t know talent, I can only hope that Gettleman will have enough money to hire scouts etc…
    Armanti was picked way too high and we gave up a 2nd rounder to boot…

  4. Uncle Jerry is all business, only wants your $7 dollars for a beer at the game since he has you by the Ball$ for the PSL’s. this makes him look like he cares after 3 years of this scrub.

  5. AE just doesn’t have the fight, anger, and overall demeanor of an NFL receiver, especially when you compare him with another undersized wide receiver on that team.

    With that said, I hope he gets a chance somewhere else as a wide out, if not he could still probably play QB in the CFL.

    Good luck Armanti, it is not your fault the Panthers drafted you where they did.

  6. BTW, look at his numbers in college with 2 national championships along with thehuge win over #5 Mighigan, he is one of the best qb’s in college football history.

    No other player has ever passed and rushed for more yards that AE.

  7. I must say this is an interesting methodology Gettleman is using. He is purging every questionable decision the newspaper writer turned GM made (from draft pick busts to grossly-overpaid potential free agents), but he’s doing so one player at a time, a little each week. If Jonathan Stewart doesn’t make an immediate and dramatic impact when he comes off the PUP list next week, he’s going to be next.

  8. I am just sick of losing. I want the Panthers to be winners.

    Are we ever going to be a perennial playoff team?

    I mean 4 playoff births in almost 20 years!

    Come on man!

  9. I’ve been an Armanti Edwards fan for the past three years but, at this point, I feel he has had enough time to make his mark. As “the pilot” indicated above, if he has the drive to stay in football, he should explore the possibility of a future in the CFL. Good Luck, Armanti!!

  10. As a former sports editor for The Index-Journal in Greenwood, S.C., I had the pleasure to watch Armanti from the time he was in middle school through high school and college — and, of course, with the Panthers. He has tremendous talent, if he is used correctly. Armanti always has been one who needs consistent minutes and the right offense to show his capabilities. Like so many other Panthers players and coaches, I hope he moves on and comes back to haunt the very NFL team for which I cheer. At least another Greenwood player, Josh Norman, remains on the team.

  11. bullethead527 says:
    Oct 8, 2013 10:52 PM
    I am just sick of losing. I want the Panthers to be winners.

    Are we ever going to be a perennial playoff team?

    I mean 4 playoff births in almost 20 years!

    Come on man!
    I’m right there with you. We have had 2 problems- 1) an owner who is far more interested in profit margin than wins and refuses to buy into the elementary economics concept of sunk costs (ex – refusing to fire Fox after ’09 to avoid paying 2 coaching staffs), and 2) a GM and scouting department hat was so bad it almost makes Matt Millen look good. I think we have problem #2 solved with Gettleman, as he has restructured most of Hurney’s bad contracts and is slowly purging the roster of his draft picks. We can only hope JR can be taught the sunk costs concept, or he’ll insist on Rivera coaching in 2014 so he doesn’t have to pay 2 coaches. Hopefully Gettleman can convince him the extra money will be worth it to watch Kevin Sumlin turn Cam into a perenial All-Pro.

    I hope Armanti lands on his feet somewhere. He was always treated too harshly here, since it was the GM’s over-reach in the third round that was the problem.

  12. AE is a Legend in N/South Carolina,just look up the stats he put up at The PANTHERS are the home team for us so I’m very thankful they gave him a shot an worked with him for 3 years.My only gripe is they wouldn’t give him a CHANCE at QB,his true position….Ask Joe Flacco about Armanti E.!!!!!

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