Raiders will need to amend lease in order to host London game

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The Raiders will host a home game in London.  If, that is, they can secure the legal ability to do so.

As pointed out by Scott Bair of, the team’s lease requires all home games to be played in a dilapidated stadium with a baseball infield and a recurring sewage problem.

It’s unknown whether any informal discussions preceded the Raiders’ committing to host a game in London next year.  In 2012, the Rams announced that one home game would be played in London for three consecutive years — and then the Rams had to back out of the last two because of lease issues.

In Oakland, the situation is less contentious between landlord and tenant.  Still, the Oakland Coliseum and the Oakland-Alameda Joint Powers Authority may want concessions that the Raiders may not want to provide.

The fact that the Raiders already have positioned cart before horse gives them a little less leverage in any talks to come.

Based on the current scheduling formula, potential opponents include the Cardinals, 49ers, Bills, Dolphins, Chiefs, Chargers, and Broncos.  The NFL typically doesn’t export divisional games to London, for competitive reasons.

The 49ers will play in London later this month, making a second straight trip less likely.  Given the security issues that arise when the two teams play each other, however, it could make sense to take the Battle for the Bay Area out of the Bay Area.

“We are excited and embrace this great opportunity to assist in building NFL popularity worldwide,” owner Mark Davis said in a statement released by the team. “The Raiders are truly a global brand and we are looking forward to our home-field advantage at the new Wembley Stadium.”

Still, if the Oakland Coliseum and the Oakland-Alameda Joint Powers Authority disagree, the deal to play in London could go in the crapper — and the Raiders could be playing that eighth home game in a place that periodically smells like one.

UPDATE 7:18 p.m. ET: It’s accurate that the current lease requires the Raiders to play all home games in Oakland. However, a source with knowledge of the lease tells PFT that it expires after this season. Either way, the Raiders will have to deal with the issue when negotiating the next stadium lease.

30 responses to “Raiders will need to amend lease in order to host London game

  1. Ok who is the middleman to negotiate this and what’s the buyout price? We don’t have time for you to give us your story, just give us the bill and don’t try to screw with us we know what the going rate is for a concession.

  2. This article is written like them not going to London would somehow be a bad thing. I guarantee you the players don’t want to go, the people who make their living working at the stadium don’t want them to go, and the fans who attend the games don’t want them to go. And the handful of people who were going to maybe plan an English vacation around it could just go some other time.

  3. It will be the Cards or Bills because those games have the most chance of not selling out. The Niner game will sell out. Also, it will be the first London game, to avoid games played on the infield.

  4. It’ll be 49ers-Raiders. The 49ers are still incredibly popular over there and honestly enjoy the exposure. They won’t mind making the trip as long as they’re not giving up a home game to do so.

    There’s also that whole violent turmoil thing when Oakland and SF fans get together that can be avoided too.

  5. The Raiders vs 9ers at home won’t have the same issues as before. 1. The fans that attend preseason games are different that the fans that attend regular season games. 2. The security in Oakland is waaay better than the security at the Stick. 3. Lately, 9ers fans are the ones doing the shooting/stabbing/assaulting, etc…

  6. This headline of, “Raiders will need to amend lease in order to host London game” really should have “host” in quotes. It’s quite nearly halfway around the globe – almost as far as you can travel away from Oakland.

  7. “played in a dilapidated stadium with a baseball infield and a recurring sewage problem.”

    If only every team could hold the taxpayers hostage for a mega stadium.

  8. Arizona fans want nothing to do with a London game. It’s bad enough west coast teams are screwed every season with the way the NFL schedules eastern time zone games for them. But having a potential west coast road game played 8 hours earlier in London is ridiculous.

    Pick the Bills and be done with it.

  9. Why on Earth do you write this article like it is a GOOD thing to play a “home” game in London?

  10. So Roger god-ell is such a prostitute – that every potential penny ( which I believe from opinions of many international friends) from a folly endeavor in Europe will change how we do things here. That sounds a great deal like another current demi-gog leader of this country. Am I wrong? If so, How so?

  11. so for future reference everyone, the regular word for prostitute (which begins with a W) will result in a rejection – just so you are tracking.

  12. I am willing to bet that right now Mark Davis is all kinds of excited about playing a home game in Ireland next year.

    Amy Trask would have never allowed this to happen without checking the lease and crossing all the T’s and dotting all of the I’s first.

  13. Imagine that! A city pays for a stadium and contractually holds the team to play its games in the stadium.

  14. Raiders should pack up and move back to LA period. IF they can stay in London for good even better. All the Hooligans there will become Raider fans especially if they start winning again. The NFL should rent the Roman Coliseum and renovated it and let the Raiders play in Rome . even better than London. Every game would sell out there and the Italian fans are passionate and fanatical. The Raiders are the perfect team to play in Rome. Every top NFL free agent would love to play in Rome . Even the Pope would go to the games and all the world’s top Celebs.

  15. If you have to let them have a game…just give them the Pro Bowl. That way we can stop having it shoved down our throat, no one plays at a disadvantage during the season and they get to see the “best of the best.”

  16. Phinfan if they go to London, you go. I can tell you,
    it’s a lot of fun. We went the last time the Dolphins played there, and it was great. It’s more fun watching an NFL game at Wembley, than it is here.
    No fights, just a lot of crazies.

  17. I hope it is not the Niners again. We have to travel 37 thousand miles this year, the next close team in travel is at 24 or 26k miles. Taking a road trip to Jacksonville and doubling up the miles to London is one thing. Taking away a 30 minute bus ride to Oakland and sending us to England would be asking a bit too much. Do not forget we have already “hosted” a game in London and had a game in Mexico (not L.A., actual Mexico) as well.

  18. They should be trying to set up a deal somewhere else I am not on the move to LA train but perhaps a time share with the 49ers or get some other city in the Bay Area to pony up. Hey San Francisco proper is going to be available.

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